Hinata Aoi Birthday 2017 Banner
A banner will be displayed on the home screen, so you'll know if the campaign is active.

On a Character's Birthday:

  • 3rd Birthday renewal starting from Makoto.
  • Birthday Courses: A special Birthday course will be added to play for that day only.
    • Collect Chocolate mini Chocolate, Fresh Cream mini Fresh Cream, and Strawberry mini Strawberries to make cakes of your choice.
    • 1 Cake = Birthday (Celebrated) - 2 audio clip.
    • 8 Cakes = Protagonist (Crown) Outfit.
  • The rate of getting their cards will be increased in normal diamond scout.
    • A 10-scout will guarantee you at least 5 cards of that character.
  • Their idol roads will use less jewels to unlock nodes.
  • You will gain double affection points in their Intimate Events.
  • On Jin Sagami and Akiomi Kunugi's birthdays, the idol road discount and double affection points will apply for all characters.

On Your Birthday:

  • Date depends on the birthday that you input when asked on your main screen. It cannot be changed, so be sure to enter it carefully.
  • Find rewards in your Present Box: 30 Diamonds Diamond, 250 Star Medals Star Medal mini, 250 Yumecoins Yumecoin, 30 of each Large Jewel, 50 of each Medium Jewel, and 100 of each Small Jewel.
  • Each character will show up one by one in Intimacy Rank order on your birthday page. By clicking the rainbow speech bubble, you can hear and receive their "User's Birthday Celebration" Voice Clip.
  • By clicking onto the stage screen, you can see a randomized assortment of 5 students and 8 cakes with no regard to affection level or other settings.
  • 10 Scout once using 135 Diamonds in a 5★ guaranteed scout. If you share your birthday with a character, this scout is entirely separate than the normal diamond scouting, so there won't be any guarantee to get their cards.
  • More bonuses are applied:
    • Management times are cut by half.
    • Idol Roads require fewer Jewels.
    • Intimacy Points received are doubled.

January Birthdays
Date Character Zodiac Special Messages Audio
Eichi Tenshouin Birthday 2018
Capricorn "It's truly wonderful that I can celebrate my birthday with you this year. I can't but help feel emotional that I've seen this season come once again..."

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Eichi Tenshouin Birthday(Celebrated)2

Tori Himemiya Birthday 2018
Capricorn "Fufun. I'm the main character today! That's why~ stay together with me all day ♪"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Tori Himemiya Birthday(Celebrated)2

Kuro Kiryu Birthday 2018
Aquarius "Hm? Aah, thanks. Come to think of it, today is my birthday, huh."

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Kuro Kiryu Birthday(Celebrated)2

February Birthdays
Date Character Zodiac Special Messages Audio
Natsume Sakasaki Birthday 2018
Aquarius "That's righT, it's my birthday todaY. Surely, you'll celebrate it with me, won't yoU... ♪"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Natsume Sakasaki Birthday(Celebrated)2

Wataru Hibiki Birthday 2018
Pisces ""

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Wataru Hibiki Birthday(Celebrated)2

Akiomi Kunugi Birthday 2018
Pisces ""

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Akiomi Kunugi Birthday(Celebrated)2

March Birthdays
Date Character Zodiac Special Messages Audio
Arashi Narukami Birthday 2018
Pisces ""

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Arashi Narukami Birthday(Celebrated)2

Hinata Aoi Birthday 2018
Pisces ""

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Hinata Aoi Birthday(Celebrated)2

Yuta Aoi Birthday 2018

Pisces ""

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Yuta Aoi Birthday(Celebrated)2

Mao Isara Birthday 2018
Pisces ""

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Mao Isara Birthday(Celebrated)2

Tomoya Mashiro Birthday 2018
Aries ""

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Tomoya Mashiro Birthday(Celebrated)2

April Birthdays
Date Character Zodiac Special Messages Audio
Tsukasa Suou Birthday 2018
Aries ""

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Tsukasa Suou Birthday(Celebrated)2

Souma Kanzaki Birthday 2018
Taurus "That's right, today is my birthday! You came to see me, didn't you? I am grateful ♪"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Souma Kanzaki Birthday(Celebrated)2

Nazuna Nito Birthday 2018
Taurus ""

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Nazuna Nito Birthday(Celebrated)2

Makoto Yuuki Birthday 2018
Taurus "I'm happy you came~♪ I was hoping you'd remember my birthday..♪"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Makoto Yuuki Birthday(Celebrated)2

May Birthdays
Date Character Zodiac Special Messages Audio
Leo Tsukinaga Birthday 2018
Taurus "Thankies~ ♪ I'm gonna celebrate the day I was born by writing a song... ☆"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Leo Tsukinaga Birthday(Celebrated)2
Madara Mikejima Birthday 2018
Taurus "I'm extremely pleased! ☆ I want you to smile for Mama's birthday! That'd be the greatest present for me~♪"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
File:Madara Mikejima Birthday(Celebrated)2.ogg
June Birthdays
Date Character Zodiac Special Messages Audio
Shinobu Sengoku Birthday 2018
Gemini "What’s this?! Is this to celebrate my birthday? I am truly grateful to have my birthday celebrated like this~ ♪"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Shinobu Sengoku Birthday(Celebrated)2

Tetora Nagumo Birthday 2018
Gemini "Ossu! Thank you for celebrating my birthday! I think I’ve gotten little closer to being a man among men!"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Tetora Nagumo Birthday(Celebrated)2

Subaru Akehoshi Birthday 2018
Cancer "Yahoo~! ☆ Let's celebrate together~! It's my birthday today, so give me attention~♪"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Subaru Akehoshi Birthday(Celebrated)2

July Birthdays
Date Character Zodiac Special Messages Audio
Sora Harukawa Birthday 2018
Cancer "Birthdays are so nice! There's so many happy colors to see~♪ Sora loves birthdays!"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Sora Harukawa Birthday(Celebrated)2

Hajime Shino Birthday 2018
Cancer "Ehehe, thank you very much for this celebration. I'm happy simply because you came to see me..♪"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Hajime Shino Birthday(Celebrated)2

Koga Oogami Birthday 2018
Cancer "So, you remembered my birthday. Guess I'll take your presents after all. ♪"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Koga Oogami Birthday(Celebrated)2

Hiyori Tomoe Birthday 2018
Leo "Yes yes! Thank you! How wonderful it is—isn't it?—to be celebrated! Today must be wonderful weather indeed!"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Hiyori Tomoe Birthday(Celebrated)2

August Birthdays
Date Character Zodiac Special Messages Audio
Tsumugi Aoba Birthday 2018
Leo "I-I'm surprised... I never thought I'd be celebrating my birthday."

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Tsumugi Aoba Birthday(Celebrated)2

Jun Sazanami Birthday 2018
Leo ""

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Jun Sazanami Birthday(Celebrated)2

Adonis Otogari Birthday 2018
Virgo "I'm so glad to have my birthday celebrated. Everyone has been celebrating it to make me happy. Of course, your feelings also reach me."

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Adonis Otogari Birthday(Celebrated)2

Midori Takamine Birthday 2018
Virgo "Ah, yes... Thank you very much...... Having my birthday celebrated makes me kinda happy...♪"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Midori Takamine Birthday(Celebrated)2

Kanata Shinkai Birthday 2018
Virgo "You will celebrate my birthday? Then let's sing and dance together~♪"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Kanata Shinkai Birthday(Celebrated)2

September Birthdays
Date Character Zodiac Special Messages Audio
Keito Hasumi Birthday 2018
Virgo "There's no need to offer any congratulatory words. Still, I'm feeling good today..♪"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Keito Hasumi Birthday(Celebrated)2

Mitsuru Tenma Birthday 2018
Virgo "Fufun, today I got a little bigger! I've gotten closer to being an adult~♪"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Mitsuru Tenma Birthday(Celebrated)2

Chiaki Morisawa Birthday 2018
Virgo "Thank you! I, Chiaki Morisawa, am celebrating the day of my birth with my comrades! I've never felt so happy..☆"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Chiaki Morisawa Birthday(Celebrated)2

Ritsu Sakuma Birthday 2018
Virgo "Mm, thanks. Today's my birthday, so I'm gonna sleep the whole day away..♪"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Ritsu Sakuma Birthday(Celebrated)2

October Birthdays
Date Character Zodiac Special Messages Audio
Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday 2018
Libra "Ah, I'm grateful for the birthday celebrations. Fufu, this is a little embarrassing though..♪"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday(Celebrated)2

Nagisa Ran Birthday 2018
Scorpio "... You don't need to concern yourself with others so much, but thanks. It kinda makes me happy. You're a kind girl."

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Nagisa Ran Birthday(Celebrated)2

Shu Itsuki Birthday 2018
Scorpio "I did not ask you to celebrate my birthday. ... Well, if you so insist, then there's no helping it."

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Shu Itsuki Birthday(Celebrated)2

November Birthdays
Date Character Zodiac Special Messages Audio
Izumi Sena Birthday 2018
Scorpio "Wo~w. Hey, do you remember who's birthday it is? Because it's out of the question for you to forget, of course..♪"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Izumi Sena Birthday(Celebrated)2

Rei Sakuma Birthday 2018
Scorpio "Haha. Did you come to celebrate my birthday? Good girl, allow me to give you a reward..♪"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Rei Sakuma Birthday(Celebrated)2

Kaoru Hakaze Birthday 2018
Scorpio "Hey, come a little closer. Since it's my birthday, I'd like to spend it with you at my side."

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Kaoru Hakaze Birthday(Celebrated)2

Ibara Saegusa Birthday 2018
Scorpio "I am extremely delighted to receive such congratulatory words from you! Ahh, it feels as if I'm dreaming!"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Ibara Saegusa Birthday(Celebrated)2

December Birthdays
Date Character Zodiac Special Messages Audio
Jin Sagami Birthday 2018
Sagittarius ""

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Jin Sagami Birthday(Celebrated)2

Hokuto Hidaka Birthday 2018
Sagittarius "Thanks... It's kinda embarrassing, but I'm glad you're celebrating with me, I think..."

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Hokuto Hidaka Birthday(Celebrated)2

Mika Kagehira Birthday 2018
Capricorn "Eh, my birthday's bein' celebrated? Somethin' like that's sorta embarrassing, huh..♪"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Mika Kagehira Birthday(Celebrated)2

Birthday Course

Makoto Yuuki Birthday Course Leo Tsukinaga Birthday Course Madara Mikejima Birthday Course Shinobu Sengoku Birthday Course
Tetora Nagumo Birthday Course Subaru Akehoshi Birthday Course Sora Harukawa Birthday Course Hajime Shino Birthday Course
Koga Oogami Birthday Course Tsumugi Aoba Birthday Course Adonis Otogari Birthday Course Midori Takamine Birthday Course
Kanata Shinkai Birthday Course Keito Hasumi Birthday Course Mitsuru Tenma Birthday Course Chiaki Morisawa Birthday Course
Ritsu Sakuma Birthday Course Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday Course Shu Itsuki Birthday Course Izumi Sena Birthday Course
Rei Sakuma Birthday Course Kaoru Hakaze Birthday Course Hokuto Hidaka Birthday Course Mika Kagehira Birthday Course
Eichi Tenshouin Birthday Course Tori Himemiya Birthday Course Kuro Kiryu Birthday Course Natsume Sakasaki Birthday Course
Wataru Hibiki Birthday Course Arashi Narukami Birthday Course Hinata Aoi Birthday Course Yuta Aoi Birthday Course
Mao Isara Birthday Course Tomoya Mashiro Birthday Course Tsukasa Suou Birthday Course Souma Kanzaki Birthday Course
Nazuna Nito Birthday Course

Birthday Skill

Makoto Yuuki Birthday Skill 2
Today is Makoto's Birthday.
Vocal 10% Up

Though timid, with an effort more than others,
"I'll do my best today too, alright? ♪"

Leo Tsukinaga Birthday Skill 2
Today is Leo's Birthday.
Dance 10% Up

With a free way of expressiveness and behavior,
"I'll do my best today, too!"

