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|[[File:Hallway BG.png|100px|center]]
|Unlock in [[(Embarrassment) Midori Takamine]]'s Idol Road
|[[File:1st Floor Passage BG.png|100px|center]]
|[[File:1st Floor Passage BG.png|100px|center]]

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Image Location How to Acquire
Classroom BG
Classroom Default
Garden Space Unlock in (Strategist) Ritsu Sakuma's Idol Road
Garden terrace
Ground Unlock in (Super Star) Mitsuru Tenma's Idol Road
Dance Room
Tennis Court
Basketball Court
Library Unlock in (Snacks) Tsukasa Suou's Idol Road
Gym BG
Gym Unlock in (Morning Star) Subaru Akehoshi's Idol Road
Broadcasting Room Unlock in (Snapping Rabbit) Nazuna Nito's Idol Road
Soundproof Lesson Room Unlock in (Mad Dog) Koga Oogami's Idol Road
Music Room Unlock in (Hospitality) Hajime Shino's Idol Road
AV Room Unlock in (Smiling Sympathy) Yuta Aoi's Idol Road
Student Council Room Unlock in (The Reigning Ruler) Eichi Tenshouin's Idol Road
Outside Staff Room Unlock in (Dependable Class President) Hokuto Hidaka's Idol Road
Fountain Unlock in (Fun Friends) Kanata Shinkai's Idol Road
School Gates
Lockers Area
Hallway BG
Hallway Unlock in (Embarrassment) Midori Takamine's Idol Road
1st Floor Passage BG
1st Floor Passage Unlock in (Fervent Whirlwind) Arashi Narukami's Idol Road
2nd Floor Passage
Outside Lecture Hall
Empty Room Unlock in (Considerate) Tomoya Mashiro's Idol Road
Light Music Club Room
Theater Club Room
Archery Ground
Dojo BG
Dojo Unlock in (Returning) Kuro Kiryu's Idol Road
Garden Terrace's Kitchen Unlock in (Live Reporter) Tetora Nagumo's Idol Road
Grower Barn
Sold out Outdoor Stage
Auditorium during Live Show
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