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Title Screen

Music Main Screen.png
  • Data Transfer (連携): This allows you to have accounts on multiple devices. The account stays on the original device even after transferring. You are limited to one transfer a day. To set your transfer code, visit Settings.
  • Support Menu (サポートメニュー):
    • Contact Us (お問い合わせ): Contains information about how you should contact HappyEle if you're having any issues. See Contact for more details.
    • Terms of Service (利用規約)
    • Clear Cache (キャッシュ消除): In red text. Clear your cache to free up some data. Things may take a bit longer to load after doing this as the data needs to be downloaded again.
    • Support Settings (サポート設定)
      • Don't play scout animations (スカウト演出を再生しない)
      • Don't play the opening movie (オープニングムービーを再生しない)


  • Before you Contact (お問い合わせの前に):
  • Known Bugs (現在確認している不具合)
  • FAQ (よくある質問と回答)
  • Types of emails (by row)
    • When an error occurs while purchasing Dia (ダイヤ購入エラー)
    • Bug Report (不具合報告)
    • When an error occurs during scouting (スカウトエラー)
    • Data Transfer (連携)
    • Feature Request (アプリへのご要望)
    • Other Enquiries (その他のお問い合わせ)


Music Login Bonus Screen.png
  • The Login Bonus repeats in a week-long pattern. While most days change their bonus once you complete the week, Day 3 and Day 7 always give you 5 and 10 Diamonds respectively.
  • There is an additional mostly-Diamond bonus that relies on total days logged in:
Login Bonus
Reward Total Days Logged In
Diamond mini.png 10 Diamonds 10, 20, 40, 50
Diamond mini.png 15 Diamonds 30
Crown Medal.png 1 Crown Medal 77
Diamond mini.png 35 Diamonds 100, 150, 200, 250, 300,

350, 400, 450, 550, 600,
650, 700, 800

Diamond mini.png 100 Diamonds 365, 500, 750

Home Screen

Basic Home Screen.png

Starting from the top left:

  • Present Box: This is where Scout, Event, and Login Bonuses are sent to be claimed. The date to the right is their expiration date (in JST?). AP/LP/BP-restoring items from events will expire once the next event starts.
  • Info: Recent news can be viewed here.
  • Character Icon: Tap on the icon with your chosen character's face to change what is displayed on your Home Screen. Also see Change Screen.
  • Campaigns: Initially, this area shows the Beginner Tasks until you complete them. Other current campaigns might be displayed here as well.
  • Sliding Banners: All currently on-going campaigns, scouts, etc. are displayed here.

Starting from the top right:

  • Menu: Takes you to the menu.
  • Story (ストーリー): Takes you to the story area.
  • Cards (カード): Takes you to your card list.
  • Scouting (スカウト): Takes you to the scouting area.
  • D.L.F.S (フェスプロデュース): Takes you to the D.L.F.S Courses. See D.L.F.S Guide for help on how to play them.
  • Work (お仕事): Let your idols do Work.
  • Event: The button above Office takes you to the Event page.

Home Screen Change


Basic Home Change Screen.png

Top left:

  • Switch between idol model and CG mode.

Top right:

  • The left button toggles the screen orientation.
  • The center button enters photo mode. (In order to use this feature, you have to allow access to the device storage first.)
  • The right button switches off the UI elements.

Bottom left:

  • Tap the top button (スターズ!) to change to the Ensemble Stars! home screen.
  • Tap the bottom button (着せ替え) to change the outfit of your character on the home screen, background, or BGM. You can set a second character as well.
Music Home Change Screen 2.png

Left side:

  • First person (1人目): Select an idol to change the first person.
  • Second person (2人目): Select an idol to set a second person.
    • To remove the second person, tap the first square (なし).
    • Select the second square (日替わり) to have the second person change daily to a random person.

See Idol Room for details on outfit, background, and BGM change.


