StarPro Scout: Group C
スタプロ編 グループC

StarPro Scout Group C Banner
Starts: 5/12/2020 at 15:00 JST         Ends: 5/19/2020 at 15:00 JST


35 Diamonds - One Time
▪ Once per Day: 10 Paid Diamonds - One Time
350 Diamonds - Ten Times
3★ guaranteed. (4★ guaranteed for Ten Scout.)


▪ Contains new 4★ cards of 5 of the idols from the 5th Anniversary Starmaker Production illustration, with a 5x boosted appearance rate. The rate for 4★ has been boosted to 20% from 7% for all cards. Minimum 2 limited cards guaranteed.
▪ Music Only: Each card comes with one of three SPP variations for "Walk with your smile".
▪ Scout-specific information can be seen here: Basic, Music

(StarPro's Sunshine) Wataru Hibiki B
(StarPro's Prized Flower) Tori Himemiya B
(StarPro's Stubbornness) Hokuto Hidaka B
(StarPro's Comfort) Kanata Shinkai B
(StarPro's Airhead) Hiiro Amagi B
(StarPro's Sunshine) Wataru Hibiki (StarPro's Prized Flower) Tori Himemiya (StarPro's Stubbornness) Hokuto Hidaka (StarPro's Comfort) Kanata Shinkai (StarPro's Airhead) Hiiro Amagi

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