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Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
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Location: Circus Tent Indoors
Wataru Hibiki Circus Dialogue Render.png

Amazing! I am filled with deep emotion at how everyone gathered here is enjoying our circus…☆

For the greedy ones that are thinking, "It's still not enough! More, more!", worry not! There's still more surprising and moving entertainment ahead to leave you breathless!

With a golden experience that will make you not even want to blink, we will invade! Triumph! And reign! Even in your dreams! Amazing…☆

Everyone, please welcome him with a round of applause, here comes our very own Eichi Tenshouin…☆

Eichi Tenshouin Circus Dialogue Render.png

Fufu, what an exaggerated preface. But I suppose that's what makes this seem more like a real circus.

I'm sorry I'm late, everyone. Hello, hello, it's me.

There are probably some of you out there who have no idea who I am, but I'll make it so that you'll be sure to remember me after this…♪

To start us off, thank you for coming to the circus! I want you all to fully enjoy the youthfulness of our stage to your heart's content today!

Tori Himemiya Circus Dialogue Render.png

Kyaaaah! President~ I've been waiting for you~☆

I knew it~ The president is invincible, perfect, and powerful~! It's so much more radiant now just from the president coming onstage! And we can hear so much applause and cheering from the audience~! ♪

Make sure you're watching, all you dumbasses out there! This is our Student Council President, Eichi Tenshouin-sama, damn it~☆

Yuzuru Fushimi Circus 2 Dialogue Render.png

Young master, we're onstage right now. You shouldn't let yourself get too excited.

But that was a surprise. I never would have expected him to appear from up there… He's up on the tightrope, walking across it with such confidence.

Tori Himemiya Circus Dialogue Render.png

Heheh. High places suit the president perfectly. That way he can look down on all the foolish masses and rule over them! ☆

Yuzuru Fushimi Circus 2 Dialogue Render.png

Yes. We've been waiting for you, Your Majesty. Descend from the heavens and give us your guidance.

Eichi Tenshouin Circus Dialogue Render.png

(Fufu. Everyone seems so astonished. Since we were late in starting because of me, I have do my part in making the circus more exciting to make up for it.

It looks like Tori, Yuzuru, and everyone else did a good job so far. The stage and the audience have been really riled up.

I think I'll be able to have a great time. This is the grand stage that I've always longed for in my dreams while I was in the hospital, after all. Ahh, I want to be surrounded by these lights and cheering voices forever.

Everyone is looking up at me. I used to think it was so lonely looking down from high places, but…

The spotlights shining all around me, and the unsightly pounding in my chest… all of it fills me with so much warmth.

Ahh, I just can't get enough. There's no other trade quite as wonderful as doing shows…♪

I don't think I could ever bring myself to stop being an idol.

But… It's a shame that I'm so frail. As I thought, seeing things on the screen and actually doing them are as different as heaven and earth.

Tightrope, huh. My life has always been just like one. Walking on this high, and narrow, unstable road, inching along so I don't fall, always so afraid.

But I'm no longer scared, of falling, or of failing.

This moment, this warmth… They'll become eternal, I'm sure of it. They'll continue to shine on like the sun, inside of my dreams, and my heart. Ahh, I'm so content.

Why did I ever become so cowardly? What was I so panicked about? That wasn't very elegant of me.

I should enjoy this moment both gracefully and pompously.

I'm the "Emperor", I won't run from the battlefield ever again. Even if I'm defeated, and I'm covered in blood and dirt, I won't hesitate.

My beloved stage, I've come back!

Thank you, everyone. For letting me stand on this stage.

I won't run away anymore. I won't fear being chased miserably from the throne. Even if I come tumbling down, I'll just crawl back up again.

No matter how many times it takes, as long as I have this warmth.

And as long as I have this life.)

(Illusionist's Surprise) Wataru Hibiki CG.png
Wataru Hibiki Circus Dialogue Render.png


Eichi Tenshouin Circus Dialogue Render.png

Whoops. Sorry about that, I got too caught up in my dreamy state of mind. I feel as if I could fly right now, so I accidentally took a step off the wire.

Wataru Hibiki Circus Dialogue Render.png

Good grief, you sure gave me a fright. Thankfully, I was right here to grab your hand and steady you again, but we nearly had a catastrophe on our hands…

Eichi Tenshouin Circus Dialogue Render.png

I knew I could count on you to grab by hand, Wataru.

Fufu. And you even looked so alarmed. I'd say this turned out rather fruitful just because I got to see you make that face ♪

Wataru Hibiki Circus Dialogue Render.png

What are you grinning about? Acting like a jester is supposed to be my specialty, you know? I'm just no match for you, Your Majesty…♪

Eichi Tenshouin Circus Dialogue Render.png

Yep. I'll try hard so that I don't bore you all, or betray your expectations. So please continue to walk together with me from now on, too.

Wataru Hibiki Circus Dialogue Render.png

You should say that to the other two as well, and not just me. It's the greater honor I could receive, and one still to be enjoyed for a long time to come…☆

Now, let us head for the ground! Now that you've been chased from paradise… from your throne, it's time to go to the chaotic world of the people!

It's time to descend, Eichi! Though it may be presumptuous of me to say, this Wataru Hibiki, shall be your guide…☆

Eichi Tenshouin Circus Dialogue Render.png

Woah! We're jumping down? Are you insane?! Aren't we pretty high up…?!

Wataru Hibiki Circus Dialogue Render.png

Fwahaha! It's payback for making me make a serious face when I'm supposed to be just the opposite! You shouldn't try to talk, Eichi! You'll only end up biting your tongue!

Translation: Enstars Translates
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