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The English Ensemble Stars Wiki

In Ensemble Stars! Basic, players can access Ensemble Stars! mode clicking the menu button on the top right corner and then click the blue button that reads あんさんぶるスターズ!へ (containing a "!" with an arrow around it).



Leo Tsukinaga Birthday 2020 Campaign.png
A banner will be displayed on the home screen, so you'll know if the campaign is active.
  • Their idol roads will take less jewels to unlock nodes.
  • A Birthday voice clip will automatically be unlocked.
  • You will get double Intimacy Points for them in Intimate Events.
  • A Birthday Course and new talk events will be available from the character's birthday banner.

See the Birthdays page for a list of birthdays.

User Birthday Banner.png
  • ??

See the Birthdays page for more details.