Madara Mikejima Birthday Skill 2
Today is Madara's Birthday.
Performance 10% Up

Seeking bright smiles and festivals,
"I'll do my best today, too! ☆"

Shinobu Sengoku Birthday Skill 2
Today is Shinobu's Birthday.
Performance 10% Up

Dreaming that someday, he'll become a true ninja,
"I shall do my best today, as well!"

Tetora Nagumo Birthday Skill 2
Today is Tetora's Birthday.
Dance 10% Up

Chasing behind the senior he admires,
"Today, I'm gonna cheerfully do my best, too!"

Subaru Akehoshi Birthday Skill 2
Today is Subaru's Birthday.
Dance 10% Up

Facing forward with a sparkling smile,
"I'll do my best today, too!"

Sora Harukawa Birthday Skill 2
Today is Sora's Birthday.
Performance 10% Up

Searching for happy sounds and colors,
"HaHa~ I'll do my best today too!"

Hajime Shino Birthday Skill 2
Today is Hajime's Birthday.
Vocal 10% Up

With a tender heart filled with kindness,
"I'll do my best today, as well ♪"

Koga Oogami Birthday Skill 2
Today is Koga's Birthday.
Vocal 10% Up

With uncompromising earnestness to go his own path,
"I'm gonna do my best today, too!"

Tsumugi Aoba Birthday Skill 2
Today is Tsumugi's Birthday.
Vocal 10% Up

Surrounded by free juniors,
"I'll do my best today too. ♪"

Adonis Otogari Birthday Skill 2
Today is Adonis's Birthday.
Vocal 10% Up

With honest kindness of thoughts toward his comrades,
"Today, too, I will do my best."

Midori Takamine Birthday Skill 2
Today is Midori's Birthday.
Performance 10% Up

Surrounded by loud intense people all around,
"Today at the least... I'll do my best..."

Kanata Shinkai Birthday Skill 2
Today is Kanata's Birthday.
Dance 10% Up

With love for the sea, with a heart as wide as the sea,
"Today I'll also do my best...♪"

Keito Hasumi Birthday Skill 2
Today is Keito's Birthday.
Vocal 10% Up

For peace & order, for the sake of his childhood friend
"I will do my best today as well"

Mitsuru Tenma Birthday Skill 2
Today is Mitsuru's Birthday.
Dance 10% Up

He says, innocently, with a dazzling smile
"I'll do my best today too, yanno!"

Chiaki Morisawa Birthday Skill 2
Today is Chiaki's Birthday.
Performance 10% Up

More intensely and cheerily than anyone,
"I'll do my best today too!"

Ritsu Sakuma Birthday Skill 2
Today is Ritsu's Birthday.
Performance 10% Up

With his own pace of dozing off
"Today, too, I'll kinda do my best..."

Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday Skill 2
Today is Yuzuru's Birthday.
Performance 10% Up

Doing everything for the sake of his beloved master,
"I shall do my best today as well"

Shu Itsuki Birthday Skill 2
Today is Shu's Birthday.
Performance 10% Up

For the sake of his ideals and the noble fine arts
"Hm. Today I WILL do my best as well."

Izumi Sena Birthday Skill 2
Today is Izumi's Birthday.
Dance 10% Up

Severely, whether to himself or to others,
"Today, too, I'll do my best for my own sake."

Rei Sakuma Birthday Skill 2
Today is Rei's Birthday.
Performance 10% Up

With the dark of night that loves his brother and comrades,
"I shall do my best today as well ♪"

Kaoru Hakaze Birthday Skill 2
Today is Kaoru's Birthday.
Vocal 10% Up

Loving freedom and girls,
"I guess I'll do my best that, too, huh?"

Hokuto Hidaka Birthday Skill 2
Today is Hokuto's Birthday.
Vocal 10% Up

Stubborn and impulsive but calm and collected
"Let's also do our best today."

Mika Kagehira Birthday Skill 2
Today is Mika's Birthday.
Vocal 10% Up

For the sake of his precious friends,
"I'm gonna do my best today too~!"

Eichi Tenshouin Birthday Skill 2
Today is Eichi's Birthday.
Performance 10% Up

With artlessness and cunning, as the top of the academy,
"Today too I'll do my best"

Tori Himemiya Birthday Skill 2
Today is Tori's Birthday.
Vocal 10% Up

More cutely selfish than anyone,
"I'll do my best today for my own sake too ♪"

Kuro Kiryu Birthday Skill 2
Today is Kuro's Birthday.
Performance 10% Up

With a sense of honor and common courtesy, valuing sewing,
"I'll do my best today too."

Natsume Sakasaki Birthday Skill 2
Today is Natsume's Birthday.
Dance 10% Up

Enjoyably, while ridiculing others
"I'll do my best today, as WELL ♪"

Wataru Hibiki Birthday Skill 2
Today is Wataru's Birthday.
Vocal 10% Up

While spreading love and surprises,
"Today, as well, let us do our best Amazingly...☆"

Arashi Narukami Birthday Skill 2
Today is Arashi's Birthday.
Vocal 10% Up

While willfully pursuing beauty,
"I'll do my best today, too ♪"

Hinata Aoi Birthday Skill 2
Today is Hinata's Birthday.
Dance 10% Up

As an Oniichan with thoughts of his younger brother,
"After all, I'll do my best today, too, okay?!"

Yuta Aoi Birthday Skill 2
Today is Yuta's Birthday.
Performance 10% Up

Despite being teased by his older brother,
"I'll do my best today too!"

Mao Isara Birthday Skill 2
Today is Mao's Birthday.
Vocal 10% Up

While freely being used by those around him,
"I'll do my best today, too!"

Tomoya Mashiro Birthday Skill 2
Today is Tomoya's Birthday.
Dance 10% Up

With an ordinary mind possessed of common sense,
"I'll do my best today too!"

Tsukasa Suou Birthday Skill 2
Today is Tsukasa's Birthday.
Dance 10% Up

Aiming for the image of an ideal knight,
"I will do my best today, as well!"

Souma Kanzaki Birthday Skill 2
Today is Souma's Birthday.
Dance 10% Up

With the heart of a warrior, straightforward and thinking of his seniors,
"I shall do my best today as well!"

Nazuna Nito Birthday Skill 2
Today is Nazuna's Birthday.
Performance 10% Up

Powerfully, with his small build,
"I'll do my best too ♪"

Birthday Stage

At 0 Cakes At 8 Cakes Motion
Makoto Yuuki
Makoto Yuuki Birthday 2018 Stage Makoto Yuuki Birthday 2018 1k Stage Makoto Yuuki Birthday 2018 Motion
Celebration messages from other students

Hokuto: ""

Izumi: "Yuu-kuuun ♪ Happy birthday!
Fufufu, since today is the precious day that Yuu-kun was given life in this world, it's unthinkable to not have a huge celebration... ♪
Since morning, wondering how long it would take to give it to you, I was asking around for you the whooole time.
Since, Yuu-kun, you run away whenever you see me, you know.
I had given it to the transfer student so she could give it to you, but I want to give one to you myself after all...
That's why, here's another present! Please accept it! Yuu-kun... ♪"

Koga: ""

Mao: "Hey, Makoto. Happy birthday~ ♪
Are you having fun at your birthday party~? I'm glad we were able to get the venue and cake and everything set up in time.
Subaru and the others prepared things to stir up excitement, so I also enthusiastically prepared this and that.
I was relieved to see your happy expression... ♪
The surprise was also a success; it looked pretty suspicious around here, but Hokuto saved me by deceiving you.
Since in this venue, you are the protagonist, if there's anything you want, tell me, will you?"

Nazuna: "Mako-chin, happy birthday~ ♪
As both the president of the Tennis Club and the chairman of the Broadcasting Committee, I want to really celebrate with you!
Fufun, you don't have to get embarrassed~
You're a member of my excellent Broadcasting Committee, and my cute kouhai. ♪
Come on, properly put on your birthday hat. Be more proud like a protagonist, okay~?
I also prepared a celebratory song for Mako-chin's sake, so look forward to it."

Shinobu: ""

Subaru: "Ukki~, happy birthday!
I'm happy we can finally celebrate all we like~! I've been trying super hard to be patient since morning.
Fufun, I also know from seeing your surprised face that our surprise was a success, so that's a relief. ♪
Come on, we're not finished celebrating yet! The birthday party's just started~ ☆
Is there anything you want? Or do you wanna see my hidden talent? It's your birthday, so it's up to you to decide!
Fu fu fu, if it's now, I'm also willing to teach you the trick that's my trump card... ☆"

Tori: "Yep, congrats, Glasses~
Even someone great like me came to your celebration, so you better be happy!
Even though you're fine's enemy, you're a senpai to me in club activities, so I can't ignore you- Yuzuru was super annoying about that.
Come on, take my present already. You're "Glasses," so it has to be "glasses," right?
It's not like I know what commoners like to do, so I asked the transfer student about preparing some birthday-like glasses.
You look like an idiot with those candles and stuff on them, isn't it funny? Fufun, isn't it great how it's so commoner-like?"

Leo Tsukinaga
Leo Tsukinaga Birthday 2018 Stage Leo Tsukinaga Birthday 2018 1k Stage Leo Tsukinaga Birthday 2018 Motion
Celebration messages from other students

Arashi: ""

Eichi: "So today's your birthday, Tsukinaga-kun. I'd like if you could let me congratulate you as well.

You went around to everyone to bug and bother them about your birthday, but why is it that not once you offered a visit to me? What a sad tale. We used to be so close, and yet... But, perhaps, it was only me who thought that— that we were close.

Mm, I'm afraid to hear the answer, so maybe it's better that you don't reply.

I hope from my heart that you'll again color my humdrum days at this Yumenosaki Academy.

Fufu. I guess you could say that I'm once again that person who rambles on and on, so I'll stop myself here. Allow me the chance to say this: Happy birthday, Tsukinaga-kun ♪"

Izumi: "Yeah, yeah. Happy birthday, Idiot-dono-sama.

Anyway, were you nagging people left and right to celebrate just because it's your birthday? Do you even know how many days before the actual thing you started going around hyping it up?

Also, don't just go looking soooo full of yourself just because you happened to be born a few months earlier than me, got it? We're supposed to be in the same year, so if you can just strut around all like an onii-chan, I'd get seriously pissed off.

... Well. I guess if you said you'd have fun doing something that stupid, I wouldn't not keep you company, or whatever. It wouldn't be half bad if you could celebrate every year like this one.

