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''A banner will be displayed on the home screen, so you'll know if the campaign is active.''</center>
==On a Character's Birthday:==
*3rd Birthday renewal starting from Makoto.
*[[#Birthday Course|Birthday Courses]]: A special Birthday course will be added to play for that day only.
**Collect Strawberries, Chocolate and Cream to make cakes.
**1 Cake = Birthday (Celebrated) - 2 audio clip.
[[Category:Game Guides]]
**8 Cakes = Protagonist (Crown) Outfit.
*The rate of getting their cards will be increased in normal diamond scout.
**A 10-scout will ''guarantee'' you at least 5 cards of that character.
*Their idol roads will use less jewels to unlock nodes.
*You will gain double affection points in their [[Intimate Events]].
*On [[Jin Sagami]] and [[Akiomi Kunugi]]'s birthdays, the idol road discount and double affection points will apply for all characters.
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==Birthday Course==
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==Birthday Skill==
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==Birthday Stage==
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{{BirthdayGallery2018}}<br />
''Past Birthdays: [[Birthdays/2016|2016]], [[Birthdays/2017|2017]]''

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