Music Home Change Screen 3.png
  • Top left: Switch between idol mode and CG mode.
  • Top Right: Switch off the UI elements.
  • Bottom left: Change the CG.
Basic HomeScreenEditScreen.png

Top right:

  • The top button changes the sorting mode:
    • Card rarity (レア度)
    • Order in which you obtained the cards (入手順)
    • Idol (アイドル)
  • The button on the right switches between ascending (昇順) and descending (降順) order.


Basic Menu Screen.png

Right side:

  • Mostly the same as on the Home Screen except the blue button (あんさんぶるスターズ!へ) which takes you to the Ensemble Stars! mode.

Middle left:

  • Shop (ショップ): Takes you to the shop main screen. See Shops.
  • Idol Room (アイドルルーム): Takes you to where you can view all the idols' information. This includes their individual rank, number of fans, and unit profiles. Tapping on an individual idol brings you to their personal page, which includes missions to increase their rank, their personal profile, voice clips, chibis, and card album.
  • Unit Settings (ユニット編成): AKA Unit. Takes you to where you can set and modify your Live Unit. You can have up to 4 units at one time.
  • User Profile (プロフィール): AKA Friend/Profile. Takes you to where you can view and edit your User Profile, which is viewable by other players. You can add friends here as well.
  • Items (アイテム倉庫): Takes you to your item storage, where you can view all usable, growth-related, and outfit-related items.
  • Data Room (データ館寮室): View unit data and MVs, set your transfer code, etc.

Bottom left:

  • App Settings (アプリ設定): Change settings for the app, such as audio volume, notifications, and text speed. See App Settings for details.
  • Help (ヘルプ): Takes you to the support website.
  • Title Screen (タイトルへ): Takes you back to the Title Screen.


Music Shop Screen.png

This is the shop main screen, listed as Shop (ショップ) in the Menu. From here you can access the following shops:

  • Dia Purchase (ダイヤ購入): Purchase Dias (the currency) here.
  • Scout Coin Exchange (スカウトコイン交換所): Exchange Scout/Select Coins for scout cards here.
  • ES Coin Shop (コインショップ): Exchange ES Conis for voice lines, room outfits, backgrounds, and BGM here.
  • Dia Shop (ダイヤショップ): Buy items with Dia here.
  • Event Memorial Exchange (イベントメモリアル交換所): Exchange Memorial Coins for cards from past events here. Other event items like minitalks, backgrounds, etc. are available as well.


Basic Story Screen.png

Right side:

  • Main Story (メインストーリー)
  • Campaign Stories (キャンペーンストーリー): View past event and scout stories.
  • Idol Stories (アイドルストーリー): View stories with/about specific idols here.
  • Minitalk (ミニトーク): View Minitalks from past events and campaigns here.
  • CG Album (スチルアルバム): This is the story CG album, sorted by idols.
  • Unit Introduction (ユニット入門): Gives an introduction to the unit and suggests stories with/about this unit.

Left side:

  • ! (スターズ!): Takes you to the Ensemble Stars! stories.
  • Search (検索): Search stories by characters, season, writer, and category. See Story Search for details.
  • Favorites (お気に入り): This is a list of your favorite chapters. To favorite a chapter, tap the heart symbol on the chapter list.
  • Last Read (最後に読んだストーリー): Takes you to the last story you read.
Basic Story Screen 2.png

Right side:

  • Main Story (メインストーリー)
  • Recommended Unit Stories (ユニット別おすすめストーリー): Select a unit and see a timeline of suggested stories about this unit.
  • Story Playlist (ストーリープレイリスト): Create a playlist with your favorite stories. See Story Playlist.
  • Campaign Stories (キャンペーンストーリー): View past event and scout stories.
  • Sub Stories (アイドルストーリー): View stories with/about specific idols here.
  • Mini Events (プロデュースイベント): View Mini Events from past events and campaigns here.
  • CG Album (スチルアルバム): This is the story CG album, sorted by idols.

