An eternal paradise that tempts the heart

Eden ES

When Adam and Eve combine, they become Eden, a noble unit that brims with life led by Nagisa Ran. As a group, they're known for how flashy they are; their performances are dramatic, and their fanservice can unify their audience through only their words.

When doing work in media, they focus on jobs that utilizes their dazzling looks as a group, which includes being guests on talk programs, acting as commercial campaign personae, working as fashion models, and starring in both movies and theater plays. Their theme color is black.

Eden is affiliated with Cosmic Production. Eden is one of the top three units in the industry along with Knights and fine. See also: their stories.

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When the members of Adam and Eve come together, they become a unit that invites you into paradise. Eden is of the most powerful units in Japan in members' age group. Nagisa serves as the leader of this combined unit.


あんさんぶるスターズ!! Music ゲームサイズMV「THE GENESIS」

あんさんぶるスターズ!! Music ゲームサイズMV「THE GENESIS」


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