Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Requirement: Intimacy Level 10
Arashi Narukami sub story part 2
Season: Spring (春) Location: School Gates

Hey there, Transfer Student-chan ♪

So like, are you about to head home too? If so, do you wanna walk with me?

Oh my. Oh me, oh my, you don’t have to be so cautious around me. I’m not going to eat you, silly.

Oh my god, I to~tally love cuties like you ♪ Aren’t girls all adorable?

They’re so sweet and bright and enthusiastic, oh, I could just watch them forever~♪

Oh, but like, that doesn’t mean I talk to just any girl I see, okay?

Actually, if anything, usually girls are the ones who start talking to me?

I guess it’s cause I’ve got this ‘big sis’ feel to me.

I mean like girls your age really look up to older mature women, right?

So like I get tons of girls coming to talk to me like every day. I love talking to girls, though, so like I’m totally okay with that?

Guys just talk about dirty stuff, right? Well, the guys here are all idols, so I guess they’re not as gross.

But like they’re not the sort of people you can have a rosy conversation about crushes with. I really like chatting, so I can’t take it anymore!

I don’t really like being the object of someone’s romantic interests though.

I just wanna listen to the stories of girls in love with love itself, so being brought into the equation sorta ruins the magic of it all.

Oh my, don’t look so down. I know you aren’t that sort of girl, okay?

Like, I wouldn’t have talked to you if you were? I’m your Onee-chan, so I can tell ♪

...Hey, Transfer Student-chan. Do you hear that? Listen, I think it’s coming from over there...[1]

Rela~x, did I surprise you? ♪ I really did hear something though. Hey there, kitty-cat, you don’t have to hide.

I wonder how it got here. I’m kinda worried about it being out here without its owner.

There, there. I’ll find your owner for you, so don’t you worry about a thing ♪

Oh my? You’re staring at me. What’s up? I look really used to handling cats? Fufu, of course I am~

I have a pet cat at home. Its name? It’s called Nyanko. Oh, I bet you’re thinking that’s a pretty straightforward name, aren’t you?[2]

Nyanko’s like such a smart little kitty. Whenever I get home, Nyanko’s always there to welcome me.

Like really, I think Nyanko might be better behaved than some of the students here.

Fufu, I’m just kidding. Anyways, let’s go look for this little guy’s owner.

You’ll help me, right?

Great, that’s what I like to hear. Alright, let’s go find its owner ♪

  1. He suddenly makes a surprised face here, which is why he jokes about startling her in the next line.
  2. “Nyanko” is a cutesy way to say “cat”, so it’s sorta like naming your cat “Kitty”.
Translation: Linnæus
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