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On a Character's Birthday:

  • 2nd Birthday renewal starting from Makoto.
  • Birthday Courses: A special Birthday course will be added to play for that day only.
    • Collect 20 presents to earn the 'Voice Clip' and 150 presents for the 'Birthday Outfit'.
  • The rate of getting their cards will be increased in normal diamond scout.
    • A 10-scout will guarantee you at least 5 cards of that character.
  • Their idol roads will use less jewels to unlock nodes.
  • You will gain double affection points in their Intimate Events.
  • On Jin Sagami and Akiomi Kunugi's birthdays, the idol road discount and double affection points will apply for all characters.

A banner will be displayed on the home screen, so you'll know if the campaign is active.

January Birthdays
Date Character Zodiac Special Messages
Eichi Tenshouin Birthday 2017.png
Capricorn "Today is my birthday.
Well, I'm one year older but,
I don't think I've changed at all."

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Tori Himemiya Birthday 2017.png
Capricorn "Ehehe, today is my birthday you know~!
That's why today, I will spoil myself a lot!"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Kuro Kiryu Birthday 2017.png
Aquarius "Yo, what day is it today...?
Is that some sort of riddle or something?"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
February Birthdays
Date Character Zodiac Special Messages
Natsume Sakasaki Birthday 2017.png
Aquarius "Try to guess what day it is toDAY...
It's a simple question, isn't IT?"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Wataru Hibiki Birthday 2017.png
Pisces "Hoh, what a day it is, today...! It is my birthday, please feel free to remember it, yes...? ☆"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Akiomi Kunugi Birthday 2017.png
Pisces "Yes, today was my birthday, wasn't it?
I don't feel especially happy about it, however..."

Reward: 15 Diamonds
March Birthdays
Date Character Zodiac Special Messages
Arashi Narukami Birthday 2017.png
Pisces "It is my birthday today~♪
Shall we celebrate it together?"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Hinata Aoi Birthday 2017.png
Pisces "Oh my, it's my birthday, today!
Since you're the producer, you remember it, of course, right~?"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Yuta Aoi Birthday 2017.png

Pisces "Umm, it's my birthday today...
it's not just mine, Aniki is the same too, though..."

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Mao Isara Birthday 2017.png
Pisces "Today is my birthday, you know.
So at least for my birthday, I want to spend the time peacefully."

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Tomoya Mashiro Birthday 2017.png
Aries "Ummm, today's my birthday...
That's why, it's not a big deal but..."

Reward: 15 Diamonds
April Birthdays
Date Character Zodiac Special Messages
Tsukasa Suou Birthday 2017.png
Aries "Oh my, come to think of it, it was my birthday, wasn't it? May I have a word of congratulations?"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Souma Kanzaki Birthday 2017.png
Taurus "Today is the day I was born on.
Just spending it with you would make me happy."

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Nazuna Nito Birthday 2017.png
Taurus "Hohoo ♪ Today, is my birthday, so you know!
I got one more year older than you!"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Makoto Yuuki Birthday 2017.png
Taurus "It's really my birthday today.
Umm, that doesn't mean that I'm telling you I want you to celebrate it, okay...?"

Reward: 15 Diamonds

May Birthdays
Date Character Zodiac Special Messages
Leo Tsukinaga Birthday 2017.png
Taurus "Do you wanna know what day it is today?
You wanna fantasize on it too doncha? I'll give ya time to think on it.....☆"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Madara Mikejima Birthday 2017.png
Taurus "Hahaha! You came to celebrate Mama's birthday, didn't you?
Having just that is plenty for me, you know...♪"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
June Birthdays
Date Character Zodiac Special Messages
Shinobu Sengoku Birthday 2017.png
Gemini "Ehm, today is my birthday.
So, I just wanted to tell you that..."

