Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Requirement: Unlock in (Kitten and Sunset) Chiaki Morisawa's Idol Road
Chiaki Morisawa Cat Searching 2
Season: Summer (夏) Location: Grounds

Chiaki! Chiaki! Where are you, Chiakii!

... Hey, Anzu. It may be my imagination, but it seems like everyone is looking at me and whispering to one another.

Mmhmm. As expected, calling my own name repeatedly while walking is rather strange, isn't it?

For some reason, I've been getting that feeling, but if you'd known it, I'd have wanted you to tell me ahead of time...!

Ah well, it's fine. I am a man that becomes stronger in the face of such adversity...☆

However, with this we've completely run out of ways to search for the cat, haven't we? If the old lady were here, the cat may let down his guard and show himself.

But since there are only people that he doesn't know around, it seems that the cat may be feeling stingy...

Ah, I know. Yumenosaki Academy has a few basic regulations regarding general admission.

Because of that, even if I explained that my own pet cat had gone astray inside Yumenosaki Academy, they probably would have just turned me away at the gate.

It looks like one time before, there were non-students that tried to trespass into the academy by lying. Because of that, it seems to have gotten stricter around the academy.

Nowadays, it's gone as far as only opening the academy to the public during special occasions, so admission tickets get sold out on the same day. They also have enforced it to prevent the tickets from being put up for auction.

Even though the old lady is an acquaintance of mine, it doesn't mean that she's family. Though we explained it to the guards at the reception area, all the same, they probably weren't paying attention.

That's why, I have no choice but to search... Since I don't want to see her mournful face...

Woops, sorry, sorry. You were here too. Mmhmm, if it's you and me, we'll find him before the day is over, won't we? ☆

... Hm? That's right, isn't it? Let's split up to search from here. That way, it will be much more efficient!

Let's contact each other every thirty minutes, that way we won't overlap our search areas. Well then, I wish you good luck ☆

Scene Change: In front of Auditorium
Chiaki Morisawa Cat Searching 2 Scene Change

... Is it evening already? For you to be helping me search until it's late, it's my fault.

You don't need to worry about it so much. It's just that my affection toward the cat isn't enough. That's why the cat is probably not responding to my feelings...

As expected, it might be hopeless without the old lady.

Woops, falling into a slump like this isn't like me, is it!? Unacceptable, unacceptable. I'm an "Ally of Justice"!

Like the sun that shines down on this world, I'm always brightly shining...☆ As expected from the burning heart, Morisawa Chiaki, isn't it? Fuhahahahaha ☆

You... Clapping me on the shoulder, are you trying to comfort me? Thank you, Anzu!

Good, let's endure it a little more! Let you and me express our passionate feelings toward the cat, shall we? Fuha--

A, ow!? Hitting me all of a sudden with the paper fan is unfair! Besides, what am I getting hit for...?

Mmhmm. It feels as if there's something shaking in the bushes over there? If that's the case, then it's possible that the cat is there. So that it won't run away, let us approach it while concealing the sound of our footsteps.

That is... Nyanko, no, Myanko, or rather, it's Chiaki, isn't it!?

Woops, there, there. You were scared, weren't you? But it's alright now!

An "Ally of Justice" like me is in a hurry, so let's bring you home to the old lady's place, right away.

(Kitten and Sunset) Chiaki Morisawa CG2

Ooh, are you glad? I'm pleased as well... H-hey, don't lick at my lip. I'm ticklish, you know.

What is it, could it be that you remember me...? Recently I've been busy with idol work, so I haven't been visiting the old lady, have I?

Despite that, it seems that you haven't forgotten me... I'm very glad, Myanko~☆

Whoa, I let it escape!? Anzu, seize that cat right away! I beg you!!

Phew... That was close. If he had gotten away here, it would have all been over.

I give you my thanks for searching for him with me. Even the cat seems to have gotten attached to you!

Seems like he's feeling good, looking at you fondly and rubbing his body against your face like that. I'm envious!

Ah, no, even though I want to carry him, he'll surely just run away again like before.

Surely if he makes an escape a second time, I don't think I can recover if I fall into a slump... As you can see, I have a weak mental state!

Hmm. It's fine to pet him behind the ears, at the throat, and around the neck? You're well informed with how to handle a cat, aren't you!

I heard that you have also tamed a ferocious dog in the academy, could it be that you're a wild animal tamer?

Th-that hurts! Don't beat me with the paper fan, it hurts a little!

See, you've startled the cat too, haven't you? Theere, there, there. Don't be afraid~♪

Petting the cat like this, it makes me want to own a cat too, hm?

I'm an only child so I don't have any siblings. Do you think that it's possible to try asking my parents...?

Welp, more importantly, we should bring this cat home, shouldn't we?

Ah, are you coming with me? Since you helped look for the cat with me. Besides that, you're a good kid, so the old lady's bound to be pleased with you ☆

Right, if that's decided, then let's go with a dash! If you get worn out along the way, I can carry you on my shoulders, so you don't have to worry!

Nevertheless, it might be imprudent of me to say so, but I enjoyed searching for the cat with you.

It was kind of like going back to being a kid, wasn't it? Mmhmm, when I'm with you, Anzu, I don't get bored.

Or should I say that I'll always want to play around...You're like the mother ocean. As far as we're concerned, you just might be irreplaceable ☆

Location: Riitranslates
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