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Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Aquarium What Dream Shall We Be Seeing Together 1.png
Location: Aquarium Stage
Warning: Sexual harrassment within.
(Aquarium ♪) Kanata Shinkai Full Render.png


(Aquarium Performance) Wataru Hibiki Full Render Bloomed.png

Oh my, what’s this? It seems the live show has already started! No wonder there was no one in the standby room!

Kanata~ Your voice is as wonderful as always…☆

(Water and the Vampire) Rei Sakuma Full Render Bloomed.png

No, this is simply the rehearsal for the show, is it not? They are not even wearing their outfits yet…

Although since this was an unplanned live, perhaps they do not have outfits prepared.

It should still be alright to chat with him if we keep it short. I want to greet him at least, although I am somewhat disinclined to walk on slippery floors.

(Aquarium ♪) Kanata Shinkai Full Render.png

Rei, Wataru… What are you doing here? You two being together is very unusual~

(Water and the Vampire) Rei Sakuma Full Render Bloomed.png

No, no, you should not be asking that. Is it not obvious that I dragged my old bones all the way here out of worry for you?

(Aquarium ♪) Kanata Shinkai Full Render.png

Oh, I see… I really do need to reflect on the trouble I have caused.

(Water and the Vampire) Rei Sakuma Full Render Bloomed.png

Perhaps. But there is no need to fret over it so much. We came here on our own will.

It is not like you have caused us any trouble, either. This all happened by chance. These children are only here because they came to the aquarium to have fun.

(Color Aquarium) Sora Harukawa Full Render Bloomed.png

Yes! Today was very fun! Sora got to see lots and lots of new things!

(Friend and Aquarium) Hinata Aoi Full Render Bloomed.png

Umm… I see Anzu-san crouching down in the corner over there… Is she okay?

Is it because there aren’t enough helping hands for the live show… like, not enough advertisement? Should we help?

Whenever Anzu-san isn’t looking upbeat, the reason is pretty much always work-related.

(Mama and Dolphin) Madara Mikejima Full Render.png

Hahaha, no worries, no worries. Everything’s going perfectly splendid for the show.

You guys can relax and enjoy the show as our audience.

(Water and the Vampire) Rei Sakuma Full Render Bloomed.png

No, no… Mikejima-kun, I cannot even fathom how this entire situation could have turned into a live show performance in the first place.

How many times must I tell you that your habit of turning everything into a boisterous festival is terrible?

(Bonds Born From the Sea) Souma Kanzaki Full Render.png

Hrm… I do not think any of us here can comprehend what is occuring at the moment, except for Mikejima-dono. He dragged all of us into this without any prior explanation.

(Mama and Dolphin) Madara Mikejima Full Render.png

'Tis my utter folly! I can’t say you’re wrong for calling me out on that, but just trust me on this and follow along!

It’ll be fine, just fine! Everything will surely end in success!

Also, you don’t need to worry about Anzu-san. She fell into the pool a second ago, so she’s completely drenched.

But there’s not a single scratch on her, so don’t worry.

It’s all thanks to Kaoru-san, who swiftly came to her rescue. Anzu-san, you practically owe him your life now, okay?

(The Sea and You) Kaoru Hakaze Full Render.png

Ahaha, I really panicked there… I could tell she was wobbling about as she walked, but then she flopped down right into the pool.

I think she accidentally tripped over herself…

But then I didn’t see her resurface out of the water, so I had to dive in there and save her.

I’ve done some part-time jobs like that, so I know the basics of how to be a lifeguard.

Hmm, but maybe I was a little too quick to do that… If she had drowned and lost consciousness, I would’ve had an excuse to kiss her~♪

(Mama and Dolphin) Madara Mikejima Full Render.png

Hahaha, that’s a shame. She owes you one, so she ought to let you kiss her at least…

She’s stiff as always.

Hmm…? She’s feeling all ashamed, saying “today really is a bad day for me…”

Is that why you’re in the corner, looking like you can’t stand being here for any second longer, Anzu-san…?

(Bonds Born From the Sea) Souma Kanzaki Full Render.png

Hehe, be slow and steady, Anzu-dono.[1] You should take a relaxing break.

The more you exhaust yourself, the more you will cause “care-less mis-staiks” to happen… Not only that, but you will be less mindful of your surroundings. It is not a pleasant experience.

Hasumi-dono is occasionally reduced to such a state from overexhaustion, so I am well aware of this fact.

Pushing yourself to work even harder when you are in that state only worsens your health, as well as your work productivity.

(Aquarium ♪) Kanata Shinkai Full Render.png

Yes… So how about we all go around the aquarium together once this live show is over?

Let’s forget about work and take a nice breather…

It is everyone’s holiday, after all… It would be a shame if it ends in waste because of me.

I would feel a bit terrible if that were to happen.

(The Sea and You) Kaoru Hakaze Full Render.png

Everyone’s doing this ‘cause they want to, you know? But if I get to go around the aquarium with Anzu-chan, then I can finally have the date of my dreams, so I’m up for it~♪

This was just the worst type of ending, what with time being lost thanks to us taking forever to group up after losing eachother…

But next chance I get, I’ll totally make it enjoyable for her. I swear I will~♪

(Water and the Vampire) Rei Sakuma Full Render Bloomed.png

Hmm, so you had your own mess of a day, too… Am I correct, Kaoru-kun?

(The Sea and You) Kaoru Hakaze Full Render.png

Yeeep, I ended up sweating way too much over everything. Man, this is all I’ve been doing lately…

(Water and the Vampire) Rei Sakuma Full Render Bloomed.png

Kukuku. But you seem to be getting a lot of good out of it, because your expressions look better than when we first met.

Nothing is better than enjoying youth to its fullest, and you seem to be doing just that. Likewise, not having everything go your way is also a part of life~♪

(The Sea and You) Kaoru Hakaze Full Render.png

Ehh… I prefer doing a bit more of the juicy stuff so I can just enjoy myself.

But things just don’t work out that way… All these guys around me are a handful, after all.

  1. The original line for “Slow and steady” is 急がず焦らず (isogazu aserazu), which is a phrase Kanata commonly says (it’s even one of his voice clips), except Souma is using it here.
Translation: euni2319
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