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Tetora Nagumo Birthday 2017.png
Gemini "It's my birthday today!
Transfer Student-san, I'd be glad if you could celebrate it too♪"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Subaru Akehoshi Birthday 2017.png
Cancer "Today is... How do I say this? It's my birthday~!
So I'd be happy if you let me have a reward, y'know...♪"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
July Birthdays
Date Character Zodiac Special Messages
Sora Harukawa Birthday 2017.png
Cancer "Today is Sora's birthday!
I'm specially telling you, okay~♪"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Hajime Shino Birthday 2017.png
Cancer "Yes, it's my birthday today ♪
I'm feeling a little more cheerful than usual."

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Koga Oogami Birthday 2017.png
Cancer "Hah? It's coz it's my birthday, today!
It's finally here, so it's fine to celebrate it yeah!"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Hiyori Tomoe Birthday 2017.PNG
Leo "Yep! Today's my birthday!
Now go on, it's fine to celebrate to
your heart's content!"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
August Birthdays
Date Character Zodiac Special Messages
Tsumugi Aoba Birthday 2017.png
Leo "Haha... I hope that at least for my birthday, I won't experience bad luck, but..."

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Jun Sazanami Birthday 2017.png
Leo "It's true that it's my birthday,
but it's not really that special of a day, you know?"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Adonis Otogari Birthday 2017.png
Virgo "Today is my birthday. Because of that,
won't you eat this celebratory meat together with me, too?"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Midori Takamine Birthday 2017.png
Virgo "It's my birthday today, but it looks like I'm not growing any taller, so I'm glad...
I'm a bit relieved...♪"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Kanata Shinkai Birthday 2017.png
Virgo "Ufufu, Today, it is my birthday~♪
It's a special day, isn't it...? ♪"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
September Birthdays
Date Character Zodiac Special Messages
Keito Hasumi Birthday 2017.png
Virgo "My birthday is certainly today but...
What is it? Do you mean to congratulate me?"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Mitsuru Tenma Birthday 2017.png
Virgo "I wonder what day it is toda~y!?
Hehe! It's my birthday, yanno~!"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Chiaki Morisawa Birthday 2017.png
Virgo "Today's my birthday!
If you don't know, I will tell you any number of times, today's my birthday ☆"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Ritsu Sakuma Birthday 2017.png
Virgo "Birthday? Yeah, it's today but...
will you give me something?"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
October Birthdays
Date Character Zodiac Special Messages
Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday 2017.png
Libra "Today is my birthday.
A celebration will not be necessary.
I'm perfectly happy with spending the day as any other."

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Nagisa Ran Birthday 2017.png
Scorpio "...Hm? Today is my birthday.
Come to think of it, I never told you,
did I?"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Shu Itsuki Birthday 2017.png
Scorpio "Certainly, today is my birthday.
It is something that you remembered well, I see."

Reward: 15 Diamonds
November Birthdays
Date Character Zodiac Special Messages
Izumi Sena Birthday 2017.png
Scorpio "What day is it today? Hah..., It's only my birthday.
You really remembered it though, huh?"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Rei Sakuma Birthday 2017.png
Scorpio "Today is my birthday.
Young lady, do you wish to congratulate me?"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Kaoru Hakaze Birthday 2017.png
Scorpio "It's surely my birthday today.
But I'm glad that you're greeting me, you know...?"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Ibara Saegusa Birthday 2017.png
Scorpio "Today is I, Ibara Saegusa's, birthday!
Ah, so you already knew that from reading my profile! As expected of your extensive knowledge!"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
December Birthdays
Date Character Zodiac Special Messages
Jin Sagami Birthday 2017.png
Sagittarius "Ah, today is my birthday you say?
Well, I suppose even this age is to be celebrated~?"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Hokuto Hidaka Birthday 2017.png
Sagittarius "Today is my birthday.
Ah, you are a producer, so did you know without me saying?"

Reward: 15 Diamonds
Mika Kagehira Birthday 2017.png
Capricorn "Eh, what day is it today? Umm, I don't know what to say..."