I'll say it again. Happy birthday... Leo-kun ♪"

Keito: ""

Kuro: ""


Oh yeah! Right this second Leo-san's just a biiiiiit older than me, huh! I'm gonna catch up riiiiight quick, but it's still a pretty weird feeling!!

Hahahaha ♪ How about it, Leo-san? Why don't we celebrate you growing up by taking another trip somewhere, huh!? I'm not just gonna leave you behind somewhere or something again either! Let's go to a country Leo-san wants to go to this time! I'm gonna look forward to it!! ♪

Aaaaaaaaand so! From hereon out! Let's make lots and lots of memories with Mama, Leo-san... ☆"

Ritsu: ""

Tsukasa: ""

Eichi, Izumi, Madara Translation Credit

Madara Mikejima
Madara Mikejima Birthday 2018 Stage Madara Mikejima Birthday 2018 1k Stage Madara Mikejima Birthday 2018 Motion
Celebration messages from other students

Adonis: ""

Arashi: ""

Chiaki: ""

Leo: ""

Mitsuru: ""

Rei: ""

Shinobu: ""

Souma: ""

Shinobu Sengoku
Shinobu Sengoku Birthday 2018 Stage Shinobu Sengoku Birthday 2018 1k Stage Shinobu Sengoku Birthday 2018 Motion
Celebration messages from other students

Chiaki: "Sengokuuuuuuu!! Happy birthdaaaaaaaay!!

Hahaha!! ☆ Too loud? My bad, my bad! Forgive me!

This is the happiest day of the year for you. I had to show my feelings somehow.

Hm? You understand how I feel pretty well by now, so I should relax?

I see, I see! Thank you, Sengoku! Happy birthday, Sengoku!

I'll keep saying it some more! Happy birthday, Sengoku! No, it's still not enough! Let me hug you as well…☆"

Kanata: "Shinobu~ Happy birthday…♪

I missed my chance to give you your present, so could you take it now?

It is a DVD about octopuses. Yes, it is an exceptional item that allows you to watch octopuses all day~♪

Octopuses are said to be the ninjas of the sea, you see. I am sure this DVD will come in handy to you.

Ehehe, we had fun being ninjas together today, didn't we? ♪

Let's do it again some other time. Yes, I promise you~♪"

Midori: "Hey, Sengoku-kun… Um… Could you please stop crying…?

Ah, yeah… I know you're not crying because you're sad…

But I'm not sure what to do when I see someone crying, so like…… Uuu, now I feel like crying…

Ah no, um, you don't have to force yourself to smile, either… Ahh, this is tough…

Ahh, that's right, I didn't properly say it to you yet…

Happy birthday, Sengoku-kun. Keep being the same you…♪"

Tetora: "Sengoku-kun! I'm really sorry for freaking you out earlier!

I mean, I knew you'd be surprised by us kidnapping you all of a sudden… But Midori-kun and I were trying our hardest to make sure you don't find out about the surprise, so…

If we spoke a single word, we may have ended up leaking out a secret, so we kept our mouths shut the whole time. Though that was way harder to accomplish than we thought…

You kept begging for help and apologizing over and over… We felt really bad for doing that to you…

I know this is dumb to say after everything we did to you today, but please trust us a little bit more. You're our comrade, after all.

Yep, our comrade! ♪ I'm so glad we got to celebrate your birthday! So once again, happy birthday, Sengoku-kun!"

Nazuna: "Happy birthday, Shinobun. I'm glad I got to celebrate your birthday~♪

You're aaalways talking about how shy you are, so I was really worried for you…

But I was relieved to see this many people rushing to say happy birthday to you… I even talked about it with Mako-chin.

Of course, if you've ever got a problem, you can always rely on your seniors in the Broadcast Committee, 'kay~?

I hope we get to make some great memories in the committee. Like celebrating each other's birthdays, or going out together somewhere~♪

Ahaha, if you're happy, then so am I. Happy birthday! ☆"

Souma: "Sengoku. … Sengoku, are you here?

Haha, there you were. You truly are a ninja—You are getting a lot better at hiding your presence.

Hm? You like what I said just now? It sounded like you're serving a lord?

You must be very excited after having fun being a ninja with everyone in the "par-tii," correct?

Good, very good. It is your birthday, after all. Be it ninja or lord, I will become anything for you today.

Happy birthday, Sengoku! Ahh, what bliss! Wonderful, simply wonderful…♪"

Mao: "Sengoku, happy birthday~♪

The party was fun. I'm really thankful of everyone for letting me join.

Hmm? You wanted me to celebrate your birthday, so you're really happy I came?

Huh, that's great then. You're always helping me out, so if there's anything else I could do for you, just tell me.

… You want me to pat your head? You sure? You seemed the type who didn't like that…

But well, if that's what you want. There, there… Let's keep getting along together~♪"

Yuta: "Shinobu-kun! Happy birthday, nin nin…♪

Ahaha, woops, I copied you. I just wanted to try saying it once.

I mean, you always look so happy when you're talking about ninjas.

Talk to me about all kinds of things, okay? I wanna know more about what my friends like, and it's good to know for presents.

Hm? Yeah, I did say "friend" right now.

Of course it's about you! You're a precious friend to me, so let's keep getting along with each other~♪"

Tetora Nagumo
Tetora Nagumo Birthday 2018 Stage Tetora Nagumo Birthday 2018 1k Stage 140x110px
Celebration messages from other students

Chiaki: "Uu... Uuu... You've grown so much, Nagumo! I'm so emotional...!

Ah, um, I know you're still growing. But I got hit with emotion when I imagined how much more you're going to grow!

I see it before my eyes! Your figure from the future...! You're shining bright and looking reliable along with Sengoku and Takamine...☆

Oh! Don't turn away with a stunned look!

Hahaha! ♪ I won't let you get away~

Happy birthday, Nagumo! Let me hug you lots as celebration! Squeeze squeeze~☆"

Hajime: "Happy birthday, Tetora-kun. I'm so, so happy I got to celebrate a friend's birthday like this~ ♪ Wawa, please don't bow your head down~! I-I want to thank you for everything, too! ...Hehe~ ♪ That's right, both you and I speak politely, don't we? I feel more relaxed speaking politely, but what about you, Tetora-kun? Hehe, I thought so. I think you're fine just like that... ♪ Talking like this doesn't mean we're trying to be distant, after all. Let's keep getting along, please~ ♪"

Hinata: "Hyahoo~! ☆ Happy birthday, Tetsu-kun! Ahaha, whoops, I jumped on you hard! Hmm? I'm too excited? Of course I am, it's your birthday! Tetsu-kun's mooom~ Thanks for giving birth to Tetsu-kun~☆ Let's hype things up even more! How about a match between us two? If we have one with a game you might end up losing hardcore and being sad on your birthday, so we could have one with our fists for today! Heh heh heh... You gotta beat me first if you wanna be a man among men... Kidding~ ♪"

Kanata: "Happy birthday, Tetora. Good boy, good boy... ♪ Oh? Do you not like people patting your head? Ah, so you do not like being treated like a child. You have become an adult now, even though you are still just a child, hehehe... ♪ I am not making fun of you~ I think it is fitting for you. Ehehe, you did not like me treating you like a child when you have grown a year older, yes? Then let's shake hands instead. Let's keep getting along, okay~? ♪"

Kuro: "Yo, Tetsu. I see you're having a great time. Lil' Lady told me that they'll hold a birthday party for you, and I was gonna come over to it like everyone else, but then Morisawa told me to wait until he gives me a signal, so... I guess they made me join the party in a really flashy way, but... was it really alright for someone like me to be the surprise guest? Ohh? So you were okay with it, huh... Alright, I won't say anything else if you're that sure about it. Haha, as long as you're happy, Tetsu. Happy birthday... ♪"

Midori: "Happy birthday, Nagumo-kun. Did you like the Kalbidon pillow I gave you...? It's like this Kalbi Beef Bowl mascot was made just for you... I'm glad I found it, because it made it easy to choose a present for you... Hm? It's nice for hugging? Mhm, isn't it, isn't it? And the soft-like feel to its face, and how you can't tell which part of it is Kalbi Bowl-like is amazing...☆ Hehehe, I'd be so happy if this pillow gets you more into mascot characters... ♪"

Shinobu: "Tetora-kuuun! Happy birthday~ ♪ You celebrated my birthday the other day, remember? I have been so excited for this day ever since! I was so, so happy when everyone celebrated my birthday... So I wanted to, um... celebrate m-my precious comrade's birthday too... I was worried getting too into it would not work out well, but... Did it make you happy? Ehehe, that is great. Let's keep getting along, Tetora-kun... ♪"

Tomoya: "Tetora, happy birthday~ ♪ It's pretty festive here with your seniors around. I'm really glad I got to come to a party this lively. I should've given it to you earlier, since I bet you have a ton of them by now, but... Um, Hajime and I also got you a present. Could you take it? Yep, it's a bento box. You looked like the type with a big appetite, so we thought you may need a bigger one. Tell the senior who makes bentos for you to make your portions bigger, too~♪"

Translation Credit

Subaru Akehoshi
Subaru Akehoshi Birthday 2018 Stage Subaru Akehoshi Birthday 2018 1k Stage Subaru Akehoshi Birthday 2018 Motion
Celebration messages from other students

Chiaki: "Akehoshi~! Akehoshi, Akehoshi, Akehoshi...☆ Fuhahaha! I had to get out this overflowing need to celebrate somehow, so I went with calling for you over and over again! "Gross"? Heheh, I've heard that way too many times now! It has no effect on me! You're running out of things to say, Akehoshi! Come at me with a much wider range of words! Lets throw words at each other! Let's talk more! And then, we can get to know each other some more! With that said, I have only one thing to say to you right now! Happy birthday, Akehoshi...☆"

Hajime: "Akehoshi-senpai, happy birthday~ ♪ Ah— That's my present for you! You're already using it? I'm so happy you like it, I made it while thinking of you~ ♪ Ermm, um... Akehoshi-senpai, is it okay if I keep looking up to you...? Thank you~! I'm going to work hard to be much closer to you! Ehehe, I will alwaaays love you, like I always have, Akehoshi-senpai... ♪"

Hokuto: "Akehoshi, happy birthday. You demanded rewards from a bunch of people today, but it just looked to me like you were leeching off of them. We're idols. How about you start paying more attention how you should act from now on? ...I suppose that's what I should say, but. Maybe it's better if you stay the same way you've always been. You looked happy with just getting coins, but I feel like that's too cheap... I mean, there's nothing to it. So I prepared you another present. Go ahead and take it."

Koga: "Oi, Akehoshi. Don't get too hyper just cuz it's your birthday, take proper care of Daikichi. He just ran around everywhere cuz he was left alone, y'know? I stopped him in time, but he was seriously this close to jumpin' into the cake. Guess Daikichi's hyper just like his owner, eh? Hehe, there's really no helping you~ ♪ Huuuh? You're just fine on your own, Akehoshi. Don't give me that "be nice to me too!" crap! Well, I guess I could say this to you at least, so you better be thankful! Happy birthday!"

