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Unit Songs
AKATSUKI 剣戟の舞, 祭夜絵巻, 薄紅色の約束, 謳歌絢爛青春華, 月下無双、紅の舞
Crazy:B n/a
Eden 楽園追放 -Faith Conquest-, BRAND NEW STARS!! (Eden Ver.)
fine The Tempest Night, BRAND NEW STARS!! (fine Ver.)
Knights n/a
MaM 愉快痛快 That's alright!
Ra*bits Love it Love it, BRAND NEW STARS!! ( Ra*bits Ver. )
Switch n/a
Trickstar BIGBANG REFLECTION!!, BRAND NEW STARS!! ( Trickstar Ver. )
2wink Heart Prism・Symmetry, 2winkle Star Beat☆, WONDER WONDER TOY LAND, 2wink Introduction, Play "Tag", SPICY BREEZE, SwEeT MeLlOw MeLoDy
UNDEAD Gate of the Abyss, RIOT WOLF
Valkyrie n/a
Teachers 輝きの中で, BRAND NEW STARS!! (Jin & Akiomi Ver.), あんさんぶる体操!! (大人の本音 ver.)
All/Other Groups Date Plan A to Z, BRAND NEW STARS!!, Walk with your smile

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