Reward: 15 Diamonds

Birthday Course

Makoto Yuuki Birthday Course.png
Leo Tsukinaga Birthday Course.png
Madara Mikejima Birthday Course.png
Shinobu Sengoku Birthday Course.png
Tetora Nagumo Birthday Course.png
Subaru Akehoshi Birthday Course.png
Sora Harukawa Birthday Course.png
Hajime Shino Birthday Course.png
Koga Oogami Birthday Course.png
Tsumugi Aoba Birthday Course.png
Adonis Otogari Birthday Course.png
Midori Takamine Birthday Course.png
Kanata Shinkai Birthday Course.png
Keito Hasumi Birthday Course.png
Mitsuru Tenma Birthday Course.png
Chiaki Morisawa Birthday Course.png
Ritsu Sakuma Birthday Course.png
Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday Course.png
Shu Itsuki Birthday Course.png
Izumi Sena Birthday Course.png
Rei Sakuma Birthday Course.png
Kaoru Hakaze Birthday Course.png
Hokuto Hidaka Birthday Course.png
Mika Kagehira Birthday Course.png
Eichi Tenshouin Birthday Course.png
Tori Himemiya Birthday Course.png
Kuro Kiryu Birthday Course.png
Natsume Sakasaki Birthday Course.png
Wataru Hibiki Birthday Course.png
Arashi Narukami Birthday Course.png
Hinata Aoi Birthday Course.png
Yuta Aoi Birthday Course.png
Mao Isara Birthday Course.png
Tomoya Mashiro Birthday Course.png
Tsukasa Suou Birthday Course.png
Souma Kanzaki Birthday Course.png
Nazuna Nito Birthday Course.png

Birthday Skill

Makoto Yuuki Birthday Skill 2.png
Today is Makoto's Birthday.
Vocal 10% Up

Though timid, with an effort more than others,
"I'll do my best today too, alright? ♪"

Leo Tsukinaga Birthday Skill 2.png
Today is Leo's Birthday.
Dance 10% Up

With a free way of expressiveness and behavior,
"I'll do my best today, too!"

Madara Mikejima Birthday Skill 2.png
Today is Madara's Birthday.
Performance 10% Up

Seeking bright smiles and festivals,
"I'll do my best today, too! ☆"

Shinobu Sengoku Birthday Skill 2.png
Today is Shinobu's Birthday.
Performance 10% Up

Dreaming that someday, he'll become a true ninja,
"I shall do my best today, as well!"

Tetora Nagumo Birthday Skill 2.png
Today is Tetora's Birthday.
Dance 10% Up

Chasing behind the senior he admires,
"Today, I'm gonna cheerfully do my best, too!"

Subaru Akehoshi Birthday Skill 2.png
Today is Subaru's Birthday.
Dance 10% Up

Facing forward with a sparkling smile,
"I'll do my best today, too!"

Sora Harukawa Birthday Skill 2.png
Today is Sora's Birthday.
Performance 10% Up

Searching for happy sounds and colors,
"HaHa~ I'll do my best today too!"

Hajime Shino Birthday Skill 2.png
Today is Hajime's Birthday.
Vocal 10% Up

With a tender heart filled with kindness,
"I'll do my best today, as well ♪"

Koga Oogami Birthday Skill 2.png
Today is Koga's Birthday.
Vocal 10% Up

With uncompromising earnestness to go his own path,
"I'm gonna do my best today, too!"

Tsumugi Aoba Birthday Skill 2.png
Today is Tsumugi's Birthday.
Vocal 10% Up

Surrounded by free juniors,
"I'll do my best today too. ♪"

Adonis Otogari Birthday Skill 2.png
Today is Adonis's Birthday.
Vocal 10% Up

With honest kindness of thoughts toward his comrades,
"Today, too, I will do my best."

Midori Takamine Birthday Skill 2.png
Today is Midori's Birthday.
Performance 10% Up

Surrounded by loud intense people all around,
"Today at the least... I'll do my best..."

