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A temporary unit that Rei Sakuma, Koga Oogami, and Keito Hasumi were part of before joining their current units. This unit first appears in Crossroad.

While its most common translation of this unit's name is "DEADMANZ," please see the gallery in regards to its romanization variations.


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Rei Sakuma Keito Hasumi Koga Oogami


As Kuro was only a temporary member during Crossroad, he is sometimes not included in DEADMANZ-related merchandise. When Rei revived the unit, Kaoru joined as a temporary member alongside Keito and Kuro. However, between Kuro and Kaoru, only Kuro has been included in a DEADMANZ song (Black Ball-room) so far.

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Kuro Kiryu Kaoru Hakaze

DEADMANZ's unit name is written in katakana as deddomanzu, and has not been romanized in the JP version of the game. The CN and TW versions render its English romanization as "DEADMANS." A piece of Japanese merchandise renders the English name as "Dead Man's." It is often translated as "DEADMANZ" and "Deadmans."

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