Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino)
Ballet Epilogue
Location: Ballet Stage
Arashi Narukami Ballet Dialogue Render

All of you wonderful people gathered at Yumenosaki today: have you been getting the most out of our school festival?

Oh, my! You certainly don't look like you've had enough.

You've seen idol performances up close, you've been pampered at butler cafes, so of course you've got high standards!

Hehe, I'm here to welcome you greedy people to a high-class, fresh and exciting new world. ♪

We Knights and Ra*bits -- we swordsmen and bunnies -- have come together in a musical competition. Enjoy to your heart's content... ♪

(Good, we have their attention. Now all we have to do is pull it off.

We've practiced, and we've worked until we've become the best of the best. I may be a knight, but I plan to dance as if I were a delicate fairy.

Now then, Izumi-chan. Can you keep up with me? Hehe, you've got no choice but to show me what you got... ♪)

Izumi Sena Ballet Dialogue Render

(Huh. Naru-kun, you make it really obvious you're trying to provoke me.

The beauty of ballet is actually something that stretches your muscles to their limit. If you can't give it your all, it won't be elegant. No pain, no gain; or in this case, no sacrifice, no beauty.

There's always guys who question whether ballet is a real sport.

But sports are just people pitting their skills against each other. But rather than skill, what you need for ballet is... a refinement of the self.)

(Sword Leap) Izumi Sena CG2
Izumi Sena Ballet Dialogue Render

(You refine yourself in the pursuit of bettering the expression of your skills. You perfect them.

It sure looks like Naru-kun's got that part down, at least.

He deserves some praise just for keeping up with me.

He's trying to overpower me and steal the attention of the audience. I won't let you get away with this, you arrogant brat... ♪)

Arashi Narukami Ballet Dialogue Render

(Oh! It looks like Izumi-chan's getting fired up? In no time at all, he's going to make my swordplay look like a joke.)

(Knight's Dance) Arashi Narukami CG2
Arashi Narukami Ballet Dialogue Render

(But, I wonder why? I'm in trouble, but I'm having so much fun!

Izumi-chan's caught up to me somehow, and all I can think about is whether he's going to overtake me.

Every part of me feels like it's in heaven. Hehe, I'm getting chills. ♪ I'll show you just how serious I can get, Izumi-chan... ♪)

Tsukasa Suou Ballet Dialogue Render


(Sena-senpai and Narukami-senpai are both amazing, just as you'd expect. I'm getting drawn in... ♪)

(Naturally Relaxed) Ritsu Sakuma Full Render Bloomed

(Suu-chan, are you just going to stand there watching? Look, your form's all wrong. If I poke you, you'll fall over.)

Tsukasa Suou Ballet Dialogue Render

(Ugh! You're certainly free-spirited, Ritsu-senpai!)

(Naturally Relaxed) Ritsu Sakuma Full Render Bloomed

(And Suu-chan's too serious. You're swinging your sword around, but you're neglecting your dancing. You can't let me provoke you. Don't lose your focus.

But I might be bullying you too much. I'm not somebody like Secchan who goes after his kouhai for fun. I'll let you be... ♪)

(Chasing) Tsukasa Suou CG2
(Naturally Relaxed) Ritsu Sakuma Full Render Bloomed

(Now then, Suu-chan. Do as I do. You can do it, right? I expect Suu-chan to be able to pull this off, at least.)

Tsukasa Suou Ballet Dialogue Render

(Of course, Ritsu-senpai. I, too, am a proud Knight. I shall reward your expectations as brilliantly as I can... ♪)

Nazuna Nito Ballet Dialogue Render


(Just what you hope you'd get from Yumenosaki's pride and joy, this strong unit. They completely surpass us. The audience can't take their eyes off of them.

We Ra*bits are dressed up as the lily-of-the-valley fairies, and we dance around the knights.

And at the end, we give them flowers as thanks for dancing with us, and disappear from the stage.

I know we don't have to wield rapiers like they do and dance around. And this way is easier, but...