Kanata Shinkai Birthday Skill 2.png
Today is Kanata's Birthday.
Dance 10% Up

With love for the sea, with a heart as wide as the sea,
"Today I'll also do my best...♪"

Keito Hasumi Birthday Skill 2.png
Today is Keito's Birthday.
Vocal 10% Up

For peace & order, for the sake of his childhood friend
"I will do my best today as well"

Mitsuru Tenma Birthday Skill 2.png
Today is Mitsuru's Birthday.
Dance 10% Up

He says, innocently, with a dazzling smile
"I'll do my best today too, yanno!"

Chiaki Morisawa Birthday Skill 2.png
Today is Chiaki's Birthday.
Performance 10% Up

More intensely and cheerily than anyone,
"I'll do my best today too!"

Ritsu Sakuma Birthday Skill 2.png
Today is Ritsu's Birthday.
Performance 10% Up

With his own pace of dozing off
"Today, too, I'll kinda do my best..."

Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday Skill 2.png
Today is Yuzuru's Birthday.
Performance 10% Up

Doing everything for the sake of his beloved master,
"I shall do my best today as well"

Shu Itsuki Birthday Skill 2.png
Today is Shu's Birthday.
Performance 10% Up

For the sake of his ideals and the noble fine arts
"Hm. Today I WILL do my best as well."

Izumi Sena Birthday Skill 2.png
Today is Izumi's Birthday.
Dance 10% Up

Severely, whether to himself or to others,
"Today, too, I'll do my best for my own sake."

Rei Sakuma Birthday Skill 2.png
Today is Rei's Birthday.
Performance 10% Up

With the dark of night that loves his brother and comrades,
"I shall do my best today as well ♪"

Kaoru Hakaze Birthday Skill 2.png
Today is Kaoru's Birthday.
Vocal 10% Up

Loving freedom and girls,
"I guess I'll do my best that, too, huh?"

Hokuto Hidaka Birthday Skill 2.png
Today is Hokuto's Birthday.
Vocal 10% Up

Stubborn and impulsive but calm and collected
"Let's also do our best today."

Mika Kagehira Birthday Skill 2.png
Today is Mika's Birthday.
Vocal 10% Up

For the sake of his precious friends,
"I'm gonna do my best today too~!"

Eichi Tenshouin Birthday Skill 2.png
Today is Eichi's Birthday.
Performance 10% Up

With artlessness and cunning, as the top of the academy,
"Today too I'll do my best"

Tori Himemiya Birthday Skill 2.png
Today is Tori's Birthday.
Vocal 10% Up

More cutely selfish than anyone,
"I'll do my best today for my own sake too ♪"

Kuro Kiryu Birthday Skill 2.png
Today is Kuro's Birthday.
Performance 10% Up

With a sense of honor and common courtesy, valuing sewing,
"I'll do my best today too."

Natsume Sakasaki Birthday Skill 2.png
Today is Natsume's Birthday.
Dance 10% Up

Enjoyably, while ridiculing others
"I'll do my best today, as WELL ♪"

Wataru Hibiki Birthday Skill 2.png
Today is Wataru's Birthday.
Vocal 10% Up

While spreading love and surprises,
"Today, as well, let us do our best Amazingly...☆"

Arashi Narukami Birthday Skill 2.png
Today is Arashi's Birthday.
Vocal 10% Up

While willfully pursuing beauty,
"I'll do my best today, too ♪"

Hinata Aoi Birthday Skill 2.png
Today is Hinata's Birthday.
Dance 10% Up

As an Oniichan with thoughts of his younger brother,
"After all, I'll do my best today, too, okay?!"

Yuta Aoi Birthday Skill 2.png
Today is Yuta's Birthday.
Performance 10% Up

Despite being teased by his older brother,
"I'll do my best today too!"

Mao Isara Birthday Skill 2.png
Today is Mao's Birthday.
Vocal 10% Up

While freely being used by those around him,
"I'll do my best today, too!"

Tomoya Mashiro Birthday Skill 2.png
Today is Tomoya's Birthday.
Dance 10% Up

With an ordinary mind possessed of common sense,
"I'll do my best today too!"

