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Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Checkmate epilogue1.png
Location: Garden Terrace
Warning: Self-Harm Mention.
Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render.png

Now, have you got your thoughts in order… Sena-kun?

I’d like you to hurry and make your next move.

I can’t wait any longer, you know. I’m a busy person, and you’re not exactly anyone important.

I can easily find a substitute, though. I’ll only need to ask someone else if I can’t rely on you.

However, I believe you should choose to ride on the winning horse. After all, you’re not some spectacular knight of legend who can control any steed, no matter how unruly it is.

Izumi Sena School Dialogue Render.png

…Just as I thought, all you ever do is lie, huh.

You’re not even close to winning for sure yet, so what the hell are you even calling Checkmate for…

If I move this piece like this, then I can get out of this dilemma. This match is still far from its end, right?

Using bluffs, cover-ups, lies and schemes to make others think you’re the victor…

By making others forfeit, and surrounding yourself with illusions, you built up your phantom empire.

Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render.png

I won’t deny that. If I hadn’t done it, then I would never have won. Also, I just didn’t want to lose, no matter what.

I couldn’t just limit myself to playing fair. I won’t let anyone take that from me… And I do not regret.

I won’t even apologize for it. Whether it was some forcibly shared illusion or what have you, a win is a win. The one who survived until the end and proved to be victorious was me.

Izumi Sena School Dialogue Render.png

Yeah, congrats.

You won, good for you.

Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render.png


Tsukasa Suou School Dialogue Render.png


I have been searching for you everywhere, and yet you were simply idling around in a place like this!

Just as directed, I have completed the assigned song perfectly!

With this, I will officially be recognized as a member of Knights, yes!?

That was what was promised, right? And of course, I intend to make an appearance in this DDD you mentioned, too!

I will allow no complaints! Now, let us quickly begin our lessons for DDD together…!

Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render.png

Fufu, I’m glad you’re so energetic, Tsukasa-kun. But raising your voice so much is quite vulgar, you know?

Tsukasa Suou School Dialogue Render.png

Eek!? Ah, uh…wha--?

S-Sena-senpai? You know this person, don’t you? What is your relationship!?

Izumi Sena School Dialogue Render.png

He’s just a classmate. ...Anyway, I got it already. I’ll come to the practice room later, so leave for now. We’re having an important conversation, Kasa-kun.

Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render.png

Yes. I’d like to borrow Sena-kun for just a little bit, sorry.

Tsukasa Suou School Dialogue Render.png

R-right. Well, if Tenshouin-oniisama says so, then I will comply.

But I’ll take your word for it, so please make sure to turn up to the practice room afterwards, okay… Sena-senpai?

I will go ahead and clean up in preparation! I shall also find and gather the other members of Knights!

Now then, I shall take my leave, okay? Please take your time… ♪

Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render.png


Ahaha. So you call him “Kasa-kun”, huh? How nice, a nickname…

I think Tsukasa-kun is also quite happy about that. Most people keep some distance from him, being the heir of a multi-millionaire family.

That’s also why I really was so happy… In becoming friend who could play together, just from meeting by chance rather than by anyone else’s request…

In meeting Tsukinaga-kun, I was truly fortunate.

Though thanks to me, everything of my friendship with him has now smashed into splinters.

Izumi Sena School Dialogue Render.png

Hey, Tenshouin. I’m sure you’re sick of hearing it, but who do you think you are, huh? There’s no way every single thing is your fault.

That guy-- Leo-kun… It wasn’t your fault he broke.

Of course, he did often fight against you, and messing around with you all the time wore him out. But at the heart of it all, it’s my fault.

“Inspiration, it’s come, it’s come,” he’d always say, every time we met up.

He would say that just by looking at me, he’d be able to make countless masterpieces.

It might sound conceited, but the one who gave him all that inspiration was me.

Influenced by my emotions and behavior, he was stained with malice.

I was a shitty immature brat who was never satisfied with anything, and wanted so badly to be acknowledged...

In wanting to destroy all the guys who pissed me off, I ended up twisting his aspirations too.

He was like a pure innocent child, and I tainted his soul.

It was for my sake that he threw away all the goodness in his heart.

Just as I’d wished and sought, from somewhere deep within my heart, he rampaged and decimated every little thing I hated.

Resentment began to surround us. That built-up hatred started to reflect in our vote counts…

And in DreamFes, no matter what kinds of masterpieces he created, his reputation continued to fall.

He couldn’t take it. He always was a stupidly kind guy, after all…

A life of hurting people and killing each other every day was just too much for him to endure.

His words and behavior grew rougher, more savage…

And as though scared and repulsed by him, the fans who had liked him for being kind and cute slowly began to pull away...

People who were once his comrades spread nasty rumors about him, and those who didn’t know what was going on within our group started to believe in them…

In a way, he did deserve it, as no matter the situation he always did as he liked.

But all of that built up, and he shattered to pieces. You went to see him too, right…

He was holed up at the time, but did he start desperately apologizing to you?

Because he apologized to me. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry”, he said… All the self-loathing and despair must have put him into a state of depression.

Composing is everything to him, but now he’s in the lowest depths of a slump, unable to write a single song.

He told me that the melodies in his head are all drowned out by boos and curses.

It’s like he can’t even breathe. He looked like he was in so much pain, I couldn’t even bear to watch…

But even then, he bit down on his own motionless hand and forced himself to keep writing on the music sheet.

Saying “Wait! I’ll whip up a masterpiece right now!”...

He believes that he’s worthless if he can’t write songs. That he’ll be abandoned by me and the other people around him.

And that’s why he’d bite his hand, and compose as he bled.

Translation: royalquintet
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