Since we're fairies, there's a lot of scenes where we're just leaping and jumping around, since fairies' feet don't touch the ground.

Mitsuru-chin is pretty light, so even when we practiced, this wasn't a problem for him.

It's a shame we can't show off Hajime-chin's pretty voice, but I followed after Hajime-chin, Tomoya-chin and Mitsuru-chin, and danced as best as I could.

From here on out, I'm going to dance so well for the audience that Knights have no choice but to want to work with us again.

I have to show them.

It's fine. As long as I'm with these kids, I'm sure they'll be great enough to knock me off my feet. That's what I believe)

Tomo-chin, Hajime-chin, Mitsuru-chin, it's almost our turn. If there's anything you're still confused about, you can ask while there's still time. Are you good?

(Glorious Faerie) Mitsuru Tenma Full Render

I've got something!

Nii-chan, do you mind if I give my flower to Arashi-chan-senpai?

Nazuna Nito Ballet Dialogue Render

Go for it. I'm giving mine to Izumi-chin, and Tomo-chin is giving his to Tsukasa-chin.

Hajime-chin is giving his to Ritsu-chin, so make sure you don't get it wrong, okay?

Get ready, everyone. Gather in a circle and let's -- go team!... ♪

Arashi Narukami Ballet Dialogue Render

(My, the cute fairies have come on stage.)

(Glorious Faerie) Mitsuru Tenma Full Render

(Arashi-chan-senpai, we're gonna dance together! Kya -- kya...! ☆)

Arashi Narukami Ballet Dialogue Render

(Hehe, you're like an excited bunny, hopping all over the place. Like this, maybe? Hop, hop. ♪)

(Glorious Faerie) Mitsuru Tenma Full Render

(Ahaha. Arashi-chan-senpai, you're amazing! Here's my flower to say thanks for dancing with me! ☆)

(Gutsy Faerie) Tomoya Mashiro Full Render Bloomed

(Um... Suou. Can I give you my flower now?)

Tsukasa Suou Ballet Dialogue Render

(Certainly. Hehe, what a fragrant perfume. Thank you for the wonderful present... ♪)

(Gentle Faerie) Hajime Shino Full Render Bloomed

(Ritsu-senpai, here's your flower... ♪)

(Naturally Relaxed) Ritsu Sakuma Full Render Bloomed

(You won't get fat if you eat flowers, so... maybe it's because I've been exercising since noon, but I'm basically at my limit.

Well, we're inside, so I can still move around.

But... this has a nice smell. I'd love to fall asleep wrapped up in flowers... ♪)

(Lily of the Valley Faerie) Nazuna Nito CG2
Nazuna Nito Ballet Dialogue Render

(We're finally at the climax! The audience has been watching us this whole time.

We didn't have a lot of time to practice, but we did all we could. As far as the number of people here and how many are watching us, I think we definitely succeeded... ♪

Here, Izumi-chin. Will you take my flower?)

Izumi Sena Ballet Dialogue Render

(Would you take it home with you if I said no? You wouldn't, so don't ask stupid questions.)

Nazuna Nito Ballet Dialogue Render

(U-ugh... please don't bully me on stage, too. I'm giving you this with a smile, so you have to smile too, okay?

This isn't an idol's stage, so I'm nervous, you know...?)

Izumi Sena Ballet Dialogue Render

(And that's my problem? What, are you asking me to support you? I don't like giving away my smiles, you know.

But there's no way around it. Just this once, alright? Be grateful, Nazu-nyan.)

Nazuna Nito Ballet Dialogue Render

(I-I am! Izumi-chin, it's so much better when you smile instead of looking angry. ♪

Everyone's watching us dance, and they're smiling bright, like flowers that have just started to bloom. Thank you for working with us, Izumi-chin. Thank you, Knights.

Thanks to your help, my kids have gotten some good experience.

It's only a little bit, but every day, they're growing. We're not a unit of geniuses, but this suits us just fine.

From here on out, I hope we can keep striving, a little bit at a time... ♪)

Translation: narukaru
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