Tsukasa Suou Birthday Skill 2.png
Today is Tsukasa's Birthday.
Dance 10% Up

Aiming for the image of an ideal knight,
"I will do my best today, as well!"

Souma Kanzaki Birthday Skill 2.png
Today is Souma's Birthday.
Dance 10% Up

With the heart of a warrior, straightforward and thinking of his seniors,
"I shall do my best today as well!"

Nazuna Nito Birthday Skill 2.png
Today is Nazuna's Birthday.
Performance 10% Up

Powerfully, with his small build,
"I'll do my best too ♪"

Birthday Stage

At 0 Presents At 1,000+ Presents Motion
Makoto Yuuki
Makoto Yuuki Birthday 2017 Stage.png
Makoto Yuuki Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
Makoto Yuuki Birthday Sash Chibi.gif
Leo Tsukinaga
Leo Tsukinaga Birthday 2017 Stage.png
Leo Tsukinaga Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
Leo Tsukinaga Birthday Sash Chibi.gif
Madara Mikejima
Madara Mikejima Birthday 2017 Stage.png
Madara Mikejima Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
Madara Mikejima Birthday Sash Chibi.gif
Shinobu Sengoku
Shinobu Sengoku Birthday 2017 Stage.png
Shinobu Sengoku Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
Shinobu Sengoku Birthday Sash Chibi.gif
Tetora Nagumo
Tetora Nagumo Birthday 2017 Stage.png
Tetora Nagumo Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
Tetora Nagumo Birthday Sash Chibi.gif
Subaru Akehoshi
Subaru Akehoshi Birthday 2017 Stage.png
Subaru Akehoshi Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
Subaru Akehoshi Birthday Sash Chibi.gif
Sora Harukawa
Sora Harukawa Birthday 2017 Stage.png
Sora Harukawa Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
Sora Harukawa Birthday Sash Chibi.gif
Hajime Shino
Hajime Shino Birthday 2017 Stage.png
Hajime Shino Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
Hajime Shino Birthday Sash Chibi.gif
Koga Oogami
Koga Oogami Birthday 2017 Stage.png
Koga Oogami Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
Koga Oogami Birthday Sash Chibi.gif
Tsumugi Aoba
Tsumugi Aoba Birthday 2017 Stage.png
Tsumugi Aoba Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
Tsumugi Aoba Birthday Sash Chibi.gif
Adonis Otogari
Adonis Otogari Birthday 2017 Stage.png
Adonis Otogari Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
Adonis Otogari Birthday Sash Chibi.gif
Midori Takamine
Midori Takamine Birthday 2017 Stage.png
Midori Takamine Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
Midori Takamine Birthday Sash Chibi.gif
Kanata Shinkai
Kanata Shinkai Birthday 2017 Stage.png
Kanata Shinkai Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
Kanata Shinkai Birthday Sash Chibi.gif
Keito Hasumi
Keito Hasumi Birthday 2017 Stage.png
Keito Hasumi Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
Keito Hasumi Birthday Sash Chibi.gif
Mitsuru Tenma
Mitsuru Tenma Birthday 2017 Stage.png
Mitsuru Tenma Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
Mitsuru Tenma Birthday Sash Chibi.gif
Chiaki Morisawa
Chiaki Morisawa Birthday 2017 Stage.png
Chiaki Morisawa Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
Chiaki Morisawa Birthday Sash Chibi.gif
Ritsu Sakuma
Ritsu Sakuma Birthday 2017 Stage.png
