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Yumenosaki Private Academy is a school for training "Idols". Courses consist of an Idol Course, Producer Course, Regular Course, Vocal Course, Music Course, and Theater Course. The Idol Course, where students can improve their skills as idols, make connections, and find work in the entertainment industry, acting somewhat like a huge idol agency. The Idol Course and Producer Course are both located in the same building separated from the other courses. Though the Idol Course was formerly exclusive for boys, it is planning to be coed similarly to the Regular Course.

Facilities at Yumenosaki include a Dance Room, Tennis Court, Basketball Court, Gym, Archery Ground, Track Ground, Dojo, Pool, Kitchen, Grower Barn, Library, Broadcasting Room, Music Room, AV Room, and Auditorium. Later on, a Nap Room was developed as well for students to rent out when needing to stay late and sleep at school.

Due to a couple incidents involving non-students lying in order to trespass Yumenosaki, there are now a few basic regulations regarding admission. Now the academy only opens during special occasions, selling admission tickets on the same day. In the Novel, Anzu describes the security as extremely strict, searching wallets and bags and going as far as to even search inside of their mouths.


When enrolling into Yumenosaki, you will be given your uniform, student card/ID, and a Cyalume.

Psyllium Main story

At the bottom of the cyalume, there should be a dial. The dial changes the display to any number between one to ten. The number it's set to will be recorded as a vote for the individual or "unit" performing up onstage. In official DreamFes, the cyalume will give off an electric signal and the votes will be tallied up by a machine. The color of the cyalume can be changed at any time during the performance. If the score given is: One - White, Two - Yellow, Three - Yellow Green, Four - Green, Five - Light Blue, Six - Blue, Seven - Purple, Eight - Pink, Nine - Red, and Ten - Rainbow.

There is a Cyalume available on Animate Online Shop - here

Dream Idol Festival

Dream Idol Festival Ranking Story

The "Dream Idol Festival", or DreamFes for short, are live shows where students fight each other to test their Dance, Vocal, and Performance skills. Students can perform solo or in Units, where their performance's outcome is voted by the spectators. The results will also affect the grades and the rank of the student in the academy. Students who achieve high ranks from the DreamFes will receive rewards and special treatments from the academy, though those who obtain the lowest ranks from the DreamFes will be marked as a "Dunce Student". The Higher the rank of the DreamFes, the harder it is to win it, but it will offer many specialties if won.  

From Highest to Lowest, the ranks in order are: SS, S1, S2, A1, and B1. Though held only a limited amount of times, Dreamfes ranked S2 and above are campus restricted, but large-scale. S1 ranked Dreamfes are open and free to explore by the public, though tickets must be bought in advance. A1 ranked Dreamfes are usually considered as "rookie-level battles". All ranks between SS and A1 were planned by the teachers, however with the introduction of the Producer course, the producer may also plan these Dreamfes as well. B1 ranked DreamFes is an unofficial live which has not been approved by the Academy. Any Student is free to perform in B1, however the Student Council is still in charge of it.

A Dreamfes known as S3 has been added since the beginning of the Showdown! Magnificent Phantom Thief VS Detective Brigade Event. Placed between S2 and A1, it is a campus-restricted, but large scaled, Dreamfes. The contents of an S3 are completely free game and can be held as many times as wished, as long as a request is sent and approved by the student council or a teacher. Currently, only producers and unit leaders may submit requests.

Dreamfes Rank Dreamfes Live

*Live needs to be confirmed


Units Main Story

Students in the idol course of Yumenosaki can form smaller groups with about two to five members known as "units". A unit is able to have more members, but due to the structure of the unit system, it is unprofitable for the unit to have more. Units are formed through sending in an application and getting approved by the school, however a new application must be sent if you are forming a new unit, disbanding, withdrawing, or adding new members. Depending on your results in DreamFes, the school will provide the "units" with activity funds, headquarters, and other things like that. Some units have their own fan clubs, and the more well-known "units" can have their photo books and stuff sold in general bookstores.

There are also Units known as "Temporary Units". They are usually formed for a specific purpose and for a limited amount of time, and the Dreamfes that they can participate in cannot be official. A prime example of a temporary unit would be the Knights Killers formed by Leo Tsukinaga during Judgement.

See here for the main units

Other Units/Temporary Units
Unit Members
Knights Killers Leo, Eichi, Kuro, Nazuna
Starry Night Festival Temporary Units Nazuna, Eichi, Shinobu

Kanata, Wataru, Hajime

Izumi, Tsukasa

DEADMANZ (Past) Rei, Keito, Koga
DEADMANZ (Repayment Festival) Rei, Kaoru, Keito, Kuro
Toyland Eichi, Wataru, Yuzuru, Tori, Hinata, Yuta
fine (Past) Eichi, Tsumugi, Nagisa, Hiyori
Rain-bows (Project Saga) Jin, Chiaki, Hokuto, Tori
Ba-barrier (Project Saga) Akiomi, Madara, Mika, Sora
Lilith (Project Saga) Seiya, Hiyori, Jun
Träumerei Wataru, Keito, Izumi, Madara


Teacher Role
Akiomi Kunugi Guidance Councilor and advisor for the Student Council
Jin Sagami School Doctor and in charge of General Education

Student Roster
1A 1B
2A 2B

*Default name of the player.

3A 3B

*Italicized characters are the class presidents of each class

Student Organizations
Clubs Other


School Setting

See Backgrounds for a small view of locations.

Yumenosaki is set near the sea and by mountains on the other side, while being close to an urban area. Though the school was not specifically based off of any location, Kobe City in Hyogo Prefecture was used as reference

School SNS

An online network system where the students can chat with each other. The School SNS conversations are often shown in the "Crosstalk" of the Ensemble Stars Debut Book.

Seven Mysteries of Yumenosaki

The Seven Mysteries of Yumenosaki were revealed in Test of Courage by Yuta Aoi, though only three of them are listed in the story:

  • Every time you look at this portrait of Bach, his hair keeps growing.
  • Even though nobody's around, you can hear the piano being played in the music room.
  • A female student who was aiming to be an idol had to quit her dream due to some circumstances. Losing all hope in this world, she threw herself off the roof.
  • It is revealed later on in the story that the last two deviated from happenings during Akiomi's past regarding Jin.

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