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~Part 2~

Autumn Live ~Part 1~
オータムライブ ~前編~
Autumn Live ~Part 1~ (Episode)
Episode 19
Air Date November 17, 2019
Dub Release December 15, 2019
Blu-Ray Volume 7
Chapters Revenge Match: Prologue - Deadly Poison 2

The nineteenth episode of the Ensemble Stars! Anime Adaption by David Production. The opening song is キセキ (Miracle) [Eden Ver.], and the ending song is 凱旋歌. The commercial break illustrations are from (Seeking the Truth) Nagisa Ran and (Assault and Invasion) Ibara Saegusa.


Anzu's proposal for Trickstar to have a revenge match against Eve was accepted by the student council, but the student council's changes result in Trickstar heading to Shuuetsu Academy to face off against Eve. Tsumugi meets up with them, and the group explores Shuuetsu until Ibara comes to greet them. While Subaru, Makoto, and Hokuto tour the school with Ibara, who gives them a rundown on the benefits of joining Cosmic Production, the agency that Adam belongs to, Mao and Anzu fill out paperwork. When they finish, they end up running into Nagisa, who is polishing his archaeological findings in Adam's reception room. After having Mao dance, Nagisa speaks of him severely, and Trickstar leaves to the Yuzuru-approved hotel in lower spirits. The next day, Tsumugi, Anzu, and Mao head to Reimei Academy to speak with Eve.

Character Appearances in Order

Characters in italics are seen but do not speak during the episode.

CD Songs Played

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