3-A Class Scout
クラス別スカウト 3-A

3-A Class Scout Banner.png
Starts: 5/16/2018 at 15:00 JST         Ends: 5/23/2018 at 15:00 JST


15 Diamonds - One Time
135 Diamonds - Ten Times
3★ guaranteed. (More than 1; 4★ guaranteed for Ten consecutive.)


▪ Each scout contains new 4★ cards of every class 3-A member from the 3rd Anniversary main screen illustration, with a boosted appearance rate of 17%.
▪ This scout was revived 1/8/20 - 1/13/20 with each card having an appearance rate of 7.5%.
▪ Scout-specific information can be seen here.

(3rd Anniversary) Eichi Tenshouin.png
(3rd Anniversary) Keito Hasumi.png
(3rd Anniversary) Kaoru Hakaze.png
(3rd Anniversary) Chiaki Morisawa.png
(3rd Anniversary) Eichi Tenshouin (3rd Anniversary) Keito Hasumi (3rd Anniversary) Kaoru Hakaze (3rd Anniversary) Chiaki Morisawa
(3rd Anniversary) Izumi Sena.png
(3rd Anniversary) Shu Itsuki.png
(3rd Anniversary) Madara Mikejima.png
(3rd Anniversary) Izumi Sena (3rd Anniversary) Shu Itsuki (3rd Anniversary) Madara Mikejima

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