Makoto: "Why, hello~! Look who came forth~? Uh-- Akehoshi-kun? Why aren't you saying anything? This is the moment to say "Tadaaaaah!☆" you know!? Jeez, don't joke around like that~! I really thought you forgot to do a followup... You know how we're called the "idiot duo"? That name makes me really, really happy. Makes me feel like we're super close... ♪ You're the only one who can be my partner in this duo, so let's keep working together, okay? Um, this ended up being last, but... Happy birthday, Akehoshi-kun!"

Mao: "Subaru! Happy birthday! Man, that was hilarious! You were so happy when you held Hokuto's hand like, "Is this your hand, Anzu?" Pffft, I won't be able to stop laughing about this~ ♪ I feel like I laugh a lot when I'm with you guys. That's a good thing, right? Yep, yep. It was Makoto's birthday party before, now it's yours, so next up is Hokuto's. I hope this becomes a tradition for us to do every year~ ♪ Whoops, I just rambled on. For real, happy birthday! Lets keep getting along, Subaru!"

Midori: "Umm... Happy birthday, Akehoshi-senpai... There wasn't any unit or club activities today, so I was thinking of going home and lazing around, but then Morisawa-senpai was like, "Come with me!" and dragged me here by force... Honestly, I have no idea what I'm doing here... I bet you're also thinking the same thing, right...? No, I'm sure you are... Ughh... Wawa--! Why are you hugging me? You weren't...? I-I get it, so please stop hugging me... I thought you were on my side, since you also suffer from Morisawa-senpai's treatment... but sometimes you act the same way he does, so I really just can't let my guard down..."

Natsume: "Baru-kun, Happy Birthday... ♪ What's with that surprised Look? Didn't you call for a Magician? What a shame, and I even came all the way here because I promised Little Kitten I would. Ahh, right. Sorry, I only just heard about this, so I couldn't get a present for you in Time. Woah! Why are you hugging Me? Could you not? It's suffocating... Yeah, I got that you're happy, so... Is it really that surprising that I'm here? Fufufu, though I would've been more surprised if you said "Just as I expected"... ♪"

Translation Credit

Sora Harukawa
Sora Harukawa Birthday 2018 Stage Sora Harukawa Birthday 2018 1k Stage Sora Harukawa Birthday 2018 Motion
Celebration messages from other students

Hinata: ""

Makoto: ""

Mitsuru: ""

Natsume: ""

Shinobu: ""

Tsukasa: ""

Tsumugi: ""

Yuta: ""

Hajime Shino
Hajime Shino Birthday 2018 Stage Hajime Shino Birthday 2018 1k Stage Hajime Shino Birthday 2018 Motion
Celebration messages from other students

Eichi: ""

Mitsuru: ""

Nazuna: ""

Ritsu: ""

Subaru: ""

Tetora: ""

Tomoya: ""

Yuta: ""

Koga Oogami
Koga Oogami Birthday 2018 Stage Koga Oogami Birthday 2018 1k Stage Koga Oogami Birthday 2018 Motion
Celebration messages from other students

Adonis: ""

Hinata: ""

Kaoru: ""

Keito: ""

Rei: ""

Ritsu: ""

Subaru: ""

Yuta: ""

Tsumugi Aoba
Tsumugi Aoba Birthday 2018 Stage Tsumugi Aoba Birthday 2018 1k Stage Tsumugi Aoba Birthday 2018 Motion
Celebration messages from other students

Hajime: "Happy birthday, Aoba-senpai... ♪

I wanted to thank you for always taking the time to recommend me books, and for always telling me such fun stories. I feel so welcome at the library with you there. Umm, I tried to put my feelings of thanks into this sachet I made, but... Would you be willing to accept this as a birthday present?

I often see you saying misfortune this, misfortune that, so I tried to infuse the sachet with the aroma of oranges, which are bright and cheerful.

Ehehe. I'll be in your care from hereon too, Aoba-senpai. I'd like to come spend time with you in the library again~ ♪"

Keito: "Aoba, happy birthday.

Oi, I'd prefer if you didn't look so shocked. Is me coming to congratulate you really so surprising? I am, in a way, in your debt for a number of things, and I am also a former member of the library committee, after all.

Aah, that's true as well; we both wear glasses. But when I see how you handle your glasses, your "incorrigible" score only spikes up. No sooner are you needlessly shocked that you're suddenly grinning like an idiot...

"It's fun being able to talk as though we're friends"? I don't exactly understand such incorrigible things myself, honestly... But, I guess it's fine.

As today's protagonist, it's well enough that you get to enjoy yourself like this."

Mika: ""

Natsume: "Jeez... It's your birthday, Senpai, yet you still say things like "I didn't think anyone would celebrate it"... How about you just accept this as it is and be happy about It?I mean, Little Kitten went all the way to plan this for you, and then prepare it with Everyone.

I'm telling you this now — I helped her out for her sake. It has nothing to do with whose birthday it was For.

Ahh, right. This here is a present from Sora and I... From Sora and I, you Hear? Though for some reason, he wanted me to pass it to You...

Don't͘ s̷tarţ laug͘hing,҉ ̷S̕h͠aggy̷ ͘Foùr͞-͏éye̡s͜.̢

I was going to refrain from doing anything since this is a place to celebrate, but I ended up hitting you harder than Usual. Oh well...

Happy birthday, Senpai."

Rei: "Aoba-kun, happy birthday.

With the superstar now arrived, let us rejoice, let us dance— both a dance of joy, and a dance of celebration ♪

Hm? "Who called for you?"... That doesn't particularly matter much, does it?

"Because you're a vampire, shouldn't you not be able to come if you haven't been invited in first?" Really; that's quite an obscure trope you've chosen to reference...

—Well, well! If it isn't Itsuki-kun just over there. How wonderfully auspicious to meet him here, at this time, in this place~♪ Though it may only be my imagination, it seems as though he's readying to leave. I suppose now is the time it may be best to take him up for some friendly conversation, one as fellow oddballs?

Kukuku. Everyone here has gathered for the express purpose of celebrating Aoba-kun's birthday. This much alone is true.

And thus, without thinking of the unnecessary, simply enjoy this banquet in your honor... ♪"

Ritsu: "Aoba-oniichan, happy birthday... ♪

Fufufu. I heard from Anzu it's your birthday, so isn't it natural that I'd come running to celebrate too~?

Hm? No, not at all. I'm here for you, and this has nothing to do with Anija, or getting back at him, or anything like that?

Oh. So That[Rei]'s already here... Guess I should just go home, since my mood's gone down the drain~?

Ki~dding. That part was just a joke.

Mm, well, at the time, it's true I did use the gentle-hearted Aoba-oniichan as a means to my own end.

Though you might not really be my "oniichan," the fact that you're "gentle-hearted" is real.

So it's true that I came because wanted to celebrate; both for your birthday, and as thanks for back then ♪"

Shu: "Aoba. Kagehira's here, isn't he? Just when I'd begun to wonder if he had set himself to working on the outfits we need done, I realized he'd gone off and wandered somewhere else entirely and hadn't returned.

Aah, there he is. Babbling with others wearing no less than that foolish expression, letting his voice so boisterously clamor about...

Mm? You mean to say that if I have not enough hands to finish the outfits we need done now, you have a mind to help? Have you not a single cell in your brain? Are you not at this very moment at the height of your birthday celebration, wherein every person here has gathered to celebrate you?

Hm? A-ah... I only knew it was your birthday because I overheard it, by chance, from the young lady; nothing else. Don't look so overjoyed; it irritates me...

Well, I'd come to find Kagehira, but, now that I happen to be here, so long as it's only a slight amount... there's no harm in participating in the celebrations, I suppose. "

Sora: "HaHa~ ♪ Senpai, Happy birthday~ ♪ Birthdays are something truly Happy! Sora hopes you're also feeling happy with the power of birthdays~ ♪

Sora won't let you go ahead and say stuff like "Youngsters sure are nice", okay! After all, you're also still young, HiHi~ ♪

Sora's always being taken care of both you and Shisho~, but Sora will also work hard so that he can do something for you two!

Sora will once again do his very best to make you enjoy yourself and be happy, okay~? HaHiHuHeHo~... ♪"

Natsume + Sora Translation Credit
Hajime, Keito, Rei, Ritsu, Shu Translation Credit

Adonis Otogari
Adonis Otogari Birthday 2018 Stage Adonis Otogari Birthday 2018 1k Stage Adonis Otogari Birthday 2018 Motion
Celebration messages from other students

Rei: "Adonis-kun, happy birthday~♪ Are you enjoying your party?

Kukuku. That sash is looking wonderful on you. You should be in front as the protagonist every once in a while.

While I do think it suits you to be the one supporting us all from behind, doing everything you can for us, and being kind-hearted…

I would not at all mind you coming to the front, with every force in you to overcome Kaoru-kun and I.

Although, I am not actually that worried. That will surely happen one day.

You are one of my cute, adorable beloved children, Adonis-kun. I will be celebrating and enjoying today to my heart’s content…♪"

Kaoru: "Hold it, Adonis-chan! That thing you did with Anzu-chan--

Oh no--!! I accidentally mixed “Adonis-kun” and “Anzu-chan” together! This is so embarrassing!

Hm? You’re happy I called you by your name?

That’s what you point out… Well, it’s just like you, so I guess it’s fine…?

Anyway, forget what I said earlier, ‘kay? It’s gross to call a guy by “-chan”, and Sakuma-san would make a big joke out of it if he found out.

Ahh~ Man… Everything happened so fast; I don’t even remember what I wanted to say to you.

Oh well. Let me just say this at least: Happy birthday, Adonis-kun...♪"

Koga: "Hey Adonis, look! It’s your favorite thing: meat! Eat as much as you want!

...Wait, why’s there even meat here? Everyone single person who came to my birthday brought over cakes, so what gives?

Huuh? You tellin’ me to eat meat? This is yours, don’t start offerin’ it to me.

You’re treatin’ me like I’m weak again, aren’t ya? Quit makin’ me repeat myself…

Ahh~ My bad. It’s not like I’m angry at you, alright?

Tch… we’re getting nowhere like this, so I’ll just eat this with ya.

Jeez, just whose birthday do you think it is? Oh wait, I haven’t said it yet-- Happy birthday, Adonis."

Madara: "Adonis-saaaaaaan, happy birthdaaaaaay...☆

You haven’t been playing your ocarina for me at all! Mama’s lonely, y’know~?

Yes, yes! I’ve told you before, haven’t I? Play your ocarina, and I'll come rushing to you no matter where!

Yes, even to the other side of the world~♪

Hahaha! He really just told me, “That’s impossible” with a serious look!

Well, y’know, Mama’s just trying to show you how much he cares for you.

You’re a precious kid of mine! C’mooon, come over and let Mama spoil you and carry you high up~♪"

Arashi: "Happy birthday, Adonis-chan~♪

It looks like it’s finally hitting you how we’re all here to celebrate your birthday~ I’m so, so glad to see you enjoying your party.

Anzu-chan brought us here, and made Mitsuru-chan and I change our clothes…

But we still didn’t know what would happen, y’know? You’re very slow at picking things up, after all…

Oh? You’ll share a cake with me? No no, you shouldn’t just casually offer sweet food to a maiden.

