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Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
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Location: Light Music Clubroom
Madara Mikejima Summer School Dialogue Render.png

Excuuuse meeeeeee!

This is astounding! You called out for me so suddenly; I was surprised!

I can’t even imagine what this is all about, but! Luckily I’ve got free time, so I can take care of anything right now!

Now then! What do I need to do? Does your coffin need fixing after being broken again? Or do you need me to help out with idol-related work?

Go ahead and ask anything of me! Whether it's demolishing a building, arranging a passport, smuggling, or even murder, I’d do anything for you! Hahaha!! ☆

(Live Supervision) Rei Sakuma Full Render.png

It does not sound like a joke when you say it, Mikejima-kun. One would normally be creeped out if you said that to them. You should slow down with how you speak and act.

Madara Mikejima Summer School Dialogue Render.png

Oh, you’re right! I apologise! But it’s really rare for you to ask me for a favor! I couldn’t help but get all excited about it!

I’m so happy~! This is such an honor~!! It’s a festival~!!! Hahahaha!!! ☆

(Live Supervision) Rei Sakuma Full Render.png

Your boisterous nature never changes... You should really tone it down—both what you say and the volume you say it with. You are already overbearing enough.

You do not wish for people to be terrified of you, correct?

Madara Mikejima Summer School Dialogue Render.png

I apologise, once again! I really am trying to be more careful, but I guess I’m still new to this!

I can’t do things as well as you do, Rei-san! I’ll work harder… with everything I’ve got!

I’m so happy! To think I can work harder—That I can still reach higher!! Hahaha!! ☆

(Live Supervision) Rei Sakuma Full Render.png

I really do not think it is necessary to forcibly contort your true self into something that you are not.

Every person has their own suitable role. You will only tire yourself out if you keep aiming for that strange “Mama” role of yours.

Madara Mikejima Summer School Dialogue Render.png

Hahaha, that’s not something you should say, what with that “Vampire” role you’ve given yourself.

(Live Supervision) Rei Sakuma Full Render.png

I suppose you have a very good point, but a monster’s fate only ends in tragedy.

I know it will pain you, with your enormous body frame and tempo, but be careful not to stray from the path of humanity.

Alas, I did not call you here to lecture you.

My apologies for making you listen to an old man’s rambles on your buoyant holiday, Mikejima-kun.

Madara Mikejima Summer School Dialogue Render.png

No need to apologise! Like I said, I had waaay too much free time today!

With this much free time, I could honestly talk about anything with you till dawn!

(Live Supervision) Rei Sakuma Full Render.png

Huh. You were running around in the corridors for some reason…

I could hear you as you moved about from place to place, so I thought you might have been busy.

Madara Mikejima Summer School Dialogue Render.png

Oh, no no! There are live shows going on all around the campus, and I thought best not to bother them! I noticed the corridors were empty, so I ran in them instead, that’s all!

If I’ve decided I’m gonna run, then I’m gonna run! I can’t calm down otherwise!

(Live Supervision) Rei Sakuma Full Render.png

I see. It may be a holiday, but that does not mean there are not any people around. Be careful not to crash into anyone. Although you are usually very careful about that.

Madara Mikejima Summer School Dialogue Render.png

Hahaha, you should be talking more about how I shouldn’t be running in the corridors. But it makes sense that you didn’t, considering you used to be a problem child, too…… Wait, this conversation is going nowhere.

I’m truly sorry! My bad, it’s just that it’s always fun talking to you! I could go on for hours about pointless stuff!

But you might have something urgent you need to tell me right now, so let’s hear it!

(Live Supervision) Rei Sakuma Full Render.png

That is correct, so sit down over there. I am the only one here since there are no Light Music Club activities today, so I cannot treat you to any tea… Would you like some tomato juice instead?

Madara Mikejima Summer School Dialogue Render.png

Please and thank you! I ran a ton so I’m all parched! I am beyond grateful!

(Live Supervision) Rei Sakuma Full Render.png

You are always exaggerating things, for heaven’s sake… Well, I am glad to see you are still brimming with energy.

Madara Mikejima Summer School Dialogue Render.png

Yes! I’m filled with energy, yet I have nothing to do! It’s the bane of my existence!

It seems like everyone wants to try and work hard on their own lately, and so my job as a helper has been decreasing by a lot!

... Wait, I just said I'd listen to what you have to say, but I ended up talking about myself!

This is bad, terrible! You have this peculiar feel to you that makes me want to vent all my worries to you!

(Live Supervision) Rei Sakuma Full Render.png

Ahaha. Y’see, it's somethin’ of a curse that's been placed on me, actually.[1]

In any case, there is something I want to ask you, Mikejima-kun.

Little Lady Anzu seems remarkably worn out recently.

I am concerned about her. I am not usually one to do so, but I had lectured her sometime ago, you see. I worry that she has been fretting over that ever since.

If that is indeed the case, then I only feel remorse. It seems that no matter what I do, I cannot help but to be very personal with her, and I end up saying more than necessary.

You see, she seems to be tackling each and every worry on her own right now…

While that may be part of being a producer, it is just too unbearable to watch.

On top of fully assisting with Trickstar’s journey to SS, she is also prioritizing taking care of other units.

It is clearly too much for her. She will reach her limit soon enough. If she collapses from all of this, then it will be a disaster no one could ever bear or benefit from.

However, after taking on a strong front and lecturing her harshly, I cannot suddenly take everything back. As much as I want to, I cannot tell her to take it easy and rest.

It would only throw her off balance even further.

That is why… Mikejima-kun, I would like you to tell her to relax every once in awhile for me.

And I would also like you to support her at all times, if you can.

Not that I even have to say that to you, though. You are the type to poke your nose in other people’s business, so I am sure you are already doing that.

However, if I recall correctly, you are Little Lady’s childhood friend, and you are also close to her, correct?

Then you are just the right person for this. After all, as far as I can tell from seeing my younger brother, childhood friends are like family.

  1. Rei does indeed speak in ore-speech here.
Translation: euni2319
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