Ritsu Sakuma Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
Ritsu Sakuma Birthday Sash Chibi.gif
Yuzuru Fushimi
Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday 2017 Stage.png
Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday Sash Chibi.gif
Shu Itsuki
Shu Itsuki Birthday 2017 Stage.png
Shu Itsuki Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
Shu Itsuki Birthday Sash Chibi.gif
Izumi Sena
Izumi Sena Birthday 2017 Stage.png
Izumi Sena Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
Izumi Sena Birthday Sash Chibi.gif
Rei Sakuma
Rei Sakuma Birthday 2017 Stage.png
Rei Sakuma Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
Rei Sakuma Birthday Sash Chibi.gif
Kaoru Hakaze
Kaoru Hakaze Birthday 2017 Stage.png
Kaoru Hakaze Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
Kaoru Hakaze Birthday Sash Chibi.gif
Hokuto Hidaka
Hokuto Hidaka Birthday 2017 Stage.png
Hokuto Hidaka Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
Hokuto Hidaka Birthday Sash Chibi.gif
Mika Kagehira
Mika Kagehira Birthday 2017 Stage.png
Mika Kagehira Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
Mika Kagehira Birthday Sash Chibi.gif
Eichi Tenshouin
Eichi Tenshouin Birthday 2017 Stage.png
Eichi Tenshouin Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
Eichi Tenshouin Birthday Sash Chibi.gif
Tori Himemiya
Tori Himemiya Birthday 2017 Stage.png
Tori Himemiya Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
Tori Himemiya Birthday Sash Chibi.gif
Kuro Kiryu
Kuro Kiryu Birthday 2017 Stage.png
Kuro Kiryu Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
Kuro Kiryu Birthday Sash Chibi.gif
Natsume Sakasaki
Natsume Sakasaki Birthday 2017 Stage.png
Natsume Sakasaki Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
Natsume Sakasaki Birthday Sash Chibi.gif
Wataru Hibiki
Wataru Hibiki Birthday 2017 Stage.png
Wataru Hibiki Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
Wataru Hibiki Birthday Sash Chibi.gif
Arashi Narukami
Arashi Narukami Birthday 2017 Stage.png
Arashi Narukami Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
Arashi Narukami Birthday Sash Chibi.gif
Hinata Aoi
Hinata Aoi Birthday 2017 Stage.png
Hinata Aoi Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
Hinata Aoi Birthday Sash Chibi.gif
Yuta Aoi
Yuta Aoi Birthday 2017 Stage.png
Yuta Aoi Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
Yuta Aoi Birthday Sash Chibi.gif
Mao Isara
Mao Isara Birthday 2017 Stage.png
Mao Isara Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
Mao Isara Birthday Sash Chibi.gif
Tomoya Mashiro
Tomoya Mashiro Birthday 2017 Stage.png
Tomoya Mashiro Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
Tomoya Mashiro Birthday Sash Chibi.gif
Tsukasa Suou
Tsukasa Suou Birthday 2017 Stage.png
Tsukasa Suou Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
Tsukasa Suou Birthday Sash Chibi.gif
Souma Kanzaki
Souma Kanzaki Birthday 2017 Stage.png
Souma Kanzaki Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
Souma Kanzaki Birthday Sash Chibi.gif
Nazuna Nito
Nazuna Nito Birthday 2017 Stage.png
Nazuna Nito Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
Nazuna Nito Birthday Sash Chibi.gif