But… I suppose I can’t refuse you, not when you look so happy offering me some. Thank you, Adonis-chan, I’ll have a nice bite~♪"

Mitsuru: "Ado-chan-senpai! Happy birthday!! Ba-boom~! ☆

It’s my beloved Ado-chan-senpai’s birthday party, so I’m even more excited than usual!

I was sooo excited for today! I’ve had my present ready for sooooo long~!

Look, look! I made you out of clay! This is my attempt since last time~♪

And this time, I even made Mike-chan-senpai, Arashi-chan-senpai, and me out of clay! Ahem~☆

Oh? You’ll pat me on the head for being a good boy? Nihihi, I’m so happy to know you like it~♪"

Souma: "Adonisu-dono! H…Haa-pii biirth-dai!

I am not good at western language, but today is your birthday… Thus, I have done my best to reach closer to grasping the language’s words, or well…

Truthfully, I wanted to celebrate your birthday in a way that would surprise you. After pondering on it for a long time, I decided on this.

Oohh, it has definitely surprised you? I am glad to hear that…♪

Heheh, you are my one and only close friend. Of course I would want to make your birthday an unforgettable one.

Now then, Adonisu-dono! I would love to see you enjoy your “par-tii” to your heart’s content. I will accompany you to the very end, of course~♪"

Subaru: "Occhan, Occhan! Yaaay, happy birthday~☆

That’s a really low response… Oh, are you still not used to being called “Occhan”?

I’m so used to it now, I don’t think I could ever call you something else.

Ah! That was just you replying back normally? It may not be written on your face, but you’re totally happy?

You also like the “Occhan” nickname, huh~ ‘Kay then, I’m super happy about that~♪

Ukki~ and Hokke~ are here too, so let’s have fun together! We’re gonna pump up your birthday and enjoy ourselves~! ☆"

Midori Takamine
Midori Takamine Birthday 2018 Stage Midori Takamine Birthday 2018 1k Stage Midori Takamine Birthday 2018 Motion
Celebration messages from other students

Chiaki: "Today is your birthday, Takamine! Happy birthday, Takamine…! ☆


Hmm? No response? I don’t need one! I’m waiting right here with my arms wide open, so leap into my arms anytime!

“Why”? ...Well, isn’t it more strange not to hug someone on the annual day of something this special?

I had a passionate embrace with Nagumo and Sengoku on their birthdays, so there’s no way I wouldn’t do the same with you! ♪

And so, without further ado! Come over, Takamine! If you won’t, I’ll do it myself~ Fuhahahahaha!! ☆"

Kanata: "Hehehe. Happy birthday~ Midori~...♪

It is the summer holidays, yet so many people came over to celebrate your birthday. You are very blessed, Midori.

It looks like you got many presents, too. When it is about you, the first thing that comes to mind is mascot characters, yes~?

The truth is, I also brought mascot character merchandise for you. Tadaaah, a football fish~…♪

I am glad to know you like it. It is always nice to get what you love, no matter the amount, yes? Ehehe…♪

You look very happy being surrounded by your comrades and mascot characters. I am also happy… Puka, puka~♪"

Tetora: "Ossu! Midori-kun, happy birthday!

Heheh. You’ve finally caught up with me and Sengoku-kun. Now we’re all the same age~♪

It’s not that big of a difference? I mean, that’s true…

But you’re tall, so you look mature, yeah? But your birthday is after both of us, so…

Hehe! ♪ It feels like a really good balance between us three!

Ah-- But I wanna grow taller, so hmm…

Midori-kun, you don’t have to grow any bigger, ‘kay? Ooooh~!!! I’m gonna do my best to surpass you~! ☆"

Shinobu: "Happy birthday, Midori-kun~♪

Nishishi, our surprise party was a huge success~! You see, we have been planning for this day in secret~♪

Huh?! You noticed how we were whispering to each other about something?

U-Uuu~ I really should have taken the initiative and hid everything from you… The ninja path is truly steep…

…“This is the first time people have celebrated my birthday like this, so I’m actually really happy”?

Wooo~! Midori-kun said he is happy! And he even smiled at me in a really nice way~!

Ahem. If you enjoyed it, then that is enough for me...♪"

Subaru: "Takamin, happy birthday~☆

Huh? Why do you look surprised? You were sparkly and smiling just a second ago~!

Yep, yep, you were smiling reaaally nice! I could never imagine the usual you doing that~♪

C’mon, smile like you were a second ago~ I loooved it~! ☆

Oh wait, right… Sari~ told me a bunch of stuff earlier. Like, “don’t just say whatever comes on your mind”...

Was what I said just now alright? Tell me if it wasn’t, ‘kay? I don’t wanna ruin your birthday…

Imma get super pumped and have a blast so I can get to see you do that sparkly smile again~! ♪"

Mao: "“Takamine-kun, happy birthday-bon!”

Haha~ Yep, yep, it’s Basket-bon, the basketball fairy. I’m glad you still remember it.

I thought doing this could make you smile, but I didn’t even need to worry about needing to do that, huh?

Your Ryuseitai pals and friends all came, and they’re all having a real blast here.

I thought maybe I could also do a comedy skit with Subaru for you, although I'm only expecting that to fail…… Hm? You wanna see it?

Wait, wait. So you want us to fail? …Wow, you really look like you wanna see this.

Alright, alright. I’ll do it just for you! You’re today’s protagonist, after all! Happy birthday, Takamine!"

Hajime: "Happy birthday, Takamine-kun…♪

I heard today was your birthday, so I came over to celebrate~♪

Wawa-- Why are you bowing your head down in apology? Please, you don’t have to feel guilty about this~!

I didn’t come here because of having free time in summer break! I came because I wanted to celebrate your birthday~

Yes~♪ We are classmates, after all — I would love to get closer to you.

Ehehe. I hope we can get along once the next terms begins, Takamine-kun…♪"

Tomoya: "Takamine, today’s your birthday, right? Happy birthday~♪

“Thank you very much,” he says… Why’re you being so formal? We’re classmates, aren’t we?

Ahh, yep. I came here with Hajime, but… It’s not like I was against it, y’know?

I even bought you a present. Look, it’s mascot character merch!

Of course I know you like this stuff. I’m pretty sure almost everyone in class knows you love mascot characters.

Don’t look so surprised and just take your gift, c’mon. Happy birthday, Takamine~♪"

Kanata Shinkai
Kanata Shinkai Birthday 2018 Stage Kanata Shinkai Birthday 2018 1k Stage Kanata Shinkai Birthday 2018 Motion
Celebration messages from other students

Chiaki: "Fuhahahaha! Happy birthday, Kanata!

Wow, so many people have gathered here just to celebrate your birthday...☆

Seeing you surrounded by your comrades and the children, and smiling so happily…! It makes me awfully emotional!

Sorry, sorry. I wasn’t planning on crying or anything, but I just got so into it. Ha ha ha~! ♪

Oh, uh, now you’ve pat me on the head... I’m here to show my gratitude and to celebrate for you, but I’m getting comforted by you instead…

Aaalright! I gotta redeem my honor right here! We’ll call over the Ryuseitai kids and perform a special live show together~♪"

Midori: "Shinkai-senpai… I’m really sorry for forgetting your birthday…

I’m just awful, aren’t I… You came and celebrated my birthday yesterday… and even gave me a cute mascot character stuffed toy, and still I went and forgot all about it...

Uuu, please don’t be kind to me… It’s fine, you can curse at me and hate me… I’m ready for it… I think…

Sigh… It’s your birthday of all things, and now I’ve ruined the mood with my moping…

I’m going to make up for all of this, I swear… I’ll even buy you a present…

I really do want to celebrate your birthday, so please do accept my present once I’ve bought it… I’ll be really glad... Happy birthday, Shinkai-senpai…"

Shinobu: "Shinkai-dono! Happy birthday!

Are you enjoying the party we prepared for you?

If there is anything you want to change about it, please feel free to inform me!

Heheh. I am always in your debt, so I want to make you happy, even if just a little bit.

Since there is the expression of “Mother Ocean,” you have somewhat of a motherly-feel to you within Ryuseitai, you see.

I am still a novice compared to Tetora-kun and Midori-kun, but I will keep working harder and harder in order to show my respect and care for my elders~♪"

Tetora: "Erm, okay. Shinkai-senpai, happy birthday!

Truth is, I, uh… always thought you were a weird person.

But now I really respect you as someone great like, “wow, as expected from someone of the Three Oddballs.”

And so, Shinkai-senpai! Please teach me about more and more stuff! I’d appreciate it!

Uooo~?! You’re okay with it?! Thank you so much~!

...Hm? You’ll start by teaching me how to puka puka?

O-Ossu! I gotcha! I’ll puka puka like my entire life’s counting on it~!"

Kaoru: "Kanata-kun, yahoo~♪ Happy birthday~ Are you having a blast?

Hey, wait. I asked you earlier if you wanted to come with me to the ocean, but you refused because it’s too hot to move! And now you came to this party when Anzu-chan asked you?

Although, I mean… if I were invited somewhere with her, I would go without condition, but…

It’s not like I was planning to surprise you with something, y’know~? I was just thinking of walking on the beach a little, so I invited you over as well~♪

Hmm? You’ll join me once the sun goes down and it starts to get cooler?

Ahaha, thanks. But for now, just enjoy your party. It’s not really like me to do this, but I’ll try and make things exciting here for you~♪"

Souma: "Happy birthday, Buchou-dono. Kanzaki Souma has now arrived.

I apologize for the sudden request, but may you please accept my present for you?

Last night, I had prepared multiple kinds of sushi, and made them for you! They are raw of course, so I would like you to eat them as soon as possible. ♪

Huh--? Have I made too many…? It has completely covered the entire “tay-bul”...

I was imagining your joyful face while making them, and ended up with this much before I had even noticed.

I would not at mind offering it to the people gathered here. We will make it a sushi “par-tii”...♪"

Wataru: "Kanata! Happy birthday…! ☆

How joyous! We have managed to gather here for the sake of celebrating a dear, beloved old friend’s birthday~♪

Although, if we could just come to school properly, we would be able to see each other practically everyday, yes?

But let us leave that aside for now! I have prepared a present specifically for you. Please watch closely… One, Two, Amazing!

Yes, an inflatable pool. Please do use it and puka puka wherever you please, whenever you like! Fufufu!

It is an extreme honor to know it made you happy! There is already water inside, so it is completely okay to go ahead and soak yourself anytime~♪"

Natsume: "Kanata-niisan, happy birthday...♪

Sorry about earlier. You were surprised to see us show ourselves with water guns in our hands, weren’t You?

Ahaha, I’m glad to know you enjoyed it. Cleaning this room up will be hard work now that the whole place is drenched with Water…

But eh, you’re probably happy with it being this Way. Go ahead and try out the present from Wataru-niisan, too. For his Sake.

Fufufu. The rest of the guests here will be unhappy if you keep having fun with us Only.

