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<center>{{BirthdayBanner}}''A banner will be displayed on the home screen, so you'll know if the campaign is active.''</center>
==On a Character's Birthday:==
*4th Birthday renewal starting from Makoto.
*[[#Birthday Course|Birthday Courses]]: A special Birthday course will be added to play for that day only.
**Even if you have completed the course before, it has been reset for this cycle, so you can obtain the rewards again.
**Collect [[File:Birthday Point.png|20px]] Birthday Points to use to decorate a Flower Box, which requires 200 points.
**1 Box = "Birthday (Celebrated) - 3" Voice Clip + Birthday Story.
*The rate of getting their cards will be increased in normal diamond scout.
**A 10-scout will guarantee you at least 5 cards of that character, as well as give you Party Poppers, which increase acquisition of Birthday Points when playing the course.
*Their idol roads will use less jewels to unlock nodes.
*You will gain double Intimacy Points in their [[Intimate Events]].
*On [[Jin Sagami]] and [[Akiomi Kunugi]]'s birthdays, the idol road discount and double Intimacy Points will apply for all characters.
==On Your Birthday:==
*Date depends on the birthday that you input when asked on your main screen. It cannot be changed, so be sure to enter it carefully.
*Find rewards in your Present Box: 30 Diamonds [[File:Diamond.png|20px]], 250 Star Medals [[File:Star Medal mini.png|20px]], 250 Yumecoins [[File:Yumecoin.png|20px]], 30 of each Large Jewel, 50 of each Medium Jewel, and 100 of each Small Jewel.
*Each character will show up one by one in Intimacy Level order on your birthday page. By clicking the rainbow speech bubble, you can hear and receive their "User's Birthday Celebration" Voice Clip.
*By clicking onto the stage screen, you can see a randomized assortment of 5 students and 8 cakes with no regard to intimate level or other settings.
*Your birthday scout is a 5★ guaranteed 10 Scout that costs 135 Diamonds. If you share your birthday with a character, this scout is entirely separate than the normal diamond scouting, so there won't be any guarantee to get their cards.
*More bonuses are applied:
**Management times are cut by half.
**Idol Roads require fewer Jewels.
**Intimacy Points received are doubled.
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==Birthday Course==
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==Birthday Skill==
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''Past Birthdays: [[Birthdays/2016|2016]], [[Birthdays/2017|2017]], [[Birthdays/2018|2018]]''

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