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Work is a feature that allows you to level up cards, gain fans, and collect the following items: Stat Pieces, Growth Tickets, Square Scout Tickets, and ES Coins. Currently, you can manage up to 2 cards at once, for a maximum time of 8 hours each. Note that you cannot use cards of the same character in both slots.


Work Main Screen

Starting work:

  1. On the right side, tap a yellow button (お仕事選択) to go to the work selection screen.

  2. Work Selection Screen
  3. On the bottom left, tap the slot or card to select a card. This will bring you to your card list, meaning that cards in the album cannot be chosen. Cards from Ensemble Stars! cannot be chosen either.

  4. (Optional) On the left, you can select to use a Schedule Book, which is used to increase the number of items earned during Work This item is consumed once the course is completed, and cannot be used again.

  5. Select the Work Activity you wish to do from the list on the right of the screen. The left number indicates how long the activity will last. The middle number shows how many times that activity has been completed. The number on the right, shows how much AP the activity costs.
    In order to unlock more Work Activities, you must complete a certain Work activity five times. A full List of Activities and their unlocking conditions can be found at the bottom of this page.

  6. Once you have selected a Work Activity, click the yellow button at the bottom right to start it. This will bring you to your character performing whatever action you have assigned to them.
    Work Activity in Progress

    You can check back in on them at any time during the duration of the course by clicking the orange Work button on the Home Screen. Work occurs in the background of the app, so you are free to do whatever you would like while it is running. In fact, time will continue to progress even when the app is closed.

    Tip: Management is a great way to spend AP when you know you will not be playing the game for a few hours. You can set two 8-hour management courses to run in the background while you sleep, for example. This will consume 120 AP, which takes 6 hours to refill, allowing you to not worry about letting your AP sit full for several hours.

  7. The Work Activity will complete once its time duration is over. Note that you will receive a phone notification that a course has been completed. You will also see a red exclamation point (!) on the Work button on the Home Screen once an activity has been completed. Click on the Work button to see the results.

Work History

To access this menu, click on the clipboard icon on the bottom right of the Work main screen.

Work History - Tab 1

This screen is the first tab and shows you the list of Work Activities and the number of times you have completed each. The list will only show activities that you have already unlocked. The left number in a box shows the duration of the activity and the right showshow many times you have completed it.

Work History - Tab 2

  • The number on the top left shows the number of times Work Activities were started.
  • The number on the bottom left shows the cumulative amount of time spent doing Work Activities.
  • On the right, the character icons show your top 3 idols, as well as how many times you have used their cards for Work.

Work Items

Item Effect How to obtain Expires
Schedule Book.png
Schedule Book
Increases the number of items earned during Work. Never

List of Activities

Activity Speeds
Duration (hour) EXP per hour Fans per hour
0.5 200 8
1 200 8
2 150 6
4 100 4
8 75 3

List of Activities
Work Activity (JP) Work Activity (EN) Duration (hour) Fans Gained Unlock Condition
振り付け確認 Choreography Rehearsal 0.5 4 n/a
準備運動 Warm-Up Exercises 0.5 4 n/a
宣材写真を撮る Head Shot Photographing 0.5 4 n/a
ティータイム Teatime 0.5 4 n/a
筋トレ Weight Training 0.5 4 n/a
リサーチ Research 0.5 4 n/a
発声練習 Speech Practice 1 8 n/a
演技練習 Acting Practice 1 8 n/a
縄跳び Jump Rope 1 8 n/a
おやつ Sweets 1 8 n/a
ダンス練習 Dance Pracice 1 8 Added 6/28/20
ウオーキング Walking 1 8 Added 6/28/20
テレビナレーション収録 TV Narration Recording 2 12 n/a
ライブ音源確認 Live Sound Test 2 12 n/a
休憩 Break 2 12 n/a
PV撮影 PV Shooting 2 12 n/a
アフタヌーンティータイム Afternoon Teatime 2 12 5 x Teatime
(added 6/28/20)
食事 Meal 2 12 Added 6/28/20
TV番組アンケート TV Program Survey 2 12 Added 10/1/21
仮眠 Nap 4 16 5 x Break
(added 6/28/20)
ライブ映像確認 Checking Live Show Footage 4 16 5 x Live Sound Test
(added 6/28/20)
ジョギング Jogging 4 16 5 x Walking
(added 6/28/20)
PV撮影(ロケ) PV Shooting (On Location) 4 16 5 x PV Shooting
(added 6/28/20)
高速縄跳び High-speed Jump Rope 4 16 5 x Jump Rode
(added 6/28/20)
歌唱練習 Singing Practice 4 16 5 x Speech Practice
(added 6/28/20)
TV番組ロケ TV Program Location 4 16 Added 11/1/21
リハーサル Rehearsal 8 24 n/a
ソロパート練習 Solo Part Practice 8 24 n/a
ラジオ放送 Radio Broadcast 8 24 5 x テレビナレーション収録
(added 6/28/20)
大食い Large Meal 8 24 5 x Meal
(added 6/28/20)
筋トレ(上級) Weight Training (Advanced) 8 24 5 x Weight Training
(added 6/28/20)