I’ll be more respectful and keep it Down, and tell the rest of my niisans to do the same. So just enjoy your day as much as you want, Kanata-niisan~♪"

Keito Hasumi
Keito Hasumi Birthday 2018 Stage Keito Hasumi Birthday 2018 1k Stage Keito Hasumi Birthday 2018 Motion
Celebration messages from other students

Eichi: "Keito, happy birthday... Hehehe~♪
What's wrong? I'm only just laughing- Why are you acting so cautious?
It is true that I suggested multiple ideas to Anzu-chan for your birthday party, but relax. You're probably worried I'll do something terrible, but I've no such thing in mind.
While I do want to make my precious childhood friend's birthday as fantastic as it could be, I'm not going to do so in a way that could ruin it.
With that said, do take this birthday cake I've prepared specially for you.
Hm? The soybean cake? That was just me playing a joke on you. You'll definitely love this cake I have here...♪"

Kuro: "Yo, Danna. I've been watching you for a bit, but even you enjoy your birthday like a normal teenager, huh?
It's you we're talking about here, so I was expecting you to say something like, "Birthday parties are so incorrigible."
Haha, what're you lookin' so awkward for. Is it 'cause it's not like you to "accept things as it is," but you'd also be lying if you said you weren't having fun?
You're as serious as always— Or more like awkward as always. C'mon, it's your birthday, feel free to enjoy it.
...Oh, what about mine? Ahhh~ Yeah, I'll enjoy my own as I like, I guess? I hadn't really thought about it, though.
You'll celebrate my birthday for me, so I should enjoy it too? Haha, why're you being so arrogant about it?
Well, alright. It's pretty far from now, but I'm lookin' forward to it. But today's your day, Danna, so happy birthday. ♪"

Leo: "Everyone here having a great time~? Tsukinaga Leo-sama has made his appearance! Wahahaha! ☆
...Wait, huh? Whose birthday was it again? Hmmm~? Glasses; soybeans, talks a lot, glasses...
Wahaha!! I'm kidding, just kidding! 'Course I came knowing whose birthday it was duh! Happy birthday, Keito~☆
Hey c'mon, your brows are wrinkling up! Who's got you making that face?! Oh, it's me!
You're today's protagonist! You can't make that face! How about we do a "Make Keito Laugh" championship here, huh?!
The person who makes him laugh the hardest gets an extravagant gift from the Tenshouin Zaibatsu, you hear! Wahahahaha!! ☆"

Mao: "Happy birthday, Vice President~♪
Ermm, it's really nothing special, but... I've brought you a present — Could you please take it?
I use it myself sometimes, but this eye mask is great for a good night's sleep.
I actually wanted to get you a pillow or something similar, but y'know... I'm just a highschooler, so please forgive me with this. ♪
Thank you for your hard work at the student council, and with all the discussions you have with the Student Council President, and everything else. Really, you work so hard everyday.
Ahaha, I'm starting to make it sound like I'm above you or something, but please enjoy yourself today, and relax as much as you can~♪"

Souma: "Hasumi-dono~! Happy birthday! ☆
Oohh... "party ku-rakkers" make such a loud noise.
Ah, yes. I received these from a classmate of yours. It is your birthday, so I thought I should celebrate it in a flashy manner~♪
I had forbidden myself from saying any unnecessary statements whatsoever until the official commencement of your "par-til".
I had been itching to celebrate it for so long — It is time I do so to the full extent of my ability!
Now then, shall I bring out a "kay-k" for you? Or would you like me to give you a shoulder massage? Or perhaps perform a trick with spinning tops?
You are someone I respect and hold dear, and I am willing to do absolutely anything to make your birthday as wonderful as possible... ♪"

Tori: "(munch munch)...(munch munch)... Mffgh- Vice President!? Since when were you here!?
Nevermind that, just get down already! Yuzuru'll notice us if you keep standing there!
Y-Yeah. I'm eating some cake right now... You can tell just by looking~!
There're sooo many tasty-looking cakes here, but Yuzuru told me I could only eat one and nothing else.
But you wouldn't say something like that- Or should I say... can't? After all, I've done a lot of work for you today.
Saru kept ordering me around like he's the boss or something cuz it's his birthday, y'know," so now I gotta eat as much cake as I can for all my hard work...
Uuu, I almost forgot to say the most important thing... Ermm. Happy birthday, Vice President...?"

Tsukasa: "Happy Birthday, Hasumi-senpai...♪
This is a very lovely party. It's an honor to be invited here.
I've noticed all kinds of people have come here as guests to your party. Hm, you're surprisingly very popular, Hasumi-senpai.
Wha--?! M-My apologies. The "surprisingly" part was an accident— It was just a slip of the tongue, you see...?
You're the vice president of the Student Council — It's only natural that you would know a variety of people...
You may be my club senior, but there is still much I don't know about you. I would be glad if we could keep getting along with each other. ♪"

Yuzuru: "Happy birthday, Vice President-sama.
Ahh, am I supposed to call you by "Hasumi-sama"? We are neither doing student council work, nor at our club right now, so it does feel a little strange either way...
I am here as an attendant of the Young Master's, but I am also personally indebted to you--... Oh?
What is this here? A present from Anzu-san... A "mangaka set"...?
Hm, could one improve their art skills with this? How intriguing...
Ahh, please excuse me for that. Hehe. If you don't mind, please do tell me your thoughts on this set after you have tried it out... Hasumi-sama. ♪"

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Mitsuru Tenma
Mitsuru Tenma Birthday 2018 Stage Mitsuru Tenma Birthday 2018 1k Stage Mitsuru Tenma Birthday 2018 Motion
Celebration messages from other students

Adonis: "Ooh, its you, Tenma. You crashed into me from behind — Were you running around without looking in front of you again?
Hm? You saw me, so you came over to try and hug me...?
Hm, well it is your birthday today. I'm not Buchou, but if it's what you want, then I'll carry you high up.
Oh, you don't really care much for that, I see... That's fine, if you just want to hug me, then go ahead and hug me as much as you want.
Your arm strength has grown stronger, hasn't it? Hehe, it's a great thing to grow stronger.
Keep eating more and grow stronger and bigger. Happy birthday, Tenma...♪"

Arashi: "Mitsuru-chaaan. Ufufu, happy birthday~♪
Now that your birthday's here, this means that you and I are the same age.
What a strange feeling~ I mean, I could never see you as "the same age as me" no matter how many times I think about it.
Oh my, did I upset you? I'm complimenting you, y'know? You're always so innocent and cute.
Oh, but. I talk about it with Adonis-chan often, but you still have so much potential to grow even more, don't you think so?
You may just grow up to be a wonderful man in a few years~♪
So just keep growing up, without any twists and turns. And if you're ever in trouble, I'll always be here to help you~♪"

Hajime: "Mitsuru-kun, happy birthday~♪
Have we said that to you way too many times today...? I told you the same thing when I saw you at the hallway, and then again during lunch.
I'm sorry for dragging on your lunch break earlier. It's just, I really wanted you to hear Nii-chan's broadcast...
Getting to hear someone celebrate your birthday like that is really wonderful, right? ♪
Then he played a Ra*bits song right after... Hehe, us three had a lot of fun singing and dancing to it.
Let's keep making lots and lots of memories together, as Ra*bits. I'm looking forward to it, Mitsuru-kun~♪"

Madara: "Mitsuru-saaaan! Happy birthdaaaaaaaay~! ☆
I wonder how old you are now~? Heheh, I'm glad I got to celebrate it for you~♪
Hmm? What's wrong? You look so restless... Do you need the bathroom?
Ahhh, you're holding yourself back from dashing everywhere! It's your birthday, so you're trying not to do anything that could anger anyone, I see! Good, great job! ♪
But holding back isn't good for your body! It's because it's your birthday that I want to see you comfortably enjoying it in your own way!
Aaalright, it's time you and Mama go to the grounds together! That area is made for running, so no one will scold you if you do it over there, right?
Hahaha! Alright then, lets also invite Adonis-san and Arashi-san over, and dash to our heart's content! ☆"

Nazuna: "Mitsuru-chin, happy birthday~♪
I heard what happened, y'know! You were lured into coming here with bread, weren't you? For goodness sake, you have to be more cautious about these things.
I'm not angry at you though. Oh yeah, speaking of. I heard about a nice rumor.
About how you didn't at any point dash through the hallway today. Even the teachers seemed impressed~ They were talking about it in the staff room.
They're usually talking about how much trouble you put them through, but... Maybe this is how you'll slowly but surely become an adult, huh?
Not just you, but Tomo-chin and Hajime-chin as well. I gotta be careful myself, or you guys will surpass me before I know it.
Alright! We're all gonna work hard together and build ourselves up~! Hip hip hurray~! ♪"

Sora: "HaHa~♪ Mitsu-chan, Happy Birthday~♪
Sora can tell you're enjoying your party! It's making Sora excited too!
We had lots of fun celebrating your birthday in class~ Everyone in class was full of happy colors and the smell of tasty bread~♪
And it seemed like the games Sora brought over made everyone happy, so Sora's glad~
Hmm? Mitsu-chan, do you want to play games some more? HiHi~ Then Sora will bring them from class~♪
Let's have a fun game time with everyone here, too! Sora's looking forward to it~ HaHiHuHeHo~...♪"

Tomoya: "Heeey, Mitsuru! This is my present for y--
Woah! What's with that mountain of bread!? You got all of this for your birthday...?
Ahh, so everyone thought the same, huh... Yeah, makes sense, bread's the first thing to come to mind when it comes to your favorite thing...
Ughhh, it sucks that I can only think up normal ideas-- Hm? You'll take it?
You love bread, so you're happy with it no matter the amount? Ahaha, that's just like you.
I looked up the most popular bakeries before buying you some, so I can guarantee a great taste from these.
Despite everything, you seem pretty happy with this, so I'm also glad. Happy birthday, Mitsuru~♪"

Tori: "Agh... I ate too many cakes... I feel gross inside...
I decorated a lot today, so I got really hungry. Wait a sec-- Why did I have to decorate things, anyway?
Yeah, people in class told me they'd prepare your birthday party together, so for some reason they got me involved as well.
The stuff I decorated was, hmm... That bear-shaped one over there, and... Huh? It looks great?
O-Of course it does, I'm the one who made it. You wanna take it back home...? You like it that much?
Mmm, I guess I've no choice, huh~? That one's already glued to the place, so I'll make you a new one. I'll even write a message on it, just for you. "Happy birthday, Mitsuru"... Alright, done. Make it your family's heirloom, 'kay?"