Birthday Voice Clip

  • Characters' "Birthday (誕生日)" voice clips will now be added to the Yumecoin Shop on their birthdays.
Character Messages Audio
Makoto Yuuki うわぁ……、これを僕に?嬉しくって涙がでちゃうかも!ありがとう!

Uwaa... Is this for me? I'm so happy, I might burst into tears! Thank you!

File:Makoto Yuuki Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
Leo Tsukinaga わははは☆ そうだ、おれの誕生日だ!おまえに祝ってもらうのも嬉しいぞ!

Wahaha☆ That's right, it's my birthday! I'm glad to have you greet me, too!

File:Leo Tsukinaga Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
Madara Mikejima 俺の喜ぶことを知っているなんてさすがだなあ……♪いやあ、本当に嬉しい、ありがとうっ!

Knowing what I'd be pleased with, that's just as expected of you, isn't it...? ♪ Why, I'm really glad, thank you!

File:Madara Mikejima Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
Shinobu Sengoku 感激でござる~!ご主君からのお祝いの言葉、拙者の胸に熱く刻んだでござるよ!

I am deeply moved~! These words of congratulations from my lord... they have been intensely engraved into my heart!

File:Shinobu Sengoku Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
Tetora Nagumo わあぁ!お祝いしてくれるんスか!くうぅっ、嬉しいッス!感激ッス!

Waaah! Are you gonna greet me? Kuuu, I'm happy! I'm deeply moved!

File:Tetora Nagumo Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
Subaru Akehoshi えへへ、ありがとう!君からのプレゼント、すっごく嬉しいよ!

Ehehe, thank you! A present from you, I'm suuuper glad, you know!

File:Subaru Akehoshi Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
Character Messages Audio
Sora Harukawa HaHiHuHeHo~♪ Happyな~、宙はお祝いされてとっても嬉しいです!

HaHiHuHeHo~♪ It's Happy, isn't it~? Sora is very glad to be greeted!

File:Sora Harukawa Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
Hajime Shino あ、あのう。ありがとうございます・・・・・・。こんなに祝ってもらえるなんて、どうしよう・・・・・・

U-um... Thank you very much... That I could celebrate this much, what should I do...?

File:Hajime Shino Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
Koga Oogami お、おう。有り難く貰ってやる・・・・・・。ふんっ、俺様のご機嫌取りが上手くなったじゃね〜か!
File:Koga Oogami Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
Tsumugi Aoba お、俺なんかを祝ってくれるんですか!? あ、ありがとうございます!嬉しいです!

Y-You're celebrating for someone like me!? T-Thank you! I'm happy!

File:Tsumugi Aoba Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
Adonis Otogari ・・・・・・っ!ありがとう、やはりおまえに祝わってもらえると嬉しいな。さぁ、肉を食べよう

...! Thank you, it makes me happy to celebrate with you after all. Now, let's eat meat.

File:Adonis Otogari Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
Midori Takamine プレゼントくれるんスか・・・・・・?それもゆるキャラのグッズだし、嬉しい・・・・・・ ♪

You'll give a present to me...? And it's even mascot character merchandise, I'm happy... ♪

File:Midori Takamine Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
Kanata Shinkai ふふ、『おいわい』とってもうれしいです〜 ♪ おかえしは、どんな『しんかいぎょ』がいいでしょう・・・・・・ ♪

Fufu, the "celebration" made me very happy~ ♪ In return, what "deep-sea fish" would be good... ♪

File:Kanata Shinkai Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
Keito Hasumi 祝わってもらって悪い気はしないものだな。礼に、誕生日にまつわる為になる話をしてやろう
File:Keito Hasumi Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
Mitsuru Tenma うわぁ、ね〜ちゃんの手作りケーキ!オレが独り占めしてもいいんだぜ?

Uwaa, Nee-chan's homemade cake! Can I have all of it?

File:Mitsuru Tenma Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
Chiaki Morisawa ふふふ、その言葉を待っていた!嬉しいなぁ、おまえの言葉は胸にじーんとくるな・・・・・・
File:Chiaki Morisawa Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
Ritsu Sakuma ありがと、あんたに祝ってもらえるのは嬉しい〜。今日は、好きなだけ寝ててもいいよね?

Thank you, I'm happy to have been able to celebrate with you~ Today, isn't it okay for me to sleep for as long as I like?

File:Ritsu Sakuma Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
Yuzuru Fushimi ふふ、ありがとうございます。わたくしのためにプレゼントには・・・・・・照れてしまいますね。

Fufu, thank you very much. To have given me a present... it flusters me.

File:Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
Shu Itsuki カカカ!このプレゼントならばもらっておこう。なかなか見所があるようだね。
File:Shu Itsuki Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
Izumi Sena ふぅん。あんたにお祝いされても嬉しくないし。まぁ貰えるもんは貰っておいてあげるけどぉ?
File:Izumi Sena Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
Rei Sakuma くくく、嬢ちゃんに祝ってもらえるのなら、いくつ年をとっても構わんのう・・・・・・ ♪

Kukuku, to have been able to celebrate with you, young lady, I wouldn't mind doing it again for many years... ♪

