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Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Aquarium Inviting Friends Together 5.png
Location: Aquarium (Entrance)
(Aquarium Performance) Wataru Hibiki Full Render Bloomed.png
Amazing! How wonderful!

Once you’ve arrived at the site, they present you with the flashiest of sceneries and immerse you within it right away! So simple, yet such a precisely well done concept!

Look, look! It’s as if we are walking underwater this very second~♪

You are taken to a whole different world as soon as you step into the aquarium!

Ahh, the extraordinary is truly lovely! They keep the guests entertained with what they want to see, but keep the most prized treasure at the furthest end of the course!

They don't forget to leave their guests wanting more, and effortlessly pull them further and further in! You will not be able to forget such an enticement!

Such sublime attention to detail…! I am truly impressed! I would love to learn from this, in fact! ☆

(Water and the Vampire) Rei Sakuma Full Render.png
So I see the very first thing that attracts your attention is the design of this entrance… Are you incapable of enjoying an aquarium like one normally would, Hibiki-kun?
(Aquarium Performance) Wataru Hibiki Full Render Bloomed.png
Oh my, how rude of me! Perhaps this is a habit I picked up from my field of work? However, while this may not be related to it, one must learn from other peoples’ craftsmanship!

I would love to take in everything I find, and go further up towards the peak of art performance… ☆

(Water and the Vampire) Rei Sakuma Full Render.png
Hm, it is a good thing to desire to grow further.

I used to think you were in danger since you aim for heights beyond imagination but… Thanks to a certain someone keeping you at your reins, you no longer seem to be overreaching to that extent.

(Aquarium Performance) Wataru Hibiki Full Render Bloomed.png
Correct! Lately, if I ever learn a new art technique, I show it to Eichi first for his judgement and opinion on it!

If he reacts to my act, then I show it to the ever-so-pure Himegimi and to the unimpressed butler! Both of them are polar opposites, so with their reactions, I make adjustments to the performance style!

Ahh, fine is such a wonderful environment to be in…☆

(Water and the Vampire) Rei Sakuma Full Render.png
Kukuku. If that is how you feel, then I am glad. I was quite worried for you in the beginning, you see.

You are skilled at everything and are unique, after all. Those who do not have that prowess are just living normal lives.

(Aquarium Performance) Wataru Hibiki Full Render Bloomed.png
Fufufu! I am always growing, Rei!

There is still so much more to improve myself in! No, in fact, any prodigy would always have heights they simply could not reach, even if they were to repeat their life over and over again to perfect everything!

For as long as I believe this, this would mean I am but another mere, foolish, powerless human, just like everyone else! Ahhh, such an incredibly wonderful life that is…☆

(Water and the Vampire) Rei Sakuma Full Render.png
Hibiki-kun, I do not particularly mind your voice, but we are in public right now, so at least keep it down.

People are looking at us now, thinking that some kind of performance for the aquarium is happening.

(Aquarium Performance) Wataru Hibiki Full Render Bloomed.png
My oh my, this is completely against etiquette!

However! If their attention is now on us, then it is an entertainers’ job to perform! Now then, everyone! Please keep your eyes on the palm of my hand!

One, two, Amazing! Now, you shall find a pamphlet of the aquarium in your pockets! Please see for yourselves!

Yes, thank you very much! Thank you for the applause! ☆

(Water and the Vampire) Rei Sakuma Full Render.png
Ohhh… This is so embarrassing…

It has been quite awhile since I have gone out with you, I had completely forgotten about this terrible habit of yours. How Tenshouin-kun allows you to do this every time is beyond me.

(Aquarium Performance) Wataru Hibiki Full Render Bloomed.png
Oh no no, he gets angry at me for it pretty often. He’s from a well-off family, you see, and so he must be careful about the way he presents himself.

But that aside, we would be blocking the path if we stay here. Let’s move right in.

What a mistake I’ve made… If I was going to hold a performance, then I should have chosen a much wider area to perform in.

(Water and the Vampire) Rei Sakuma Full Render.png
To begin with, we are just regular visitors of this aquarium. There is absolutely no need for you to perform something.

Kukuku. However… You may have completely become a part of fine, but it seems you have not forgotten the bonds that once existed between us Five Oddballs, so I am relieved.

That is why I thought that perhaps you had bought a ticket to the aquarium from Shinkai-kun, as well. I was right to ask you about it.

Thank you for accompanying me. If I had come alone at this time of the day, I would have fallen right to sleep midway.

Without an escort, I would not even be able to walk past the door.

(Aquarium Performance) Wataru Hibiki Full Render Bloomed.png
If it’s an escort you need, wouldn’t your favorite child… your favorite puppy have been a good choice for it?
(Water and the Vampire) Rei Sakuma Full Render.png
Do you mean Doggie by any chance? I have already previously told him that both UNDEAD and the Light Music club have no activities for today… I would feel a little bad for calling him over after saying so.

That child gets displeased when you take back your words or forget what you had previously said to him.

(Aquarium Performance) Wataru Hibiki Full Render Bloomed.png
Yet I believe that if you were to call for him, he would gladly rush to you with his tail wagging…

But, well, it’s also good to be in the company of an old friend from the Five Oddballs, yes?

It seems that Kanata is in this aquarium… If that’s true, then it would have been nice to invite Shu and Natsume-kun over as well. We could have gathered as the Five Oddballs for the first time in a long while.

Let us have our long awaited reunion! Let us enjoy the Amazing sensation brought by the unexpected child marrying and having children~♪

(Water and the Vampire) Rei Sakuma Full Render.png
Those two children have finally been participating in DreamFes, so they are probably busy.

Also, if we were to join arms again as the Five Oddballs, then there would surely be too much commotion.

I did not even plan on showing up here in the first place…

However, Mikejima-kun sent me some worrisome information after I asked him to go to the aquarium.

He woke me up with a phone call when I was sleeping and informed me of many things… I became uneasy of what could be happening, so I decided to come here just in case.

But coming alone to an aquarium is lonesome, so I am very grateful that you accompanied me in this trip, Hibiki-kun.

It reminds me of the past… It is delightful for a friend to travel from great distances just to join you, is it not?

(Aquarium Performance) Wataru Hibiki Full Render Bloomed.png
Fufufu. It is the day of rest, after all. Relaxing with an old friend and wandering around an aquarium is also a lovely way to spend one’s time.

If we are here, we will be able to rush to Kanata’s aid quickly, as well.

(Water and the Vampire) Rei Sakuma Full Render.png
True. And if his situation ever requires help from assets or influential power, you can quickly prod Tenshouin-kun to do something.
(Aquarium Performance) Wataru Hibiki Full Render Bloomed.png
Eh? Are you casting me as the strings connected to Eichi’s wallet?

Although, it does feel like he would buy me a small country if I were to ask of it!

(Water and the Vampire) Rei Sakuma Full Render.png
Indeed. We shall make him go through hardships as his atonement for turning us into villains.

Only then can we call it “quits.” The chain of hatred will be broken, and we may move on.

After all, we, too, cannot continue wandering about in the same place endlessly.

Translation: euni2319
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