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Chiaki Morisawa
Chiaki Morisawa Birthday 2018 Stage Chiaki Morisawa Birthday 2018 1k Stage Chiaki Morisawa Birthday 2018 Motion
Celebration messages from other students

Kanata: "Oh nooo~... Someone please save me...♪
Ehehe. You came to my rescue, Chiaki. Thank you.
Yes, there are no problems here. I was simply doing an act.
An action scene of coming to the rescue in a cool way, and saving the victim. That is my present to you.
You are always so lively and energetic whenever you are being a hero, you see~...♪
Hehe, please keep being just like that, Chiaki. Puka, puka...♪"

Kuro: "You look really excited, Morisawa. Are you that happy to play hero with so many people?
I never thought I'd play pretend at a birthday party of someone my age... It'd make sense if it were my sister's, but this is...
Actually, you sure it's okay for me to play the hero? I mean, I feel like it's more suitable for me to be the big bad boss, or somethin'...
Ah, so I'd be too suited for that role and end up scaring the first years. Well, it's your birthday. I'll do it the way you like.
We're all planning to be here with you the whole day, anyway.
...Oh, I almost forgot to say somethin' important. Happy birthday, Morisawa♪"

Madara: "Chiaki-saaaaaaaan! Are you enjoying this wonderful special daaaaaaaaaay~? ☆
Though you showed up like that straight from the morning, so I'm sure you are. I mean, even I was dumbfounded!
lzumi-san said he lost all will to celebrate, but he's just in a bad mood 'cause you ruined his plans, that's all.
Truth is, he was planning to throw a cake at you as soon as you came to class, but you showed up in that outfit, so it would've ruined it, yeah?
Well, doesn't mean he's given up entirely, though. I think you're just about to get the splat...? Haha nope, I didn't say anything! Hahahahaha! ☆
Anyway, just enjoy your birthday party! Happy birthday, Chiaki-saaaaan...♪"

Mao: "Buchou, happy birthday~♪
I think Anzu already invited you for it, but do you still have time after this?
Would you like to go to a fast food restaurant with everyone? Subaru also said he wants to go home after eating somewhere outside, so~♪
It's my present for you, so I'll be the one paying!
Uh-huh, I just knew you'd say you wanna pay. But I'm not backing down from my offer!
Well, guess we've decided on the afterparty then~♪ We can't have an exciting party without the lead role, 'kay~?"

Midori: "Erm, Morisawa-senpai... Happy birthday...
Hehehe. Isn't it so cute...? Yes, I'm talking about the mascot character pin I clipped on you...♪
Umm... Why do you look so happy? I wasn't complimenting you, yknow...?
Ughh... I shouldn't have said "cute"... Actually, I shouldn't have given you that pin in the first place...
Could you give it back? Immediately, please... Um, no, don't refuse my request so desperately...
Huh...!? Its my present to you...? That wasn't at all why I gave it to you, though...?
Ahh, dammit, this is so annoying... Fine, whatever. Feel free to make it your birthday present... So just leave me alone, please..."

Shinobu: "Taichou-dono~! Happy birthday!
With this, we have gone through every Ryuseitai member's birthday. It is just perfect that we celebrate your birthday last~♪
Erm. When it was my birthday party, we had fun being ninjas for the day, yes?
That made me extremely happy, and so... I would love to do something similar for your birthday, Taichou-dono.
And so! We will now play a hero game with everyone in here~! ♪
Hmhm. We have enough people to be the victims, the enemies, and the heroes.
Yaaay! Taichou-dono looks completely up for it~! Okay then, let us commence immediately!"

Subaru: "Chi~chan-senpai, happy birthday! I came here with Sari to celebrate~☆
...Woah! I said I'm here to celebrate, not "get hugged by you"!
Jeez. I can never let my guard down around you! It's still so hot, so why do you wanna hug me so much?
Is it 'cause your born in summer that you don't feel the heat as much? Actually, you're exactly the definition of "born in summer", don't you think?
No, no! That wasn't me complimenting you, y'know!? Quit hugging me already~!
Oh come on, Chi~chan-senpai! I'm here just to celebrate your birthday, so sit down nice and quiet, and let me do it!"

Tetora: "Taichou, is it true that you made that sash before it was time for your birthday party?
Oh jeez... I wish you'd think a little more about this, like, you have to be a little more mature when it comes to this, y'know? It'll give us problems otherwise.
Honestly... I mean, we've celebrated everyone's birthday by now — did you really think we wouldn't celebrate yours?
If that's what you really thought, then you definitely need to work on this.
There's no way we wouldn't celebrate your birthday! You're our leader, so please keep that firmly in your mind!
...Here I am lecturing you on your birthday of all days... Hehe... I'm sorry.
Please let me say the most important thing, at least! Happy birthday, Taichou...♪"

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Ritsu Sakuma
Ritsu Sakuma Birthday 2018 Stage Ritsu Sakuma Birthday 2018 1k Stage Ritsu Sakuma Birthday 2018 Motion
Celebration messages from other students

Arashi: "Kyaan! This cake is sooo tasty~♪
Oh my, Ritsu-chan! When did you even get near me? Now you saw a really embarrassing side of me!
There's so many delicious cakes here, I couldn't help but try a few... Please don't tell Izumi-chan, okay?
When we were celebrating in class during breaktime, I really held back as hard as I could from eating any. Like, Tsukasa-chan brought over a birthday cake then, yes?
He said he got a famous chef to make it for you... Though you immediately started pointing out the flaws in it.
Oh, you were only picking at the way it looks, not the taste? It actually tasted pretty nice? Ufufu... So you were happy in the end~♪
Okay, then let's enjoy your party right now~♪ Once again, happy birthday, Ritsu-chan~♪"

Eichi: "Ritsu-kun, happy birthday. I came here with Hajime-kun to celebrate...♪
Huh? I sound like I'm trying to give off a friendly vibe...? I'm not trying to do anything like that, though...?
When it was Hajime-kun's birthday, we both rushed over to celebrate it, no? All for the sake of our precious junior...
Hmm? Oh, wait, are you perhaps now older than me... and therefore, my senior?
Hehehe, interesting. Maybe I'll call you "Ritsu-senpai" like Hajime-kun for today. Or would you prefer "Ritsu-oniichan" instead?
Mhm, please don't make that face at me. Here, Hajime-kun's made some tea for us, so how about you drink that and take a deep breath? ♪"

Hajime: "Ritsu-senpai, happy birthday...♪
Umm. I made a drink specifically for you, and...
Huh? No not It's not my blood~!
Um... It looks like regular tea, but this is actually tea soda.
You have soft drinks often, right? So I thought you may like this sort of thing, too.
Ehehe, I'm so glad to know you like it. Let's have a toast for your birthday... Cheers~♪"

Izumi: "Here, Kuma-kun. Your present.
What? Why're you so surprised? Of course I'd give someone a present on their birthday.
Just take it already... I'm keeping it if you don't want it.
...You don't have to make that face. It's just a pillow.
You're always sleeping in random places and in random postures, aren't you?
You don't listen when I tell you to stop, so I thought I should get you to sleep on a pillow at least. Also since you're Kuma-kun, I got you one that's bear-shaped.
Mhm, mhm. Just be happy about it, 'kay? It's your birthday, after all Happy birthday, Kuma-kun...♪"

Leo: "Wahahaha! ☆ Happy birthday, Rittsu~!
Hmm? What's with me appearing on stage outta nowhere?
Well! You see, we're gonna perform a special Knights live show all night, just for today!
We're all ready to go, so c'mon, join us!
'Course we're gonna have you perform with us~! mean, you're today's lead role!
Don't say you don't wanna or whatever, 'kay? The sun's gone down by now, so this is your time to shine~♪
Nothin' wrong with standing out every once in a while, y'know~! C'mon, hurry up and get on the stage!! ☆"

Mao: "Ooh~ Your birthday party's looking incredible, Ritsu.
I'm glad to see you got a lot of presents, too♪ Be careful not to lose them or misplace them somewhere, 'kay~?
Anyway, once again happy birthda--... Have I been saying this too many times today...?
I mean, I said it to you in the morning when I came to wake you up, and then again when we celebrated your birthday in class-- Hm? You want me to say it more?
Hrmm... But it's starting to get boring to say it the usual way, like... I feel like I gotta do it in a different way each time, or something...?
...Oh, you don't mind the usual. Well, if that's what today's lead role commands, then I gotta do it~♪
Hehe. Happy birthday, Ricchan~♪"

Rei: "(whisper) And I'll secretly place this riiight inside his bag...
R-Ritsu!? You noticed I was here? H-How truly delightful~!
Hm--? Ahh, so this was your bag. It was carelessly placed at a random spot, so I was just trying to take it to a corner, that is all~...
...Um, I will confess the truth, so please stop glaring at me with such murderous eyes.
This is my present to you. I had entrusted Doggy to hand it over to you, but for some reason, it ended up in my hands all over again.
Uuu~ Please do not say you do not want it! Please take it~! Please accept all of your brother's love at least once before the year ends~!
My cute, adorable little brother... My sweet, pretty angel Ritsu-! Happy birthday, I love you~!"

Tsukasa: "Ritsu-senpai, happy birthday~♪
What a wonderfully fun and lively party. There are a lot of different cakes here, and they're all so delicious... (nom, nom)
Mrffqh--!? H-Have I eaten too many? I-I do not feel as if I have, though...
We did eat a cake during break, yes. The birthday cake I specially ordered for you was very... very delicious~♪
Ah-- Oh no! It is your birthday, and all I have been doing so far is talking about cakes...
My deepest apologies, Ritsu-senpai... Hm? It's all right that I'm like this?
W-Why are you laughing!? I don't understand, Ritsu-senpai...!"

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Yuzuru Fushimi
Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday 2018 Stage Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday 2018 1k Stage Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday 2018 Motion
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Eichi: ""

Keito: ""

Koga: ""

Leo: ""

Mao: ""

Tori: ""

Tsukasa: ""

Wataru: ""

Shu Itsuki
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Izumi: ""

Kanata: ""

Kuro: ""

Mika: ""

Natsume: ""

Rei: ""

Tsumugi: ""

Wataru: ""

Izumi Sena
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Arashi: ""

Leo: ""

Makoto: ""

Nazuna: ""

Ritsu: ""

Tori: ""

Tsukasa: ""

Yuta: ""

Rei Sakuma
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Adonis: ""

Hinata: ""

Kaoru: ""

Keito: ""

Koga: ""

Ritsu: ""

Wataru: ""

Yuta: ""

Kaoru Hakaze
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Adonis: ""

Chiaki: ""

Izumi: ""

Kanata: ""

Koga: ""

Nazuna: ""

Rei: ""

Souma: ""

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Adonis: ""

Eichi: ""

Hinata: ""

Makoto: ""

Mao: ""

Subaru: ""

Tomoya: ""

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Mika Kagehira
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Arashi: ""

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Koga: ""

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Shu: ""

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Eichi Tenshouin
Eichi Tenshouin Birthday 2018 Stage Eichi Tenshouin Birthday 2018 1k Stage Eichi Tenshouin Birthday 2018 Motion
Celebration messages from other students

Wataru: "Fufufu! I've come to ring the bells of blessing! I am your very own Hibiki Wataru... ☆

Amazing! You're wearing the party mask I gave you! Thank you very much, Eichi! It suits you admirably well~ ♪

The very moment I laid my eyes upon it in the store, I knew it was meant to be, as though fate had brought us together... Next thing I knew, I had already purchased it! Ahahahahaha! ☆

—Oh! I should take care not to be satisfied with only this! The celebratory banquet is still some time away!

That aside, there's one thing I mustn't fail to tell you: happy birthday, Eichi... ♪"

Ritsu: "Ecchan~ Heya~ I came to celebrate your birthday~

Me and Anzu and Haa~kun, we baked you a cake full of thanks, so... Be sure to really enjoy it, okay?

Huh? "This cake ostentatiously appears normal"? Jeez, how rude. Su~per disrespectful~! Anzu and Haa~kun were in charge of decorating it, so that's probably why it looks this way~? You still have a lot to learn if you're still judging things by how they look, Ecchan~

Plus, I guess you could say I got up really early to make this cake for you, so it's a little bit special. You should show some gratitude.

