Scout! 1001 Nights

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"UNDEAD has received a request for an appearance on a radio show. They plan to do a rehearsal practice for Adonis, who is not good at speaking, but..."

Starts: 9/14/2016 at 15:00 JST         Ends: 9/29/2016 at 15:00 JST
  • Cards from "1001 Nights" will be 2x more effective during Fight! Yumenosaki Academy Sports Festival 2 event.
  • Bonus Event Points are awarded if you complete the current event lives with a unit comprising of the scout 4★ or 5★ card:
    • 4★ card: 2-10% (For every copy of the card owned, the bonus increases by 2%. Eg: 1x yields 2% bonus event points)
    • 5★ card: 4-20% (For every copy of the card owned, the bonus increases by 4%. Eg: 3x yields 12% bonus event points)
  • Comes with a total of 9 chapters by Akira, which can be unlocked in the cards' Idol Roads.
  • Scout-specific information can be seen here.
(Paradise Lion's Dream) Adonis Otogari.png
(Professional Storyteller) Kaoru Hakaze.png
(Glass Confidence) Koga Oogami.png
(Fragile Companion) Rei Sakuma.png
(Paradise Lion's Dream) Adonis Otogari (Professional Storyteller) Kaoru Hakaze (Glass Confidence) Koga Oogami (Fragile Companion) Rei Sakuma
Unit Skill: 千夜一夜の盗賊団
千夜一夜の盗賊団 Dance 10% Up.png
· If Adonis Otogari, Kaoru Hakaze, Koga Oogami, and Rei Sakuma are gathered in the same unit during the scouting period, the unit skill "千夜一夜の盗賊団" will activate, giving a 10% boost to Dance.

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