File:Rei Sakuma Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
Kaoru Hakaze ハニーに祝ってもらえるなんて、最高のプレゼントだよ! ありがとう・・・・・・ ♪

To be able to celebrate with Honey is the best present! Thank you... ♪

File:Kaoru Hakaze Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
Jin Sagami おぉ、俺にプレゼント? うんうん、おまえは可愛い生徒だな ♪

Oh, a present for me? Yes yes, you're a cute student, aren't you? ♪

File:Jin Sagami Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
Hokuto Hidaka ありがとう・・・・・・。なんだか恥ずかしいが、おまえに祝ってもらえて嬉しいと思う・・・・・・

Thank you... It's somewhat embarrassing, but I think it makes me happy to celebrate with you...

File:Hokuto Hidaka Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
Mika Kagehira そ、そやねん! おれの誕生日覚えててくれたんや? お祝い嬉しいわぁ ♪
File:Mika Kagehira Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
Eichi Tenshouin ふふ、ありがとう。今日一日、一緒にいてくれるだけで僕は嬉しいよ。

Fufu, thank you. Even if just on this day, it makes me happy to be with you.

File:Eichi Tenshouin Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
Tori Himemiya なぁに、ボクにプレゼント? おまえは良い奴隷だな! よしよし、褒めてつかわす!

Whaat, a present for me? You're such a good slave! Yes yes, I'll praise you!

File:Tori Himemiya Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
Kuro Kiryu お、おう・・・・・・ありがとう。嬢ちゃんに祝ってもらうと、くすぐったいが嬉しいもんだな。
File:Kuro Kiryu Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
Natsume Sakasaki フフフ、ありがとう・・・・・・ ♪ 子猫ちゃんに祝われて嬉しいナ・・・・・・ ♪

Fufufu, thank you... ♪ I'm happy to be able to celebrate with the Little KittEN... ♪

File:Natsume Sakasaki Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
Wataru Hibiki フフフ。いい言葉をいただきましたが、思った以上に嬉しいですね・・・・・・ ☆
File:Wataru Hibiki Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
Akiomi Kunugi ・・・・・・えっ、私にお祝いプレゼントですか? ・・・・・・ふん、頂いておきましょう。

...Eh, a present to celebrate for me? ...Hm, I will accept it.

File:Akiomi Kunugi Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
Arashi Narukami あらァ、アタシにプレゼントね。ありがとっ ♪ ウフフ、やっぱりあなたは良い子ねェ?

Oh my, a present for me. Thank you. ♪ Ufufu, you're really a good girl, aren't you?

File:Arashi Narukami Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
Hinata Aoi にひひっ、ありがとう! 誕生日なんだからご褒美で、今日は付き合ってよね〜!

Nihihi, thank you! Since it's my birthday, as a reward, go out with me for today~!

File:Hinata Aoi Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
Yuta Aoi あっ、ありがとうございます! プレゼント、用意してくれたんですね、嬉しいです・・・・・・

Ah, thank you very much! You even prepared a present for me, I'm so happy...

File:Yuta Aoi Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
Mao Isara おお、誕生日のお祝い? ありがとよ、こんなふうに祝ってもらえるのは嬉しいなっ ♪

Ooh, a birthday celebration? Thanks, celebrating this much made me really happy. ♪

File:Mao Isara Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
Tomoya Mashiro あ、ありがとうございます・・・・・・。言わせたみたいですみません。でも嬉しいです・・・・・・
File:Tomoya Mashiro Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
Tsukasa Suou これが、お姉さまの言葉……。とても胸に響きます、最高のPresentですね…… ♪

These words from Onee-sama... They resound within my chest, this is truly the best present... ♪

File:Tsukasa Suou Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
Souma Kanzaki 我のためにこうして祝っていただけるとは、身に余る光栄だ。……ありがとう
File:Souma Kanzaki Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
Nazuna Nito ありがとう! へへっ、年上でも祝ってくれるのは嬉しいからな……!

Thanks! Hehe, it makes me happy that you still celebrated even though I'm a year older...!

File:Nazuna Nito Birthday(Celebrated).ogg


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