Scout! Devil's Mansion

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"Ritsu has started to call Tsumugi “oniichan.” Rei, who receives a shock from that, is comforted by Hinata, but the relationship between the two becomes more and more complicated..."

Starts: 5/14/2018 at 15:00 JST         Ends: 5/30/2018 at 15:00 JST
  • Cards from "Devil's Mansion" will be 2x more effective during School Festival★The Scramble of a Startup Hero event.
  • Bonus Event Points are awarded if you complete the current event lives with a unit comprising of the scout 4★ or 5★ card:
    • 4★ card: 2-10% (For every copy of the card owned, the bonus increases by 2%. Eg: 1x yields 2% bonus event points)
    • 5★ card: 4-20% (For every copy of the card owned, the bonus increases by 4%. Eg: 3x yields 12% bonus event points)
  • Comes with a total of 9 chapters by Akira, which can be unlocked in the cards' Idol Roads.
  • Scout-specific information can be seen here.
(Devil's Tactics) Rei Sakuma.png
(Devil's Temptation) Ritsu Sakuma.png
(Kind Devil) Tsumugi Aoba.png
(Mischievous Devil) Hinata Aoi.png
(Devil's Tactics) Rei Sakuma (Devil's Temptation) Ritsu Sakuma (Kind Devil) Tsumugi Aoba (Mischievous Devil) Hinata Aoi
Unit Skill: Devil's Whisper
Devil's Whisper Dance 13% Up.png
· If Rei Sakuma, Ritsu Sakuma, Tsumugi Aoba, and Hinata Aoi are gathered in the same unit during the scouting period, the unit skill "Devil's Whisper" will activate, giving a 13% Boost to Dance.

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