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Midori Feature Scout
フィーチャースカウト 翠編

Midori Feature Scout.png

Featured Story: "Staying True To Myself: Midori feels depressed as soon as he hears it's his turn to receive a personal outfit. Despite the pressure, he tries his best to visualize an outfit idea, but all he can think of are things he'd rather not wear..."
Starts: 10/10/2021 at 15:00 JST         Ends: 10/25/2021 at 15:00 JST

· Comes with a total of 4 stories and outfits, unlockable in idol road. The stories are unlocked for reading during the scout duration. If you read them during this duration they stay unlocked, else they will be locked after the scout ends.
· Midori Takamine: Staying True To Myself
· Niki Shiina: 料理人の才?
· HiMERU: それは一杯の珈琲から

· Scout-specific information can be seen here: Basic, Music.

(Comfortable Staying Just As I Am) Midori Takamine B.png
(Food and Connoisseurship) Niki Shiina B.png
(Likes and Circumstances) HiMERU B.png
(Comfortable Staying Just As I Am) Midori Takamine (Food and Connoisseurship) Niki Shiina (Likes and Circumstances) HiMERU

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