Well, I guess it's not a big deal. I'm a little late to say it, but I'll say it now anyway: Happy birthday, Ecchan... ♪"

Yuzuru: "I'd like to wish you a wonderful birthday, Kaichou-sama.

Did I startle you by taking your photograph so suddenly? My sincerest apologies. However, I must admit that your shocked face is quite the treasure, given that you took a sudden and unexpected photograph of me on my own birthday. This much is merely a modest act of revenge.

Fufu. That I took your photograph in revenge is a joke. However, since you suggested making a fine photo-album, I don't believe we can start it without a picture of you, Kaichou-sama. Please do take care to add this photograph to our memory album... ♪

Let us fill fine with memories in the same manner as this album, page by page."

Hajime: "Happy birthday, Kaichou-san... ♪

Wah! Why did you start petting my head~? Since it's your birthday, shouldn't I be petting yours instead...?

Ehh!? You're bowing your head to me instead? No matter what you do, you're so regal it's intimidating...!

Mmm... But, it's true it is your birthday. I understand! Kaichou-san, pet pet... ♪ Happy birthday.

I made this cake with Anzu-san and Ritsu senpai, so please eat as much as you'd like. We baked our wish for you to have good health into the cake, so...

But, well, because of that, it kind of looks more like a lucky food meant to invite good fortune rather than a birthday cake. Ehehe..."

Leo: "Where am I!? I walked into something weird! The "Emperor"'s here too? Are there others?

"Emperor," uchuu~☆ What're you doing here? Ah, just a moment! Don't say a word! I'll imagine it!

You're wearing a "Today's Protagonist" sash, surrounded by a bunch of cakes~?

Nn~... Nnn? Ah! I got it! A birthday! That's it, right? Wahahaha ☆ I knew it— I'm a genius~♪ Gimme a prize for getting it right...♪

You're saying I should be the one giving you a gift instead? Nnn, right... Well then, lend me an instrument; I'll perform a song for you. Happy birthday, "Emperor"...♪"

Tori: ""

Mao: ""

Keito: ""
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Leo Translation Credit

Tori Himemiya
Tori Himemiya Birthday 2018 Stage Tori Himemiya Birthday 2018 1k Stage Tori Himemiya Birthday 2018 Motion
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Kuro Kiryu
Kuro Kiryu Birthday 2018 Stage Kuro Kiryu Birthday 2018 1k Stage Kuro Kiryu Birthday 2018 Motion
Celebration messages from other students

Keito: "Happy birthday, Kiryuu.

Hmm, is it odd for me to celebrate? Ah? You're asking if I drew this picture?

That's right. I thought I'd draw a portrait of your likeliness for the occasion. You can have it if you'd like.

Mm? Do you feel as if I've drawn you excessively beautiful? Rather, that you're sparkling?

My style isn't very close to realism, so that's how it's turned out.

Anyway, do you like it? Good. I know I'm saying the same thing over again, but happy birthday, Kiryuu."

Souma: "... Cheers!

I apologize for how I've been working like mad for you, Kiryuu-dono, who is today's protagonist, however...

When Kiryuu-dono isn't looking, I'm going to try to move around and help with setting out plates for food and such.

My role today is to serve today's protagonist, Kiryuu-dono, as calmly as can be.

Hm? Being restrained doesn't suit me?


Ooh! Then, allow me to perform something for you!

Please watch! I, Souma Kanzaki, shall perform a swords dance in honor of your birthday, Kiryuu-dono!"

Shu: "... Hh?! Kiryuu, please refrain from approaching me from behind!

Nevermind. What does "today's protagonist" want with me? ... Mm? This handkerchief?

Of course I made it. I happened to do so while sewing an outfit for Mademoiselle.

Don't misunderstand, it isn't as if I made it for you.

Ah, don't handle it so roughly! That handkerchief is made of high quality, rarely used cloth can't you tell?!

Honestly, you especially should... No, nevermind. Just handle it with care.

... With that said, happy birthday, Kiryuu."

Chiaki: "Kiryuu! Happy birthday to you..☆

Look, look, there's cake for you to eat! Do you want meat too, or maybe fish? Go on, eat as much as you want without holding back!

Hm? What about me? I'll join you soon, so don't worry and eat up!

More importantly, today's protagonist is Kiryuu. You've taken care of me plenty.

Fufun, now it's my turn to take care of you. I've been wanting to return the favor someday.

That's why, tell me what I can do for you!

It'd be a pleasure to help out, fuhahahaha! ☆"

Tetora: "Taishou~! Happy birthday...☆

Today's the day the world's greatest Taishou was born! I'm fired up and ready to cook!

I started a small fire in the kitchen, but it's not like I wanna cause trouble for Big Sis and Taishou...

Taishou? "Raise your head"... Are-- Are you forgiving me?

You're happy 'cause it's something I'm doing for your sake?

I-- Taishou, your words have deeply moved me! Truly, I wish you a happy birthday!

Thank you God for letting me born in this world~!"

Nazuna: "Kurochun, happy birshday~..☆

Nn, I bit my tongue! Let's try that again. Kurochin, happy birthday!

It's not really a surprise party anymore, but I hope it got you anyway.

It was pretty hard to get everything together without you knowing~.

Anyway, are you having fun at the party?

You're happy with it? I see, I'm glad to hear that.

There's still more food coming out, so look forward to it! ♪"

Tsumugi: "Kuro-kun, happy birthday. ♪

Usually I can't get the students from our class to gather, but today they've completely come together~.

Fufu. Kuro-kun certainly is loved by everyone in class.

Eh? Isn't the class forced to participate? No, no, it's not mandatory~.

Everyone's gathered to celebrate Kuro-kun's birthday. Of course, I'm here to as well.

Kuro-kun is an invaluable friend who I can talk about sewing and other things with.

I'd be happy if we could keep getting along from now on too~."

Koga: "Oi, Kiryuu-senpai. This is just somethin' I happened catch, but is it your birthday or somethin'?

Judgin' from how all your classmates are here, I guess you're celebratin'~.

Ha? There's plenty of cake to eat?

Nn~, I don't really like sweet things. Don'tcha have any meat around instead?

What're you gettin' all buddy-buddy for... Whatever, I guess I gotta listen to "today's protagonist" anyway.

Happy birthday, Kiryuu-senpai."

Natsume Sakasaki
Natsume Sakasaki Birthday 2018 Stage Natsume Sakasaki Birthday 2018 1k Stage Natsume Sakasaki Birthday 2018 Motion
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Wataru Hibiki
Wataru Hibiki Birthday 2018 Stage Wataru Hibiki Birthday 2018 1k Stage Wataru Hibiki Birthday 2018 Motion
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Eichi: ""

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Arashi Narukami
Arashi Narukami Birthday 2018 Stage Arashi Narukami Birthday 2018 1k Stage Arashi Narukami Birthday 2018 Motion
Celebration messages from other students

Adonis: "Narukami, happy birthday.
Are you enjoying yourself at your birthday party?
...I see. It makes me happy to see you having so much fun.
Narukami, have you eaten any of the meat? Eat meat; eat a lot, so that you can grow big.
Hm? Ah, that’s right; you said before that if you grew big, you would not be cute.
Please rest assured, Narukami. Rather than “cute”, it is more apt to call you “beautiful”.
...Ah. It hurts to be hit at full power like that. Is this perhaps an expression of your happiness?
Regardless, I cooked this meat for you. You are today’s protagonist, so do not hold back and eat plenty."

Izumi: "Naru-kun... Naru-chan, happy birthday ♪
Hmm~? Are you surprised I called you “Naru-chan”?
You always used to persistently bug me to call you “Naru-chan”, didn’t you?
It’s your birthday, so I decided to grant that request just for today. Sooo? Does it make you happy?
Eh, it’s actually gross? Haaah? You’ve sure got some nerve, you shitty okama!
...Ugh, I ended up being rude. And here I was planning to be nice today, just for your birthday.
Whatever. Happy birthday, Naru-kun ♪"

Leo: "Naruuu, happy birthday... ☆
Come sit under the kotatsu with me! It’s warm and feels so nice~ ♪
Hm? I’m getting too comfortable at someone else’s birthday? But but, it’s still the cold season! It’s your fault for being born during this season!
Just kidding, that was a definite lie! I’m glad you were born no matter what season you were born in, Naru~ ♪
Wait, you’re born on Hinamatsuri, I’m born on Children’s Day... the meanings of the holidays that our birthdays overlap with seem like fate, don’t they~?
Ah, the inspiration is gushing forth...! ☆ I’ll write a song with the theme of fate!
Once it’s perfect, I’ll give it to you as a birthday gift, Naru! Look forward to it~ ♪"

Madara: ""

Mika: "Naru-chan, happy birthday~ ♪
Ehehe, thanks for invitin’ me to that girls’ lunch.
Though, ya call it a “girls’ lunch”, but th’ only girl here’s Anzu-chan, yeah?
Nnah, though y’look like a guy, yer mind’s a girl’s...? Yeah, y’do say that.
Hm... ‘s easy ‘n fun to talk t’girls, so would ya mind if I came too?
Ehehe. But y’know, it’s suuuper fun t’talk to ya!
Ya think it’s fun t’talk to me too? ‘m real happy to hear that... ♪
Naru-chan, let’s keep bein’ friends! ‘m real glad t’get to celebrate a beloved friend’s birthday like this~ ♪"

Mitsuru: "Dash dash, daaash~
Ahaha, I completely whammed into you, Arashi-chan-senpai!
But I knew you’d catch me, since it’s you ♪
Oops, I forgot to say the most important thing! Happy birthday, Arashi-chan-senpai... ☆
Wha, I can’t breathe when you squeeze me that hard! ‘m gonna suffocate~!
I don’t really like being clung to like this... but since it’s your birthday, I’ll allow it!
I’ll hug you too~ Ehehe, I love you, Arashi-chan-senpai! I wanna keep being friends with you ♪"

Ritsu: ""

Tsukasa: ""

Hinata Aoi
Hinata Aoi Birthday 2018 Stage Hinata Aoi Birthday 2018 1k Stage Hinata Aoi Birthday 2018 Motion
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Yuta Aoi
Yuta Aoi Birthday 2018 Stage Yuta Aoi Birthday 2018 1k Stage Yuta Aoi Birthday 2018 Motion
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Mao Isara
Mao Isara Birthday 2018 Stage Mao Isara Birthday 2018 1k Stage Mao Isara Birthday 2018 Motion
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Tomoya Mashiro
Tomoya Mashiro Birthday 2018 Stage Tomoya Mashiro Birthday 2018 1k Stage Tomoya Mashiro Birthday 2018 Motion
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Tsukasa Suou
Tsukasa Suou Birthday 2018 Stage Tsukasa Suou Birthday 2018 1k Stage Tsukasa Suou Birthday 2018 Motion
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Arashi: ""

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Souma Kanzaki
Souma Kanzaki Birthday 2018 Stage Souma Kanzaki Birthday 2018 1k Stage Souma Kanzaki Birthday 2018 Motion
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Adonis: ""

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Nazuna Nito
Nazuna Nito Birthday 2018 Stage Nazuna Nito Birthday 2018 1k Stage Nazuna Nito Birthday 2018 Motion
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