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Blooming (Episode)
Episode 4
Air Date July 28, 2019
Dub Release August 25, 2019
Blu-Ray Volume 2
Chapters Rocket Start: Set Theory 7
Revolution: 58 - 62
Kingdom: 63 - 77

The fourth episode of the Ensemble Stars! Anime Adaption by David Production. The opening song is Stars' Ensemble, and the ending song is IMMORAL WORLD. The commercial break illustrations are from (The Strict Leader) Keito Hasumi and a booklet included in B's-LOG's May 2015 issue.


Trickstar is shown at their meeting under the cherry blossom trees one year ago, when they formed as a unit. Back in present time, Anzu presents the unit outfits that she made to Trickstar. At the auditorium stage, AKATSUKI performs, with Keito realizing that Rei had more up his sleeve than just performing. Next up, 2wink prances in to perform, and the Broadcasting Committee rushes behind the scenes to keep everything in order. When Trickstar arrives, 2wink personally introduces them, exciting the audience. Trickstar performs, but afterwards realizes that they don't have a set leader, deciding together that Anzu should represent them as one. The leaders of the units who performed stand on stage to await the results, and Nazuna announces that Trickstar has won, displaying the points each unit received. Later on, Mao returns to the Student Council room, settling back in to work despite Tori's animosity and scathing comments from Akiomi, the council's advisor. Meanwhile, the rest of Trickstar and Anzu head home, passing by the cherry blossom tree they met under and meeting Eichi unexpectedly. Hokuto, terrified by his appearance, explains to the others who he is.

Character Appearances in Order

Characters in italics are seen but do not speak during the episode.

CD Songs Played


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