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Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Requirement: Unlock in (Kitten and Sunset) Chiaki Morisawa's Idol Road
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Season: Summer (夏) Location: In Front of Fountain

Hmmm, not around here either.

Since my search of the school buildings came up with nothing, if he's not in this area either, it's possible he isn't anywhere in the academy...

No, how can I give up!? Who am I? That's right, I am the one with the burning heart, Morisawa Chiaki!

The hero of Yumenosaki Academy, the hero of this neighborhood...☆

Alright, I've gotten fired up into a good mood! Let's hone my senses, and take a deep breath... *breathes in and out* ☆

Aha, over there!

Ooh, what a strong vigorous leap!?

Mmhmm, since he matches the right characteristics, there's no doubt that he's the cat that has gone astray. Hold it, hold it, I can't let him get away~!

Scene Change: Garden Area
Chiaki Morisawa Cat Searching 1 Scene Change.png

Hmmm, Hrrm...?

Surely this is the only place he could have run off to, but just where the hell did he disappear to...?

(Kitten and Sunset) Chiaki Morisawa CG.png

Hm? Anzu. I didn't expect to run into you at a time like this ☆

Me? I'm looking for a cat. Seems he's taking refuge in this bush but I can't see any sign of him~? I was getting stumped on what the heck to do.

Ah, it isn't my pet cat. The cat belongs to a lady from the neighborhood around school.

Just recently, the cat hasn't come home so she's been feeling absolutely disheartened.

That lady's husband passed away a few years ago, so because of that, she started taking care of a cat.

She cares for the cat as if he were her own child, it's well-known around the neighborhood ☆

I often visit her at her house, eating pastries and drinking tea, so I'm in her debt.

That lady considers me like a grandchild, so whenever I go to visit, she offers me things like "seaweed in vinegar" and "pickled Chinese plums" ☆

... Well, I can't really handle strong flavors very well, but it's unacceptable for me to just reject her kindness.

At times like those, I just pinch my nose and eat them in one gulp, though I realized that they were unexpectedly pretty good!

And despite that, when I see the old lady's mournful face, I feel a pain in my chest...

That's why, no matter what it is, I shall eat it with patience, however, eggplant... Only eggplant is impossible.

When she brought out deep fried eggplant, I was seriously prepared for death.

Just looking at eggplant gives me the shivers! However, I have no choice but to proceed with a bright smile and eat it, you see?

In any case, I have a memory of shutting my eyes and gulping it down in one go.

Urgh... Just remembering the texture in my mouth from that time, I feel like trembling and fleeing.

Unacceptable, it is unacceptable! For someone who is known as an "Ally of Justice," how is it that I am unable to conquer the likes of an eggplant!?

However, that slippery form, that taste, at any rate I cannot tolerate it...!!

For me to name myself an "Ally of Justice," it is utterly ridiculous! Anzu, I want you to strike me with all your strength!

Is a paper fan fine? Ah, whatever you like, it does not matter! For I, who has been plagued by nightmares of eggplants, I wish for you to open my eyes!

... A-y-yow!? Though I told you to strike me with all your strength, you aren't going easy with the paper fan?!

However, thanks to you, my eyes have opened! I'm at full throttle, full power, fuhahahaha...☆

... Damn it! Due to the shock just now, could I have completely forgotten what I was talking about with you!?

I see, for some reason, it seems that we were talking about the consequences of eggplant on this world...?

Ugh... Eggplant... Eggplant... Urrrghhhh...

Ah, I've remembered! I was searching for a cat, wasn't I? And then, I met with you...

Right, what happened to the cat? By some chance, could it be that he made his escape because of the noise just now?

Forgive me, Anzu. I must search for this cat by all means.

Supposing that you come across a cat wearing a red ribbon around its neck, please contact me on my phone.

Well then, farewell, Anzu...

A, that hurts!?

Suddenly hitting me with the paper fan, that surprised me, you know!? What is it? You want to help in the search for the cat too?

Naturally, if you helped me out, I would be grateful...

That's right, you're a kind and good kid. Goood, there, there ♪

Woops, this isn't the time to be petting you, is it? After this, when we have found the cat, I will give you plenty of pets and hugs... ☆

The cat's features? Like I said before, he's wearing a red ribbon around his neck. Aside from that, it is the cute kind of cat that is a pure white breed.

Was the name Myanko? Or was it Nyanko...?

Sorry, I have a faint memory of the name! Every time that I went to visit, the cat's name changes, so I can't recall which one is correct, you see~?

According to the lady that owns him, she thinks both names are cute, so she can't decide which to use. Thanks to that, the cat doesn't know what their own name is. It's really been a bother.

There has also been a time that he was named "Chiaki". Because of that, he also responds to my name.

Hm? Then, we should walk around calling my own name?

It's an excellent idea, however, for you to be calling my name repeatedly, I have a feeling it would be embarrassing, won't it...?

Well, it's fine! If I can find the cat that way, then I shall bear a little bit of embarrassment!

Good, then let's raise our voices and go, fuhahahahaha...☆

Translator: Riitranslates
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