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Spring Storm! Dancing Petals, Sakura Festival! Banner.png Lift the Curtains! Yumenosaki Circus Banner.png At Your Service! UNDEAD Cafe Banner.png Judge! Black and White Duel Banner.png Challenge! Tanabata Festival Wishes Banner.png Set Sail! Pirates at Sea Festival Banner.png Late Summer Lesson Banner.png Farewell! Festival of Memories and Quarrels Banner.png Burning Up! Yumenosaki Academy Sports Festival Banner.png Rebellion! The King's Horseback Ride Banner.png Special Training! Mismatched Pair Lessons Banner.png Raising Curtains! Dark Night Halloween Banner.png Enjoyment♪ Autumn School Trip Banner.png Shine! A Sparkling Starry Night Festival Banner.png Snowflake❄Street Performance Of The Falling Stars Banner.png
Showdown! Magnificent Phantom Thief VS Detective Brigade Banner.png Clash of Arms! Opera of Moonlight Romance Banner.png Sincerely! Bitter Chocolat Festival Banner.png Flutter! Chick and Emperor's Triumphant Return Banner.png Clash! Recollect--A Festival of Giving Back Banner.png Reminiscence*End of the Marionette's Strings Banner.png Bounce! Hearts and Flowers Bloom--Mall Live Banner.png The Flag's Honor ✻ Crowned Flower Festival Banner.png Evening Banquet ♪ Band Ensemble Banner.png Leap! Principal of the Lake's Surface Banner.png Nuclear Ignition ☆ A Sparkling Quintuple-Color Supernova Banner.png Devotion! Brocade of Driving Away the Rainy Season Banner.png Dance Performance! Thoughts That Bridge the Milky Way Banner.png Summer of Clear Skies! Summer Camp Banner.png Remember! A Midsummer Night's Dream Banner.png Scorching Heat ☆ A Seaside Beach Match Banner.png Reminiscence*Gathering of the Three Magicians Banner.png Fight! Yumenosaki Academy Sports Festival 2 Banner.png Secret Acts! The Moonlight Scroll of the Elements Banner.png Howl★The Rockin' Star of the Night Sky Banner.png React★Magical Halloween Banner.png Scramble * Toyland in a Dream Banner.png Brilliance★Knights' Starlight Festival Banner.png Radiant☆Hot Holiday Party Banner.png
Daikagura! Celebratory New Years Live Banner.png Depart☆Blue Skies Dream Travel Banner.png Shoufuku*The Ogres and Brothers' Setsubun Festival Banner.png Melty❤Sweetly Unraveling Chocolat Festival Banner.png Baton Pass! Repayment Festival of Tears and Bonds Banner.png Photoshoot! Warm Athletics Banner.png Reminiscence*Spring Cherry Blossoms and a Night's Encounter Banner.png Revival Festival☆Easter Night Banner.png Falling Cherry Blossoms*Wisteria Purple of May Banner.png Play Your Part! Cinderella's Grand Stage Banner.png Reminiscence*Monochrome Checkmate Banner.png Seven-Colored*Sunshower Festa Banner.png Launch! The Night Sky of the Shooting Star Festival Banner.png Kiseki☆The Preliminary Match of the Summer Live Banner.png Reminiscence*The Crossroads of Each One Banner.png Planets*Wavering Light, Night of the Pleiades Banner.png Competition! Yumenosaki Academy Sports Festival 3 Banner.png Drop*The Far Sea and the Aquarium Banner.png Festival*Graceful Fleur De Lis Banner.png Kiseki★Blitzkrieg Autumn Live Banner.png Lots of Monsters☆Sweet Halloween Banner.png The Golden Wind*Wishing Live of Encouragement Banner.png Noel*The Angels' Starlight Festival Banner.png Throwing! A Snowy Silver-White Snowfight Banner.png
