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Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Requirements: Unlock in (Narcissism) Arashi Narukami's Idol Road
Arashi Narukami Sub Story Swaying in the Wind.png
Season: Spring (春) Location: Outside Staffroom
(Narcissism) Arashi Narukami Full Render.png

I'm sorry...

I truly am. I can't hold it in anymore — my feelings can be suppressed no longer.

Don't think of this as one of my usual jokes. I won't lie to my own feelings. I love you. In this world of uncertainty, that is the single truth.

Ah... how beautiful I am! I'm truly a flawless beauty!

Oh, I'll never get tired of looking! I love you! ♪

Ah, oh dear. If it isn't transfer student-chan, kyaan! What are you doing here?

Ufufu... from the looks of you staring silently at my daily routine of narcissism, it looks like you saw an embarrassing moment of mine!

You're. So. Mean ♪

Ufun. Narcissism is still a form of love, you know? The world shines the more love there is ♪

I'm the only one who's able to love myself 100%. It's much more simpler than being loved by others, don't you think?

[sigh]... Listen, transfer student-chan~ I've been rather melancholic lately. Maybe because there's a typhoon happening right now — like I'm being affected of the air pressure?

No, no. That's not it at all. Once again, it's because of Kunugi-sensei's brusque behavior!

Even though I love Kunugi-sensei so purely like this, I wonder why... It's an unrequited love.

But I like him! I love him!

Fufu. I feel much better after that outburst.

Oh? What's wrong, transfer student-chan? You seem a little stunned.

Oh no. Don't be — in this Yumenosaki Academy filled with dirty men, you're the one who understands me the best~♪

Ah, you had business with me, didn't you? Hurry up and tell me~

Love will escape if you're not assertive enough occasionally, you know? Consider that advice from onee-chan ♪

I see, so the ones from the track club are calling for me. Now that I think about it, I haven't showed up recently.

Oh my, so the wind has been so strong that all the traffic cones have been rolling about, and it's getting out of control... They're cleaning up the equipment and they want me to help?

I'd honestly decline — I'll get covered in sweat. In wind as strong as this, my hair will get messed up too.

But sure, I'll help. You've been helping out too, haven't you?

Having a girl work so hard her hair gets into such a mess — if I don't show off my chivalrous spirit here, it'll hurt my reputation ♪

Scene Change: Grounds
Arashi Narukami Sub Story Swaying in the Wind Scene Change.png
(Contract) Mitsuru Tenma Full Render.png

Uu... hyaaaaaa!?

Adonis Otogari Track Dialogue Render.png

Tenma, don't fly into the sky. You might be a "Tenma", but you're not a "pegasus".[1]

(Contract) Mitsuru Tenma Full Render.png

That's so cool! My cosmos is burning~☆

... Whoa, the wind's so strong I can't stay still!

My legs are actually floating in the air! It's actually kinda fun~♪

Adochan-senpai, how can you move around "as usual" like nothing's going on? That's amazing! ♪

Adonis Otogari Track Dialogue Render.png

I am not as light as you. I have also trained my lower body. That's all, Tenma.

(Contract) Mitsuru Tenma Full Render.png

It being "that's all" is amazing! I wanna be as big and strong as you one day, Adochan-senpai~


Arashi Narukami PE Dialogue Render.png

Now, now. What on earth are you doing? It's dangerous, Mitsuru-chan. Don't get blown by the wind and fall over.

(Contract) Mitsuru Tenma Full Render.png

Wow, Arashi-chan-senpai! He~y! ☆

Adonis Otogari Track Dialogue Render.png

Narukami. I didn't think you'd arrive. As you can see, we're in a bind with the clean up of equipment. Help us — you should contribute to the track club once in a while too.

Arashi Narukami PE Dialogue Render.png

Yes yes. Even in a typhoon you're the same as always, Adonis-chan~

But you said contribute to the "track club", didn't you? Aren't you picking up soccer balls and other clubs' equipment too?

Adonis Otogari Track Dialogue Render.png

"The good you do for others is good you do yourself". It's a saying Kanzaki taught me — I agree with it.

Arashi Narukami PE Dialogue Render.png

My, I see. Well, we do always take turns and share when it comes to using the grounds — as fellow sports clubs, let's help each other out ♪

For starters, we should gather all the equipment first, right? I'll do that, so I'd like you to carry them to the sports equipment room, Adonis-chan.

Adonis Otogari Track Dialogue Render.png


(Contract) Mitsuru Tenma Full Render.png

What about me? What should I do? I can still fight! ♪

Arashi Narukami PE Dialogue Render.png

Fight with what?

Let's see. It looks like you're light enough to get carried off by the wind, so...

Go with transfer student-chan, in the sports equipment room where the wind won't get to you. I'd like you to organize all the equipment that gets brought in.

You can do that, can't you?

(Contract) Mitsuru Tenma Full Render.png

Okay! Now that that's decided, let's go to the sports equipment room, big sis transfer student!

Over there, dash dash ☆

Arashi Narukami PE Dialogue Render.png

How energetic — a treasure of the world... and a one and a two ♪

Adonis Otogari Track Dialogue Render.png

You're cleaning everything really quickly. I'm surprised. You can move freely in this strong wind, but it's a different reason than mine. What's the meaning of this?

Arashi Narukami PE Dialogue Render.png

Ufun. In a storm, a robust oak may break, but a willow will bend with the wind and won't.

That's all there is to it. And a one, two, three ♪

Adonis Otogari Track Dialogue Render.png

It's like you're dancing. It's true — like a willow, you're flexible and free.

Arashi Narukami PE Dialogue Render.png

Oh you. Stop mumbling and start working, robust oak-chan. Without losing to the rain and wind...

Tame both the typhoon and the storm, okay? ♪

  1. mitsuru's last name (天満) and "pegasus" (天馬) have the same pronounciation (tenma)
Translation: Shoe
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