Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Requirement: Intimacy Level 15
Chiaki Morisawa sub story part 3
Season: Spring (春) Location: Grounds

Whoa there. You, who averted your eyes the moment you saw me!

Yes, that’s right. To be certain… you were Akehoshi’s classmate, weren’t you?

I am Chiaki Morisawa! The leader of “Ryuseitai,” and captain of the basketball club, Chiaki Morisawa!

I’d already said my name? However, it is an important thing, so, you see... So that you would not forget, I said my name twice.

With this, I should have left an impression such that you will not forget me!

…Yes. That is a good question, isn’t it!

Why am I wearing my idol outfit this early in the morning? That is because after this, I have morning practice with the basketball club!

I said it before, too, but I am the captain of the basketball club.

However, I am not good at dealing with mornings. My burning heart is also thoroughly dejected in the mornings.

However, that will not do! I cannot get by avoiding them just because I dislike them. And that itself is why I am wearing this outfit!

You are making a face like you do not understand well, aren’t you?

For me to be unable to make myself understood, even pouring out this much enthusiasm, does that mean I still have a ways to go?

Then, I shall explain! What color is this outfit?

…Red. Yes, the passionate red! And, when you talk about the leader of a sentai hero group, what color is he?

Yes, that is also red! When I dress myself in a red outfit, my heart also blazes bright red.

And so, that is why I go to face morning practice wearing this.

Transfer student, have you understood me? Good girl, good girl. You are a good girl.

To such a good girl, I’ll give a handshake. ♪

Whoops, why are you backing away from me? Have you never admired a sentai hero?

I have! There is no man who would not admire a hero cutting down enemies left and right!

Whoops, but you are a girl, aren’t you? Then, perhaps there is no helping that you cannot understand.

However, it’s no harm to remember it, you know. Men admire heroes.

And that if you can shake hands with a person you admire, you feel as though you have also become a hero.

Now, you should shake hands with me, too, and taste the feeling of being a hero!

…You’ll pass? You have no ambition, do you? However, that is also good.

It’s already this time, huh? I am reluctant to part with you, but I must go now. Until we meet again, be well, transfer student!

Translator: Looks after rainbows
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