Kiseki☆Winter Live Showdown Banner.png Opening★The Fortune Banquet Live Banner.png Decorate♥Crimson Chocolat Festival Banner.png Voyage! Early Spring Cruising Live Banner.png Moment*The Repayment Festival of Moving Forward Toward the Future Banner.png Memorial◆Class Live We Make Together Banner.png Offering◆The Easter of the Undead Banner.png Spring Breeze*Iconic Book Fair Banner.png Performance! The Tragicomedy of Romeo and Juliet Banner.png School Festival★The Scramble of a Startup Hero Banner.png Breakthrough! The Revolutionary Live Which Heralds the Dawn Banner.png Amusement☆The Live Party of Cats and Rabbits Banner.png Facing One Another! The Celestial Globe of the Night the Stars Meet Banner.png Shot☆Splash Pool! Banner.png Scorching Hot! The Scenery of Southern Lands and Summer Vacation Banner.png Summer Sky*Galloping Cheval Live Banner.png Night of the Full Moon * Hopping Moonlight Luna Banner.png Happening◆Music Festa of Reversals Banner.png Saga*Rushing Up Rainbow Stage Banner.png Invitation★Black Blood Banquet Banner.png Cacophony◆Whirling Horror Night Halloween Banner.png Discovery! Steampunk Museum Banner.png Carol*White Snow and the Christmas Eve Starlight Festival Banner.png Rail◆The Cat in the Snowy Winter and the Camellia Train Banner.png
Saga*Clashing Rebirth Live Banner.png Revival☆Dream Diner Live Banner.png Marble ♥ Heartfelt Chocolat Festival Banner.png Cunning ◆ Wonder Game Banner.png Requiem*Sword of Oaths and the Repayment Festival Banner.png Every Pitch With All One’s Heart! Youthful Play Ball Banner.png Reminiscence*Ryusei Bonfire Banner.png Yell✳︎Sprawling Happy Spring Banner.png Chorus★Operetta of Beginnings Banner.png Terror! Tamayori's Haunted Dollhouse Banner.png Symphony*Magnolia of Blessings Banner.png Stars★Glitter of the Prism Banner.png Radiant! Sunflower Live of Smiles Banner.png Trickstar Unit Collection Banner.png Luminescence*Summer Night Festival Banner.png UNDEAD Unit Collection Banner.png The Songbird’s Song*Soirée in the Canary Hall Banner.png Ra*bits & AKATSUKI Unit Collection Banner.png Link♪The Symphony that Starts from Here Banner.png 2wink & fine Unit Collection Banner.png RYUSEITAI Unit Collection Banner.png Switch Unit Collection Banner.png MaM & Valkyrie Unit Collection Banner.png Knights Unit Collection Banner.png
Eden Unit Collection Banner.png
IkemenSengokuCollab.png Line Play Puzzle Tan Tan Collaboration.jpg Invitation! A Night of Ryuseitai and Hello Kitty Banner.jpg (Entering the Stage) Rei Sakuma Campaign Banner.png Yume100 x Ensemble Stars Banner.png Welcome to the Ballroom x Ensemble Stars.png Merc Storia x Ensemble Stars.png Last Period x Ensemble Stars Banner.png Yowamushi Pedal x Ensemble Stars.png Stars★Glitter of the Prism Banner.png
Retrospective Liar's Idol Banner.png Reminiscence*Sentimental Liars Banner.png Meteorangers Banner.jpg Dream Star Live Banner.png
Gamegift November 2016.png Merc Storia Event.png 1st Anniversary Gratitude Campaign.jpg 2017 New Year Campaign Banner.png Valentine's Day 2017 header2.png White Day 2017 header2.png 2017 Christmas Campaign Banner.png 2018 New Year Campaign Banner.png 2018 Halloween Campaign Banner.png 2018 Christmas Campaign Banner.png 2019 New Year Campaign Banner.png 2019 Valentine's Day Campaign Banner.png 2019 White Day Campaign Banner.png Anime Commemoration Panel Rally Banner.png 2020 New Year Campaign Banner.png
1st Anniversary Diamond Scout Banner.png 2nd Anniversary Scout Banner.png 3rd Anniversary Banner.png Ensemble Stars 4th Anniversary Banner.png

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