A magical party of everlasting happiness

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A unit of magicians that strives to be unique led by Natsume Sakasaki. An entertaining group that showcases the unifying power of their worldview through on-stage banter towards their fans.

In terms of their media work, Switch makes the most of their ability to chat by taking on jobs as radio personalities, guests on talk show programs, acting commentators, doing event performances, and by performing on kid-oriented variety shows. Work that utilizes their performance style is their main focus. Their theme color is yellow-green.

Switch is affiliated with New Dimension. See also:their stories.

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An entertainment unit that casts the magic of happiness! On stage these three's personalities shine, charming everyone with their fantastical production and performance!


あんさんぶるスターズ!! Music ゲームサイズMV「Temptation Magic」

あんさんぶるスターズ!! Music ゲームサイズMV「Temptation Magic」


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