Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Requirement: Intimacy Level 2
Arashi Narukami sub story part 1
Season: Spring (春) Location: Hallway


Oh my, oh my! How rare, a girl at this school! So cute!♪

Girls sure are nice. They really brighten up the filthy air here.♪

Oh, how rude of me to forget! I’m Narukami, second year in the idol department. Feel free to call me Naruko-chan!♪

By the way… How did you get in here?

I suppose that happens sometimes.

Cleverly passing by reception, or jumping over the fence… what a naughty little girl, sneaking into the idol department building.♪

Goodness, I can’t say I don’t understand wanting to do something so bold to see the boy you like.

Though, it may cause trouble for him, so it’d be better to restrain yourself.♪

But you’re lucky I’m the one who found you, you know?

If it was one of those strict ones, like Hasumi-kun from the student council, or Kunugi-sensei…

If you handle it badly, they could call the police on you.

What? What’s this?

Ahh, you’re the rumored “transfer student”!

So you’re really a girl, and just as cute as the rumors say.♪

Ufufu, so sorry I jumped to conclusions!

I see, it must be hard to be the only girl in the boys’ domain.

I sympathize. The guys at this school are so inconsiderate sometimes, don’t you think?

Independence certainly sounds nice, but they focus too much on that, you know?

Everyone’s an idol, so I guess it doesn’t matter, but it must seem like a madhouse to a normal girl like you.

I simply can’t leave such a lovely girl alone.

It must seem like you’re here to raise all these animals at the zoo. Poor thing!

They aren’t pushing you around, are they? Are you alright?

Boys are thickheaded, so if you don’t clearly tell them no, they won’t understand, okay?

If you’re ever worried about something, think of me as your “older sister” and talk to me, alright?

Oh my, I’m so worried!

There must be some worries you have that boys wouldn’t understand.♪

Oh, I’m so sorry I’ve kept you here. I just love to chat…

Big sis has to go now, before Kunugi-sensei’s lecture starts!♪

See you, adios amigo! Bye-bye!♪

Translation: YumenoUkihashi
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