Unit Lesson
Trickstar lesson Undead lesson Knights lesson Ryuuseitai lesson
Rabbits lesson 2wink lesson Akatsuki lesson Fine lesson
Valkyrie lesson

Class Lesson
1-A lesson 1-B lesson 2-A lesson
2-B lesson 3-A lesson 3-B lesson

Daily Course
One particular course will have an increased rate of Jewels dropping of a particular color.
Monday Trickstar

· Day: Monday Course
· Unit: Trickstar
· Jewel Type: Yellow


· Day: Tuesday Course
· Jewel Type: Red

Wednesday UNDEAD

· Day: Wednesday Course
· Unit: UNDEAD
· Jewel Type: Blue

Thursday Knights

· Day: Thursday Course
· Unit: Knights
· Jewel Type: Yellow

Friday Course

· Day: Friday Course
· Unit: 2wink, AKATSUKI
· Jewel Type: Red

Saturday Course

· Day: Saturday Course
· Unit: Ra*bits
· Jewel Type: Blue

Sunday Course

· Day: Sunday Course
· Unit: fine
· Jewel Type: Blue, Red, Yellow

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