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Beach Match
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Season: Summer (夏)
Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Chapters: 14
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Chapter List
  • Prologue
  • Ch 1 - Ch 2 - Ch 3 - Ch 4 - Ch 5 - Ch 6 - Ch 7 - Ch 8 - Ch 9 - Ch 10 - Ch 11 - Ch 12
  • Epilogue
Story Notes

Titles and Honorifics

  • -dono: That honorific that particularly humble or traditional characters use. If you watch anime that are set in the Meiji era (or older) you may be familiar with this. Shinobu uses this since he's a ninja otaku.
  • Taichou: Commander or Squad Leader thus why Chiaki makes everyone call him Taichou, as Ryuseitai is literally "Meteor Squad"
  • Buchou: Club Leader. I would have kept Club Leader, but it didn't match the line it was used in.
  • Taishou: Though this has been translated as "Boss" by many (and may be the intended meaning as Tetora uses it on Kiryu Kuro), I keep this as Taishou since it has many meanings, including Chief, or a familiar way to address a fellow male. Notably, it also seems to have this meaning: "The athlete who competes in the last match of a team competition, particularly martial arts" and since they're Karate Club, it felt worth mentioning.

Character Speech Patterns

  • Shinobu tends to speak in somewhat archaic forms, while simultaneously sounding childish (he's fond of onomatopoeias, for example). He likes to use sessha (a humble and old way of referring to yourself), and even uses some old forms (such as using -nu instead of -nai for negatives). These are really hard to portray in translations outside of making him speak as humble/polite/archaic as I could, so I'm mentioning them here.
  • Tetora has this speech tic where he shortens "desu" to just "ssu" and changes "-masu" forms to "-ru 'ssu." It seems to be something that isn't too uncommon (I've seen Midori do it sometimes too), but Tetora uses it almost all the time. It's also a bit hard to portray this in translations, though I have attempted to by making him speak more casually or by shortcutting his words and sentences.
  • Kanata... speaks entirely in Hiragana, without using kanji at all and turning Katakana into Hiragana as well. I... have no idea how to portray this in English, I've tried by making him use shorter/simpler words but just know that's what it is.

Other words

  • Rei has somewhat antiquated speech, using an old arrogant form of I (我輩 = Wagahai) and an old form of you that's used on equals and inferiors (おぬし = Onushi). He also uses really old, probably debunked verb forms and somewhat archaic words in general.
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