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Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
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Location: Light Music Clubroom
Mao Isara School Dialogue Render.png

Excuse me~ Um, Sakuma-senpai, are you free right now?

I was thinking I’d like to talk to you about various things concerning Ritsu, see~ And also about the “Spring Music Festival”…

Uh, umm?

Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render.png

O~i, oioioi, o~ioioioi…[1]

Mao Isara School Dialogue Render.png

Uwah, this is the first time I’ve ever seen a real person cry like “o~i, oi.”

Koga Oogami School Dialogue Render.png

Anyway, why is he cryin’? W-W-W-What happened? H-Hey, what’s wrong with ya, vampire bastard~?!

Adonis Otogari School Dialogue Render.png

Don’t cry, Sakuma-senpai. You are a strong person, are you not?

Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render.png

Uu…*sniff!* Ohh, Doggie, Adonis-kun, and…”Trickstar?”

Hahah, I understand. I have read the composition–you intend to perform alongside us at the “Spring Music Festival,” correct?

Mao Isara School Dialogue Render.png

Ahaha, your good guessing ability saves us some time. Rather than that, though, why are you crying, Sakuma-senpai?

Um, I got into a fight with Ritsu, you see…I’d like to consult with you a little on that matter.

Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render.png

Eh~…? I’m the one who would like to consult with you~ Listen to this, Isara-kun! Ritsu you know, Ritsu is so cruel to me~?!

This morning, that child seemed to be in a “dejected” mood as he was walking through the hallway…

I thought I should cheer him up. I am his Onii-chan after all!

I do not know what happened, but since Ritsu was in a gloomy mood…

I thought I would try to encourage him. So I suddenly hugged him from behind and pet him on the head saying “good boy, good boy!”

Of course, Ritsu would dislike it. But even if I have the cold body of an immortal…

I thought of distributing even a slight amount of warmth to him, you see? In other words, this is an older brother’s love!

Even if he says it is irritating, or punches or kicks me, I do not mind!

It would at least be a way for him to relieve his stress, after all. You could call it an older brother’s devotion to his cute younger brother so to speak, no~?

And yet that Ritsu, without changing the expression on his face said:

“Please stop, you are being a nuisance. I don’t know who you are, but…if you keep this up, I’ll report you, okay?” to me!

Using keigo[2] and such reserved manners towards me! Why~? I’m his Onii-chan, you know?

I’m Ritsu’s Onii-chan~ And yet he looked at me with the kind of eyes you use to look at a worm or insect…!

Mao Isara School Dialogue Render.png

Ha, hah…I’m really sorry. I think Ritsu’s probably irritated because of the fight we had.

So that’s why he had a sudden outburst at you Sakuma-senpai, I guess?

Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render.png

Uu~? Why are you doing something like getting into fights with him, Isara-kun!? I beg of you, get along with him. That child’s only friend is Isara-kun, you know~?

Mao Isara School Dialogue Render.png

Hah…I’m sorry, it’s not like I intended to fight with him. For some reason while we were talking about a lot of things, Ritsu suddenly got in a bad mood.

Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render.png

Hmm…Would you mind telling me about what kind of things you were talking about? I may have some lead as to the reason why Ritsu became angry.

Everyone else, feel free to practice with the instruments. Doggie, teach everyone the basics will you?

It’s fine to use the instruments over there as you see fit, alright?

Hokuto Hidaka School Dialogue Render.png

Ah, yes. I’m feel a bit sorry barging in on a time like this…By the way, are the twins not here today?

Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render.png

Aah, those two are rather versatile, you see…It seems they are entering a number of programs for the “Festival’s Eve,” so recently they have been quite busy apparently.

As the President of the Light Music Club, I had wanted them to participate in the “Spring Music Festival,” but…

My intention is not to forcibly keep those children to only small performances.

Hokuto Hidaka School Dialogue Render.png

I see…we’ll do our best to serve as appropriate substitutes for the twins.

Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render.png

Yes, that spirit is good. Even if you have no business with me, come over to play sometimes.

The twins wish to play with… or rather, they wish to play together with you, you see?[3]

Hokuto Hidaka School Dialogue Render.png

Yes. I’ll bring a box of cakes over again and come play with them again.

Anyway. We’ll take up on your offer and start playing around with the instruments.

Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render.png

Ahaha. What’s this, Hokke~? You’re oddly polite when it comes to Sakuma-senpai, huh?

Hokuto Hidaka School Dialogue Render.png

Of course I am. He’s our benefactor. And besides, you have to show respect to those older than you.

Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render.png

That’s true~ For Sakuma-senpai–no, for “UNDEAD,” we have to make sure that the “Spring Music Festival” is a huge success as thanks for taking care of us ☆

We can choose any instrument we like, right? Wow, they really are sparkling~☆ I like this instrument; the one all covered in gold!

Mao Isara School Dialogue Render.png

Ahaha. Make sure to be on your best behaviour, you guys~ We’re in someone else’s house after all.

Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render.png

I do not mind. Whenever I see the smiles of young children, I get the sensation of being restored back to life…

My heart was broken by Ritsu’s cold reception to me, but my energy has returned to me ♪

Hokuto Hidaka School Dialogue Render.png

Ahaha. If our noisiness makes Sakuma-senpai lively, we’ll act as idiotic as you want.

I can understand how Sakuma-senpai feels, after all. I both emphasize and feel compassion towards you.

If my grandmother were to treat me in such a reserved manner, I would jump out a window.

Makoto Yuuki School Dialogue Render.png

What are you saying with such a serious expression, Hidaka-kun?!

I see~…I’ve never loved anyone to that extent, so I don’t really understand, huh~?

  1. The sound that Rei is making here is essentially the sound effect they used back then for crying. It’s not used very commonly anymore, and in this case it’s more of a comedic thing to emphasize how loud he’s crying. Basically, just picture Rei sobbing overdramatically.
  2. Keigo is basically honorific speech like what you would use towards those older than you, strangers…basically anyone that’s not your family or friend.
  3. It’s not very apparent in English, but the reason why Rei corrects himself here is because at first, he uses the grammar structure that implies the twins want to play with Hokuto as if he’s a toy. He then corrects himself to using the structure that equals to them playing together as friends.
Translation: Karen/Yui
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