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Scout! Winter Santa

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"Tomoya and Hajime have come to the shopping district to see the illuminations. With Christmas soon to come, they get excited talking about parties, but Hajime seems different from usual..."

Starts: 12/14/2017 at 15:00 JST         Ends: 12/30/2017 at 15:00 JST
  • Cards from "Winter Santa" will be 2x more effective during Throwing! A Snowy Silver-White Snowfight event.
  • Bonus Event Points are awarded if you complete the current event lives with a unit comprising of the scout 4★ or 5★ card:
    • 4★ card: 2-10% (For every copy of the card owned, the bonus increases by 2%. Eg: 1x yields 2% bonus event points)
    • 5★ card: 4-20% (For every copy of the card owned, the bonus increases by 4%. Eg: 3x yields 12% bonus event points)
  • Comes with a total of 8 chapters by Yuuki Yoshino, which can be unlocked in the cards' Idol Roads.
  • Scout-specific information can be seen here.
(Winter Santa) Tomoya Mashiro.png
(Knight Santa) Arashi Narukami.png
(Holy Santa) Hajime Shino.png
(Mama Santa) Madara Mikejima.png
(Winter Santa) Tomoya Mashiro (Knight Santa) Arashi Narukami (Holy Santa) Hajime Shino (Mama Santa) Madara Mikejima
Unit Skill: A Gift from Santa
Winter Santa Performance 13% Up.png
· If Tomoya Mashiro, Arashi Narukami, Hajime Shino, and Madara Mikejima are gathered in the same unit during the scouting period, the unit skill "A Gift from Santa" will activate, giving a 13% boost to Performance.

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