Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
(Comrade's Song) Izumi Sena CG2
Location: Checkmate Stage
(Comrade's Song) Izumi Sena Dialogue Render Bloomed

What… why would you…? I don’t understand, Leo-kun.

(I’m not some special person who deserves to be totally affirmed and devoted to like this.)

(I have too much pride, I’m never satisfied with anything, and I’m not a genius like you.)

(Even so, I just want to be acknowledged and praised as the most beautiful in the world… That’s all I am - just some boring guy.)

(But with this guy around, can my wish be granted?)

(If I use him, run him into the ground as I please, like all the others have… If I make him serve me with everything he has…)

(No matter the dream, it can come true. Leo-kun is an incredible genius, after all.)

(Robin on a Branch) Leo Tsukinaga Full Render Bloomed

What’s wrong, Sena? It’s alright~ Go ahead and do what you want!

(Comrade's Song) Izumi Sena Dialogue Render Bloomed

…No, I’m just a bit mixed up right now from all these cryptic things you keep saying.

You said it yourself, but shall we stop chatting and sing?

If you can’t perform the live in front of you with perfection, then it’s totally ridiculous to even think about the future. We can think later about what’s ahead, right?

Naru-kun, and Kuma-kun too… Don’t run away, alright. Since you’re here, let’s all do this together.

We’re going to have to practically wing the real thing, but this guy’s songs are amazing, so…

If you leave it to your body, you’ll go into a trance. Let yourself be fooled, and go along with it.

(Glass Admiration) Arashi Narukami Full Render Bloomed

Mm… Well, okay, I’ll come along with you.

I can go to the beauty salon anytime. But if I miss out on your expression right now, I have a feeling I won’t ever see it again.

(Comrade's Song) Izumi Sena Dialogue Render Bloomed

Mm? What kind of face am I making?

(Glass Admiration) Arashi Narukami CG2
(Glass Admiration) Arashi Narukami Full Render Bloomed

Ahah, by not knowing what kind of face you’re making, aren’t you failing as a model? You kiiinda look like an innocent little girl in love for the first time, who's just been proposed to by the person she admires!

I’m almost jealous. Ah~ I want to have a happy romance too.


(Comrade's Song) Izumi Sena Dialogue Render Bloomed

…Well, anything’s fine if it gives him some motivation.

Kuma-kun, come sing together with us too. It’ll be okay - if there are any parts you don’t have down, I’ll teach you.

(Gathered Knight) Ritsu Sakuma Full Render

Don’t treat me like a kid. We’re the same age, alright? Probably.

I’ll carry out my duty, but don’t expect anything more.

Although learning that you reached out to me not because I’m Rei Sakuma’s brother, but because I’m me… I’m kinda happy about it.

Considering how my basic principle is not to get too close to people.

(Comrade's Song) Izumi Sena Dialogue Render Bloomed

You’re not the only one. I’m the same way - I don’t like getting up close and personal, either.

…Mm, what’s this? Hey, your Maa-kun’s sitting in the audience, you know? He really did come to cheer you on, huh.

(Gathered Knight) Ritsu Sakuma Full Render Bloomed

Wha-- ahh! You’re right! Why’s he here?

Well, guess I’m stuck now, I can’t slack off if Maa-kun’s watching! Maa-kun, burn my gallant figure into your eyes…☆

Did you see? Maa-kun waved a hand at me! Cuuute♪

(Comrade's Song) Izumi Sena Dialogue Render Bloomed

You got way into this all of a sudden. Well, that’s fine, as long as you put your all into it.

As for me, considering how proud I act the rest of the time, I need to do my best too. Performing perfectly as always, and with all my might…

Majestic and noble to the point no one can make a fool of me.

If I-- if we can get proper recognition like that…

Then there’s nothing else I could wish for. After all, in this world, it's a struggle to achieve something even as simple as that...

Since I’m surrounded by idiots, I’ll need to keep track of every little thing, all so I don’t lose the place where I belong.

…Geez, it’s all sooo annoying~


(Palm's Piece) Eichi Tenshouin Dialogue Render Bloomed

(Fufu. There’s nothing better than how happy you all seem. Well, enjoy yourselves while you still can.)

(After the climax of today, you’ll only go down a path of decline, after all.)

(The reason you all grew so steadily is because the voters in the audience have been normal folks from outside the school.)

(To anyone looking on fairly, without prejudice, you all excel above the others.)

(That’s why you were able to gather votes and continue winning.)

(But once the DreamFes system launches for real, it’ll consist only of lives within the school. The audience will become centered around the students here.)

(I wonder if you understand what this means?)

(You’ve been facing off against your former comrades, or in other words, the students around you, and making them lose.)

(They all considerably resent you, you know. That will have an altogether negative effect on your vote count.)

(The only people who can fight, be defeated, and still respect their opponents are shounen manga characters.)

(People usually develop baseless resentment, have twisted prejudices, and try to bring down anyone who caused them embarrassment.)

(No matter how much of a genius Tsukinaga-kun is, how wonderful the songs he creates are…)

(How much hard work you all put into this, or how magnificent of a live you put on…)

(Eventually, none of it will reflect in your results. The more you win, the more you wash yourselves in hatred, the more enemies you’ll make, and the more votes you’ll lose.)

(Palm's Piece) Eichi Tenshouin CG2
(Palm's Piece) Eichi Tenshouin Dialogue Render Bloomed

(Only a miracle can reverse this downward spiral now.)

(I’ll be watching on in anticipation, to see if you can achieve that or not. From a box seat, that is… Do your all, and give it your very best effort.)

(I too will fulfill my dreams, even if I must also create a miracle.)


Translation: royalquintet
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