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Writer: 日日日 (Akira)

Welcome to Yumenosaki Academy, a private school that specializes in training male idols.

You transfer in as the very first student in Yumenosaki's brand-new Producer track, and also happen to be the only female student.

You'll meet a variety of unique students here. Now and in the days to come, you'll play out your very own youthful ensemble together...

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- Hierarchy -
Part 1


On your first day at Yumenosaki, your classmates Subaru Akehoshi, Makoto Yuuki, and Hokuto Hidaka reach out to you and give you a tour of the academy. You hear some sort of commotion, and when you follow the noise out to the school grounds, you find idols competing with each other in a B1 Dream Festival. However, these aren't the glamorous idols you were expecting! As they perform, they seem to be confronting the so-called authoritative "order" of the academy face to face...

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- Rebellion -
Part 2

After getting caught up in the B1 incident, you get a taste of the darkness lurking beneath the surface at Yumenosaki Academy. Trickstar is trying to tackle the root of Yumenosaki’s problems – the student council – and is pushing to reform the school. All the while, one of Subaru’s close underclassmen friends is facing his own challenges. Hajime Shino and the other members of his fledgling unit Ra*bits participate in an S2 Dream Festival, but a rough baptism awaits them...

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- Revolution -
Part 3


Trickstar is on the warpath after seeing Ra*bits crushed at the S2. They begin to train with the Light Music Club’s help, preparing to open fire at the S1, a Dream Festival so big even non-school-affiliated guests will come to see it. The academy’s #2 unit, Akatsuki, was supposed to perform, but it turns out that one of the notorious Three Oddballs has other plans. When Akatsuki falls for his trap, Rei Sakuma manages to steal the show with his unit, Undead. Will Trickstar be able to take their first steps towards a revolution amongst all the chaos...!?

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- Kingdom -
Part 4

Trickstar basks in the limelight as they start dancing. With all eyes on their dazzling performance and the audience cheering them on, they show off the fruits of their rigorous training. The night passes like a storm, though, and everything soon returns to normal... Or so it seemed! Before Trickstar even has the chance to enjoy the show’s afterglow, the student council president, Eichi Tenshouin, comes back to the academy after a long absence. With their leader’s return, fine, the undisputed ruler of the academy, is back to full power. To make matters worse, they’ve ordered Trickstar to disband! Now, Trickstar’s four members are faced with their toughest challenge yet...

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- Ensemble -
Part 5


Now that they’ve been separated, Trickstar is in a pinch... Just when the hope that once glittered in their eyes like starlight seems all but lost, other units start to have changes of heart inspired by Trickstar’s rebellion. Subaru’s left all on his own, but he still has a chance – his last chance – to bring his friends back together at the DDD, a live featuring all of the units in the academy. Will Trickstar manage to pull themselves back together and bring down fine once and for all? The sound of destiny resounds in this fateful final movement...!

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