Together With You

Normal Event mini 1/3

UNDEAD Cafe Kaoru Normal Event-1
"“This year’s ‘School Festival’ is a little different, right~?

It’s because you’re here, Transfer Student-chan. It really makes a difference when there’s a girl around.”"

Choice 1 …………
Possibility 1 Character response: "Huh? Is it just me or do you seem pretty shocked?

Sorry, sorry, I shouldn’t have said something like that right in front of you~ I feel bad about what I did. Really, it’s true!"

Possibility 2 Character response: "Hmm, it sure makes me sad seeing you get all quiet like that.

You’re so strict towards me, Transfer Student-chan. I guess it’s because you had a bad first impression of me, huh~?"

Choice 2 楽しみです
“I’m looking forward to it.”
Possibility 1 Character response: "I doubt you’re looking forward to it because a lot of girls are coming, right?

Ah, but are any of your friends coming? If so, I think I might be looking forward to it, too♪"

Result: Red fragment
Possibility 2 Character response: "Oh, I see, this year’s your first year participating, right?

I can see why you’d be looking forward to it, then~ Mm-hm. I think it’s really cute how you can be honest about that♪"


Normal Event mini 2/3

UNDEAD Cafe Kaoru Normal Event-2
"“I think this year’s ‘School Festival’ is gonna be a huge success.

Haha, you look like you wanna ask what kind of ‘booth’ we’re doing~ Since it’s you, maybe I’ll tell you, hm?”"

Choice 1 遠慮しておきます
“No thanks.”
Possibility 1 Character response: "Ahaha. Not biting at all, huh~

And it probably isn’t up for negotiation, either. Guess I’ll just give up gracefully this time."

Result: Red fragment
Possibility 2 Character response: "You’re so straightforward.

Is that just how wary you are of me? I know it’s my own fault, but it still makes me feel a little sad."

Choice 2 ぜひ
“Please do.”
Possibility 1 Character response: "Ooh, you seem so interested~

Do you like me that much? ….I’m just kidding, so don’t look so upset, okay?"

Result: Yellow fragment
Possibility 2 Character response: "Huh~? Why, Transfer Student-chan, how unlike you~

Or are you an imposter? Sorry, sorry. I just wasn’t expecting that at all, so I was pretty surprised~"


Normal Event mini 3/3

UNDEAD Cafe Kaoru Normal Event-3
"“Transfer Student-chan, this is your first ‘School Festival,’ right?

I’ll show you around when the day comes~♪ So look forward to it, okay?”"

Choice 1 ごめんなさい
“I’m sorry.”
Possibility 1 Character response: "Ack, it’s so tough hearing you just apologize.

Eh? You already have other plans? You should’ve said so sooner~ For a moment, I was scared that you hated me."

Result: Yellow fragment
Possibility 2 Character response: "I’d rather be you turn me down frankly compared to being vague, but….

It’s still painful, you know? I might not be able to recover from this~"

Choice 2 ……不安です
“….I’m worried.”
Possibility 1 Character response: "You think I’ll get lost?

Or is it because…. Maybe it’s too hard for you to answer. I didn’t expect you to be this wary of me~"

Possibility 2 Character response: "Did I say something to worry you?

It’s fine, don’t worry. I won’t take you anyplace weird. I want you to just trust me and come with me♪"


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