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A self-proclaimed “big sister”. She is skilled at taking care of people and loves cute things. She has a friendly and sociable personality, but can occasionally have extreme mood swings. She has ample self-confidence when it comes to a refined performance and a light, gentle singing voice.

A member of NEW DIMENSION's Knights.[1]

Regarding Pronouns

While early stories (2015-2017) had a very different approach to Arashi's character, stories released 2018 onward indicate a more nuanced approach toward the subject of gender identity, and have Arashi explicitly talk about "struggling with gender" in the Japanese script.

The official English version uses she/her pronouns for Arashi.[2]

I'm Arashi Narukami, and I work under New Dimension as a member of the unit Knights. As knights, we always deliver the best music and performances... And of course, I'm the supportive beauty. ♪ I'd be happy as can be if you'd watch over me closely as I walk beautifully. I'll make everyone smile — those who have always supported me, as well as those who become my fans in the future. Please do look forward to it. ♪[1]

Nacchan is just like a flower, always smiling beautifully. She likes cute things, takes care of her appearance, and does makeup. Doesn't that ever get tiring? When we have arguments in Knights, Nacchan's the one who calms the tension... But on stage, she's as proud as the rest of us, and can always be trusted to lead our princesses. There's a lot to learn from Nacchan, since she has all sorts of charm.[1]

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Ensemble Stars! Profile

A friendly and cheerful big sister, she is attentive to tiny details, but also operates on the principle "everything in moderation."

She had been working as a model since before entering the academy, and so deeply respects Akiomi Kunugi, an ex-model senior. She loves hardworking boys. She makes an effort to participate in club activities and take the lead for the club members, such as the natural airhead Adonis Otogari and the innocent Mitsuru Tenma.

Member of the unit Knights. She is familiar with Izumi Sena as they are both fellow models and, being aware of Izumi's volatile temperament, she often tries to be the one to stop his actions.[3]


Arashi has messy blonde hair that is swept from the right and light blue eyes. She has a total of three ear piercings: two on the left and one on the right. She has one stud earring on each ear, and a loop earring only on the left. She also wears a metal ring on her right index finger.

On stage as one of Knights, Arashi wears a blue, gold, black, and white jacket with a cape and ruffled tailcoat over a white shirt with a detailed blue collar and black zipper, both accented with gold. Her jacket has black epaulettes accented with gold, with a silver fleur de lis symbol attached to a light blue emblem in the shape of a banner with gold and dark blue accents pinned to the jacket's left lapel. There are two thin golden ropes to this emblem, stretching across the front of the jacket and linking to the right epaulette. Three more golden ropes are attached to each side of the jacket where there would normally be buttons, but they are decorative and are tied into a flower pattern. She wears black gloves with golden and blue stripes at the wrists. She wears dark gray pants with vertical light stripes and a thick belt that is accented with four golden buttons with a golden stripe on each side. The pants have small pockets accented with a golden top and button, and the belt has two strings of golden beads attached. She wears white lace-up mid-calf boots with black laces, tongue, and low heels. The boots also have other black and gold accents.

Ensemble Stars! Appearance

Arashi has messy blonde hair that is swept from the right and light blue eyes. She has a total of three ear piercings: two on the left and one on the right. She has one stud earring on each ear, and a loop earring only on the left. She also wears a metal ring on the right index finger. She wears the school blazer unbuttoned, white shirt tucked in, and a properly tied blue tie. The tie has a gold tip and another pattern above the tip. She wears a brown belt with a black and gray buckle on plaid pants, and wears red sneakers with black laces and black soles.

On stage as one of Knights, she wears a navy blue, white, and gold jacket resembling a royal military uniform over a black shirt which is left unbuttoned at the collar. She wears black gloves with a golden stripe on the wrist and a golden pattern on the front. On the jacket, there are four thin golden ropes attached to the collar, two connecting to the right shoulder pad and the back of the jacket while the other two are left hanging with knots in the front of the jacket. There are also two golden ropes which hang from the bottom left of the front to the back of the jacket. There is a navy blue and white stripe patterned sash connecting from the left shoulder pad to the bottom right of the jacket. She wears black lace-up mid-calf boots with white accents and black laces, as well as navy blue striped pants.


Arashi is a kind, determined individual with a playful streak. It is rare to see her raise her voice, and when she does, it is usually because someone she cares about is going through difficult times or is being mistreated. She has shown a fierce desire, time and time again, to protect everyone who is important to her, and this sometimes causes her to come off as overbearing or fussy despite also trying to be hands-off to keep the peace in some situations. She tries to solve her problems on her own without involving others even though she is often trying to help others herself, which can sometimes hurt her friends, as they may perceive her as being a stranger and not letting them know anything about her. Because she often refuses to accept help from others, when a situation becomes more stressful than she can handle, she may snap at those around her or push them even further away.

