Tetora Nagumo Appeal Talk 1

Hello, Producer! As you are seeing, I am in training!"

Location: Training Room
偉いね Good Appeal Star
Character response: "へへっ♪ 『プロデューサー』に褒められると、嬉しくなるッスね~♪"
私もこれからするんだ I am also going to do some exercise now. Small Blue Stat Piece
Character response: "そうなんスか? それなら一緒にトレーニングするッス!"
筋肉痛には気を付けてね Pay attention to the muscle aches.
Character response: ""
Correct Choice: 偉いね

Tetora Nagumo Appeal Talk 2

Ah, Producer! I am thinking about the clothes on the next live stage as the leader of RYUSEITAI-N!"

良く出来てるね Good job Appeal Star
Character response: "本当っスか?『プロデューサー』に褒められると、俄然自信が湧いてくるッス~!

Really? I get confidence suddenly when producer praise me!"

ここは変えたほうが…… What about change here Vocal Note
Character response: "う~ん、男らしく良いと思ったんだスけど……確かに『流星隊』っぽくないかもしれないッスね……"
手伝うよ I will help you Small Yellow Stat Piece
Character response: "ありがとうッス! 実はちょっと行き詰まってたんだ、助かるッス"
Correct Choice: 良く出来てるね

Tetora Nagumo Appeal Talk 3
"押忍、『プロデューサー』! ん……? あっ、『流星隊』の衣装を洗濯してくれたんスか?"
Location: StarPro Office
Character response: ""
Character response: ""
手洗いしたよ Appeal Star
Character response: ""
Correct Choice: 手洗いしたよ
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