Wataru Hibiki Appeal Talk 1

Producer-san, you came at a good time! Will you help me with research for my magic tricks?"

Location: Meeting room
実験体として? As a test subject? Small Red Stat Piece
Character response: "はい。新しい手品には犠牲がつきもの……というのは冗談です。安全安心な手品ですよ☆

Yes. My newest trick needs a sacrifice... just kidding. It's a completely safe magic trick☆"

助手としてですか? As an assistant? Appeal Star
Character response: "そうです!私と『プロデューサー』さんとで、いざ手品の新境地へ……☆

Indeed! Producer-san and I will go to now go to a new frontier of magic tricks...☆"

観客としてなら…… If it's as a spectator... Dance Note
Character response: "フフフ、まぁそれでもいいです、まぁそれでもいいでしょう。ささ、そちらへお座りください♪

Fufufu, well, that's fine, that's fine. Come, come, please sit over there♪"

Correct Choice: 助手としてですか?

Wataru Hibiki Appeal Talk 2
"『プロデューサー』さん、ようこそ『fine』の城へ……☆ 歓迎しますよ!

Producer-san, welcome to fine's castle...☆ I warmly welcome you!"

今日はよろしくお願いします I'll be counting on you today. Small Yellow Stat Piece
Character response: "本日の会議には『プロデューサー』さんも、と英智から聞いています。こちらこそよろしくお願いします……☆

I heard from Eichi that you would be joining our meeting today. I'll be counting on you too☆"

天井に張り付いてないんですね You're not hanging onto the ceiling, I see. Performance Note
Character response: "それだといつも私が天井に張り付いてるみたいじゃないですか。毎回同じだと思われるのは心外ですね〜?

You make it seem like I'm always hanging onto the ceiling. It's quite regrettable that you think I would do the same thing every time~?"

『fine』の城……? fine's castle...? Appeal Star
Character response: "英智はよくここにいますからねぇ。皇帝が住まうは城でしょう?なので『城』と呼ばせていただきました☆

Eichi is often here, after all. The place where the emperor reisdes is a castle, is it not? That's why I call this place a "castle"☆"

Correct Choice: 『fine』の城……?

Wataru Hibiki Appeal Talk 3

Ah, Producer-san, you came at a good time. Do you know where the costume that was placed here is?"

繕っておきましたよ I mended it. Appeal Star
Character response: "ふむふむ、解れがあったから繕ってくれたんですね。ありがとうございます!

I see, I see, it was frayed so you mended it for me. Thank you very much!"

あそこに戻しておきましたよ I put it back over there. Small Blue Stat Piece
Character response: "あぁ、『fine』のところですね。あれは劇団でつかう衣装何ですか。ともあれ、ありがとうございます♪

Ah, in fine's section. That was a costume I was going to use in the theatre company. In any case, thank you very much♪"

それなら…… If you're looking for that... Vocal Note
Character response: "えっ、クリーニングに出しちゃったんですか?すぐつかうので、そこの電話番号を教えてもらえますか?

Eh, you gave it the dry cleaner's? I'll use it soon, so could you please give me their phone number?"

Correct Choice: 繕っておきましたよ
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