Left side:

  • Recommended Reading Order (おすすめの読み方): Shows a window that recommends to start by reading the Main Story, followed by stories of units that you like, then other event and scout stories.
  • <!!> (スターズ!!): Takes you to the Ensemble Stars!! stories.
  • Search (検索): Search stories by characters, season, writer, and category. See Story Search for details.
  • Favorites (お気に入り): This is a list of your favorite chapters. To favorite a chapter, tap the heart symbol on the chapter list.
  • Last Read (最後に読んだストーリー): Takes you to the last story you read.

Story Search

Story Search Screen.png


  • Unread Only (未読のみ): Tick this to show unread stories only.
  • Close (閉じる): Closes the window.
  • Search (検索する): Searches for stories with the defined settings.

Right side:

  • Select up to three characters that should appear in the story.
  • Tap the icon of the character to select them.
  • To remove a character from the selection, first tap the selected character, then tap the blank icon (はずす).

Left side:

  • Story Category (ストーリーカテゴリー): Searches for stories in the selected category.
  • Writer (ライター): Searches for stories written by the selected writer.
    • All (すべて)
    • Akira (日日日)
    • Yuuki Yoshino (結城由乃)
    • Yuumasu (ゆーます)
    • Nishioka Maiko (西岡麻衣子)
    • Kino Seitaro (木野誠太郎)
    • Seishun Kyakuhon (青春脚本)
    • Umeda Chitose (梅田千歳)
    • Happy Elements K.K (Happy Elements株式会社)
  • Season (時期): Searches for stories that take place in the selected season.
    • All (すべて)
    • Spring (春)
    • Summer (夏)
    • Autumn (秋)
    • Winter (冬)
    • Past (過去)

Story Playlist


  • There are five scout categories: Event Scout, Feature Scout, Diamond Scout, Birthday Scout, and Square Scout. The first four categories have 3-5☆ cards in their scout pool, while Square Scout has 1-4☆ cards.
  • Diamonds are split between Free and Paid Dia which mainly affects special scouting campaigns and a once a day discounted diamond scout.

Event and Feature Scouts

Basic Feature Scout Screen.png
  • The left bar shows banners of currently available scouts.
  • The bottom left button (交換所) takes you to the Scout Coin Exchange. The display to the right is the number of Select Coins that you possess for this scout.

Right side, starting from the top:

  • Scout History (前回の結果): Shows your scout history for the last five scouts. On the history screen, tap the top right button (過去の結果) to switch between scout results.
  • Outfit Preview (衣装試着): Shows a preview of the outfits that are unlockable in the featured cards.
  • Obtainable Card List (出現カード一覧): Shows you exactly which cards you can get from this scout.
  • Scout Details (スカウト詳細): Takes you to the scout's respective Support or Information page in your Internet browser.
  • Read the Story (ストーリーを読む): Takes you to the story of this scout. It will be free to read during the scout duration, make sure to read it for free Dia. Once the scout ends and you have not read the story, it will lock up.
  • Paid Dia 1-Scout (有償ダイヤでスカウト!): Use 10 Paid Dia to do a 1-scout. Only available once a day.
  • 1-Scout (スカウト!): Use 35 Dia to do a 1-scout.
  • 10-Scout (10連続スカウト): Use 350 Dia to do a 10-scout. One 4☆ card is guaranteed.

Birthday Scout

Makoto Yuuki Birthday 2021 Scout.png
  • The rate of getting the character's cards will be increased by 14x. Cards of the character are not guaranteed.

Diamond Scout

Basic Diamond Scout Screen.png
  • Use Diamonds (Dia) to scout. Dia can be obtained as login bonuses, during events, by reading stories, completing beginner tasks, and as Live rewards.
  • Rarity Chances: 5☆: 3%, 4☆: 7%, 3☆: 90%

Square Scout

Basic Square Scout Screen.png
  • Use SQ Tickets to scout. SQ Tickets can be obtained during Lives.
  • No rarity is guaranteed whether you do a 1-scout or a 10-scout.
  • Rarity Chances: 4☆: 0.1%, 3☆: 1.9%, 2☆: 38%, 1☆: 60%.