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Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino)
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Location: Cafe
Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render.png

But, I’ve personally experienced the results of our popularity boost. And it’s all thanks to everyone working together and finishing our jobs!

And of course, this wouldn’t be possible without Anzu. You’ve helped us train even when you’re so busy, we really appreciate what you’ve done for us ♪

…Hello~ Anzu? You hardly reacted to this. Normally, you’d say something like ‘Let’s all continue to give it our all!’ in response~

Izumi Sena School Dialogue Render.png

We’re supposed to be talking about your work. Really, you’re aware of it, but you just can’t figure out where the problem is, I’m getting a headache just from thinking about it…Anzu, take good care of him.

Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render.png

Even if seaweed-head doesn’t worry about us, Anzu will take very good care of us~!

Huh? Anzu, what’s wrong? If you wanted to go to the toilet, it’s that way?

Oh, you’ve got a call. It’s been ringing for quite a while, so it might be about work?

I’ll stay right here and wait for you, so go ahead and take the call.

…Anzu looks really tired, it’s really worrying. Halloween Party is a S1, so it must have been hard work for her.

Yuta Aoi School Dialogue Render.png

She is in charge of planning and running this event after all. And even during the period where the teachers did the planning and the student council ran the event, she’d still be running all over the school doing preparations.

Besides, it seems like there’s quite a few units asking for her help in training, so it is concerning if she isn’t getting enough sleep.

Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render.png

Ah. Anzu is the type who never refuses if you ask her to do something~ unwittingly, lots of work just gets piled up.

She came with me today to sort out my work as well…it seems like I’ve been too reliant on Anzu.

Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render.png

Kukuku. Can’t you see it, Akehoshi-kun?

It’s true that the young lady is occupied with all those requests she keeps accepting.

If humans are always working, it is natural that they will become more and more drained. The young lady’s exhaustion is a given in this situation.

But, the reason that the young lady is so distressed, can it really only be attributed to her work? Are there any other reasons that might occur to you?

Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render.png

Eh, what do you mean? Does Anzu have any problems outside of her work?

Anzu. If you have any worries, please tell me!

Anzu is everyone’s producer, our comrade, our important friend! If you have anything bothering you, you can tell me!

Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render.png

It is true that I share your sentiments, however, it would be better if you sat back down and refrain from getting too agitated.

We’re not the only ones here, there are other patrons.

Not to mention, we are not far away from Yumenosaki, another similar situation like how you got surrounded by all those fans could happen.

Besides, making a racket in public isn't something to be commended. In a cafe like this, let us enjoy a lively conversation over coffee… [1]

Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render.png

…Sakuma-senpai knows what’s bothering Anzu right? Just tell me. No, please tell me…!

Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render.png

Begging for help should only be used at a crucial moment. But, this just shows Akehoshi-kun really values the young lady Anzu.

Speaking of which, I never mentioned the young lady was worried.

I merely said that there may be another reason for the young lady to look so glum other than her being tired.

And what I am going to say is merely speculations, will you be fine with that?

Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render.png

It doesn’t matter! No matter how minor something is, tell me what you’ve noticed!

Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render.png

Then I shall divulge what I have observed.

Young lady Anzu, might be feeling lonely after seeing Trickstar’s rise in fame.

Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render.png

Eh…not delighted, but lonely? To prepare for SS, Anzu has been working hard to boost our popularity.

She’s done all that, yet she’s feeling lonely because we’ve become famous. Isn’t this something to feel happy about? For both us and her?

  1. Rei uses 珈琲談義に花を咲, but I assume the original saying is actually 話に花が咲く, which means ‘to engage in lively conversation’. But Rei replaces, 話 with珈琲談義 (coffee talks), which would probably suit their current situation where they’re drinking coffee while chatting.
Translation: kouyoky
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