Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Checkmate throne3
Location: Checkmate Stage
(Palm's Piece) Eichi Tenshouin Dialogue Render Bloomed

It all happened so fast. I didn’t even force anything, but simply created the mechanism for it.

In their utmost belief that they’d found the best strategy, they moved for me just how I predicted they would.

Fools, aren’t they? If they’d stayed within the colossal, mysterious Chess, I wouldn’t have been able to lay a hand on them.

They went through the trouble of mincing themselves and making themselves easier to devour.

From such a small impact, the old, worn, enormous circuit of Chess broke into pieces. All that’s left is to crush each one of them.

I’ll remove every little bit of pus and filth, and wash Yumenosaki Academy clean.

Of course, this is but a simple skirmish, nothing more than an appetizer.

It’s not yet time for fine to make its appearance. I’m having Tsukinaga-kun mop up the shattered Chess for me.

With permission from the teachers, we as the student council are free to make DreamFes plans as we like.

We can decide which initiatives to take, which strategic cards to play - all based on our own feelings.

I ran into Tsukinaga-kun at a convenient time. If he loses and gets crushed halfway in, then that would be that, but…

It seems he really is a genius. Though he’s been fighting battle after battle, he wins every one.

That’s what’s going on behind the steady growth their unit - of Tsukinaga-kun’s unit. It’s a gift for a friend who staved off my boredom while in the hospital.

Geniuses shouldn’t be hidden. I want his brilliance to be justly recognized. Stepping stones are better tall and enemies strong.

And if that isn’t the case, my victory won’t have as much value when I eventually slay them.

You should fatten your prey before eating it, Tsumugi.

(Blue Knight) Tsumugi Aoba Full Render

That’s a dirty move~ just like those of an evil wizard from a fairy tale. You’re going to be the protagonist, right? What you’re doing is what a villain would do, you know?

(Palm's Piece) Eichi Tenshouin Dialogue Render Bloomed

If you look at it differently, even the protagonist can be the dirtiest villain. The ones who write stories are the victors, and the survivors…

To avoid being recorded as villains, perhaps we should live long and keep winning.

(Blue Knight) Tsumugi Aoba Full Render

But in that case, is it okay to make Tsukinaga-kun do the work of squeezing out the pus of Yumenosaki?

As a result of his continuous Dreamfes victories, his grades and reputation have been rising without limit.

Eventually, you won’t be able to lay a hand on him. In the process of crushing smaller enemies, are you not just making an incomparably enormous one?

(Palm's Piece) Eichi Tenshouin Dialogue Render Bloomed

That in itself is interesting, and after all, he’s a friend of mine… I think perhaps he won’t become an enemy. It seems that from the start, he’s been type to dislike conflicts, wars, and the like.

Though at some point, I’m thinking he’ll reach his limits and then I can lure him into my circle, using him as a final weapon to unleash on the Five Oddballs.

I’m making preparations for that as well.

How it’ll go down is beyond me, though. I can’t really read Tsukinaga-kun…

I suppose he’s what you’d call unpredictable, considering how he hasn’t moved the way I assumed he would.

If it’s him, who loves his comrades so much he even treasured the vulgar, foolish members of Chess…

I thought he wouldn’t be able to bear the reality of facing his old friends and comrades in neverending bloody battles.

He’d break and get crushed at some point, I figured. To him, wounded and exhausted, I would only need to extend a gentle hand…

That’s the plan I anticipated, anyway.

But even now, he still has the energy to keep fighting. He surpassed my expectations and continues his steady growth. What exactly is it that could be supporting him?

(Blue Knight) Tsumugi Aoba Full Render

Isn’t it Sena-kun? They seem close, and having even just one person around to understand you can be a saving grace.

I’d be happy if I could be someone like that for you too, Eichi-kun.

(Palm's Piece) Eichi Tenshouin Dialogue Render Bloomed

You do that well enough. I’m grateful for the sentiment though, Tsumugi.

Mm~… But there is some truth to what you’re saying. Sena-kun is one of Tsukinaga-kun’s vital supports, huh. Perhaps we should strike there next time.

Sena-kun is one of those mundane hard workers you can find anywhere - one who uses his own complexes as a driving force. Though his skills maybe well-forged, he’s nothing more than an ordinary, nameless sword.

It’s a simple task to break him. Firstly, let us take away Tsukinaga-kun’s weapon.

We’ll throw him out stark-naked into the cold weather, then eventually I’ll wrap him up in a warm cloak.

(Blue Knight) Tsumugi Aoba Full Render

Does that mean you can’t just all be regular friends?

(Palm's Piece) Eichi Tenshouin Dialogue Render Bloomed

Once peace returns, yes. Right now, we’re right in the middle of a war that we started.

We’ve have enough testing for the unit and DreamFes systems. We’ll continue making small adjustments from the data we’ve collected and prepare for the real thing.

Our battle formation in fine hasn’t been solidified yet, so I’d like to choose our timing carefully. The Five Oddballs are a big deal. We need to be cautious in our preparations.

It’ll get busy after this, Tsumugi.

(Blue Knight) Tsumugi Aoba Full Render

Fufu. Rather than the future, let’s think about what’s right in front of us. About Checkmate…

Though since we’re only chipping in to help, we have it rather easy.

(Palm's Piece) Eichi Tenshouin Dialogue Render Bloomed

Yes. It’ll be fine whether we win or lose. No matter how it plays out, we’ll stand to gain from it, as that’s how I set it up.

It’s a matter for celebration if Tsukinaga-kun wins, and we’ll be able to move onto the next step with no obstacles.

Even if he loses, we of fine can take his place and crush down Chess.

Chess is already weakened, with no trace of its golden age left. It’ll be easy, just like taking out the trash.

But it’s kind of troublesome, so I’d like Tsukinaga-kun to win.

Led astray by the raw numbers, they might think otherwise, but…

Chess is now just an empty shell, nothing but a motley group with no talent or value. It won’t be hard to sweep them up.

The other former Chess members, who broke away early and formed other groups, are probably better off.

They have motivation, ambition, and a will to make their own lives happier by even just a little.

However, the ones remaining in Chess have no trace of those desires.

They are a gathering of fools who couldn’t think on their own, only standing dumbfounded inside a collapsing castle as they lose their path of escape.

They are the drifting masses, who do nothing to rock the boat.

We need to clean them up. After tasting slaughter and tragedy, I wonder if even they would change their ways.

But even then, if they truly are cowards who don’t even try to move on their own… then they have no right to live.

They are merely living corpses, who waste their lives and their young, healthy bodies.

Let us pulverize them into fertilizer, and turn them into soil for blooming beautiful flowers.

Translation: royalquintet
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