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CosPro Scout: Group A
コズプロ編 グループA

CosPro Scout Group A Banner.png
Starts: 6/28/2020 at 15:00 JST         Ends: 7/5/2020 at 15:00 JST


35 Diamonds - One Time
▪ Once per Day: 10 Paid Diamonds - One Time
350 Diamonds - Ten Times
3★ guaranteed. (4★ guaranteed for Ten Scout.)


▪ Contains new 4★ cards of 6 of the idols from the 5th Anniversary Cosmic Production illustration with a 14% appearance rate. The rate for 4★ has been boosted to 20% from 7% for all cards. Minimum 2 limited cards guaranteed.
▪ Music Only: Each card comes with one of three SPP variations for "Walk with your smile".
▪ This scout was revived 11/24/21 - 11/27/21 with each pick up card having an appearance rate of 14% and now includes cards from all agencies currently in the general pool.
▪ Scout-specific information can be seen here: Basic, Music

(CosPro's Prized Treasure) Nagisa Ran B.png
(CosPro's Grit) Jun Sazanami B.png
(CosPro's Artist) Shu Itsuki B.png
(CosPro's Prized Treasure) Nagisa Ran (CosPro's Grit) Jun Sazanami (CosPro's Artist) Shu Itsuki
(CosPro's Courage) Yuta Aoi B.png
(CosPro's Secrecy) HiMERU B.png
(CosPro's Stomach) Niki Shiina B.png
(CosPro's Courage) Yuta Aoi (CosPro's Secrecy) HiMERU (CosPro's Stomach) Niki Shiina

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