She is dedicated to the act of self-love, often declaring that she is the most beautiful and that no matter how others feel about her, she loves herself. This act may be used to cover her insecurities, but she wants those around her to see their strengths and love themselves as well. Though often seeming mature and capable, she possesses a childish side and loves competition, especially against fellow model Izumi. Due to how easily skills come to her, she adores people who work hard for what they have and always cheers on those around her in their endeavors. She has a sweet tooth and absolutely loves cake, but she tries not to eat too much of it due to worrying about its calorie content.


Arashi's first name (嵐) means “storm." The two characters in her surname mean “to roar, rumble” (鳴) and “up, above” (上), respectively. Furthermore, her last name is homophonous with the word 鳴神, which means “thunder.”


  • Arashi's birthday, March 3rd, is Girls' Day in Japan.
  • Arashi uses the first-person pronoun Atashi (アタシ), which is often used by women.
  • She loves to be referred as Onee-chan (“big sister”), and often uses that title when speaking to people as well as expresses a desire to be referred to as that.[4]
  • When called by an insulting name, she has asked to be referred to as “Arashi-chan,”[5] “Naru-chan,”[6] “Naruko-chan,”[7] or even "Ran-Ran" (ランラン)[8] instead.
  • She enjoys collecting point cards and receiving the prizes while shopping.[9]
  • Her cat is named Nyanko (a cutesy way of saying “cat,” like “kitty”).[10]
    • She loves cats, and is especially fond of them due to having Nyanko around.[11]
  • Though fond of the Knights uniform, she finds it rather boring due to its lack of color.[12]
  • Despite often pretending to be weak, she is extremely physically strong.[13]
  • She dislikes wearing tight clothing.[14]
  • She is skilled at sewing.[15]
  • She engages in voice training so that she may switch between a masculine or feminine vocal ranges. She explains this is so that she can take on any kind of professional work that is requested of her.[16]
  • Because it is implied Arashi was mistreated and hurt by peers in the past,[17] she is extremely passionate about self-love and positive self-esteem, to the point of appearing narcissistic to others. Arashi frequently proclaims, “Above anyone else, I love myself.”[18]
    • On the matter of self-love, she has said: “No matter how much I want it, and no matter how hard I try... I could never become the beautiful woman I dream to be. But even if that’s true... I won’t let it depress me. I won’t whine about it anymore. I love myself most, no matter who I am.”[19]
  • She is extremely protective of friends, to the point of wishing to inflict physical injury on those who harm said friends.[20]
    • On helping friends, she has said: “What sort of nasty, awful girl would just ditch their beloved friend when they’re in a pinch? Not me.”[21]
  • Izumi reveals that, before Arashi entered Yumenosaki, she had a “terrible” personality: Arashi refused to speak politely to seniors, and would always respond sarcastically even when scolded.[22]
  • Arashi has a crush on Akiomi,[23][24][25][26] and, during the previous year, she had dyed-brown hair and glasses to match him.[27]
  • During the previous year, Arashi did not participate in idol activities very much, like most students that year.[28]
  • During the previous year, there was someone who called Arashi “the most beautiful person in the world” and declared their love to her. However, this person committed suicide during winter after their dreams were broken, likely during the events of the War. Because of this, she always tries to be there for others who may be struggling.
    • On this matter, Arashi has said: “There was no one there to stick by that person... So at least, I don’t want to repeat the same mistake over again. I’ll be by the side of everyone in Knights.”[29]
  • At the beginning of the school year, she desired to be the kind of “Arashi” the world wants to see, no matter what that may be.[30] However, by the end of the school year, she expresses bitterness and discomfort when not seen as the kind of person she really is deep down.[31]
  • A number of characters refer to her with feminine terms. For example, Mitsuru refers to Arashi as “onee-chan,”[32] Madara refers to Arashi as his “daughter,”[17] (娘) and, by the end of Beasts, Tetora refers to Arashi as a “charming woman” (魅力的な女のひと).
    • In SS - Effort 3, when Izumi is asked if he would categorize Arashi as a girl, he says: “If I had to categorize. But that one’s more like, ‘Gender: Narukami Arashi.’ And they’re best treated that way. Naru-kun will look at you weird when you treat them too much like a girl.”

Voice Actor Comments

"Both Arashi Narukami and I myself are fully supportive of hardworking boys and girls. Please enjoy Ensemble Stars together with this wonderfully quirky character!" —Sosuke Soma (April 28, 2015 - July 17, 2015) (Enstars!)

"Pleased to meet you. I'm Ryo Kitamura, playing as Arashi Narukami! My first impression of Arashi was that of a model who dislikes anything bothersome, which I thought to be a little like me, and that we also share a great affinity. Not only that, but Arashi has a cheerful personality, so I had a wonderful time playing this character!" —Ryo Kitamura (July 18, 2015 - Present) (Enstars!)

"Congratulations on both the Ensemble Stars!! update and the release of Ensemble Stars!! Music! Let’s continue to be witness to these new sights together! Thank you for your continued support!"[33] —Ryo Kitamura (Enstars!!)

Arashi Narukami
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