Trickstar Unit


The academy's nova—a new star that aims to become the brightest shining star! With an incredible bond between the members, Trickstar is a group of the most promising stars that will be sure to stir up the whole academy with their ceaseless energy!

They are affiliated with Star Maker Production.


Hokuto autograph Subaru autograph Makoto autograph Mao autograph


Trickstar Unit Song CD Trickstar Unit Song CD - 2 Trickstar Unit Song CD 3
Vol.8 "Trickstar" Vol.10 "Trickstar" 2 Vol.10 "Trickstar" 3
Trickstar album cover
Trickstar Album

Music Video

あんさんぶるスターズ!二周年記念MV『Rebellion Star』ショートバージョン-0

あんさんぶるスターズ!二周年記念MV『Rebellion Star』ショートバージョン-0

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