Revival Scout 2wink
復刻スカウト 2wink編

Revival Scout 2wink Banner
Starts: 11/16/2017 at 15:00 JST         Ends: 12/1/2017 at 15:00 JST


15 Diamonds - One Time
135 Diamonds - Ten Times
3★ guaranteed. (More than 1; 4★ guaranteed for Ten consecutive.)


▪ All past scouts with a 2wink 4★/5★ card are back for a limited time.
▪ Each scout contains new 3★ cards of every 2wink member from the 3nd unit song CD cover illustration, with a boosted appearance rate.
▪ This scout was revived 10/14/19 - 10/25/19 for the 2wink & fine Unit Collection event, with each card having a 3x boosted appearance rate.
▪ Scout-specific information can be seen here.

(Mischievous Bat) Yuta Aoi
(Dark Night Bat) Hinata Aoi
(Mischievous Bat) Yuta Aoi (Dark Night Bat) Hinata Aoi
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