Scout! Surfing Ocean

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"UNDEAD has gone abroad on a vacation plan with fine. The four of them head for an island out of plain curiosity, having heard the rumors about a mermaid legend, but the boat breaks down, and...*"

Starts: 6/29/19 at 15:00 JST         Ends: 7/30/19 at 15:00 JST
  • Cards from "Surfing Ocean" will be 2x more effective during Radiant! Sunflower Live of Smiles event.
  • If cards are in your live unit, they will also give you more Growth Stars after lives during the Trickstar Unit Collection event.
  • Bonus Event Points are awarded if you complete the current event lives with a unit comprising of the scout 4★ or 5★ card:
    • 4★ card: 2-10% (For every copy of the card owned, the bonus increases by 2%. Eg: 1x yields 2% bonus event points)
    • 5★ card: 4-20% (For every copy of the card owned, the bonus increases by 4%. Eg: 3x yields 12% bonus event points)
  • Comes with a total of 8 chapters by Yuumasu, which can be unlocked in the cards' Idol Roads.
  • Scout-specific information can be seen here.
(Wave-Riding Surfer) Kaoru Hakaze.png
(Wind-Reading Surfer) Rei Sakuma.png
(Challenging Surfer) Adonis Otogari.png
(Strong Surfer) Koga Oogami.png
(Wave-Riding Surfer) Kaoru Hakaze (Wind-Reading Surfer) Rei Sakuma (Challenging Surfer) Adonis Otogari (Strong Surfer) Koga Oogami
Unit Skill: Dance of Wind and Waves
Dance of Wind and Waves Performance 10% Up.png
· If Kaoru Hakaze, Rei Sakuma, Adonis Otogari, and Koga Oogami are gathered in the same unit during the scouting period, the unit skill "Dance of Wind and Waves" will activate, giving a 10% boost to Performance.

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