Shu Itsuki Appeal Talk 1
"Fumu fumu...... The scenery is quite pleasant. I've taken a liking to it."
お昼はフレンチにしますか? Shall we have French cuisine for lunch?
Character response: ""
お昼は和食にしますか? Shall we have Japanese cuisine for lunch? Appeal Star
Character response: "そうだね。パリでも食べようと思えば食べられるけれど。日本に帰って来たのだから、和食にするよ

Good idea. When I'm in Paris, I can eat what I like but since I'm back in Japan it would be good to have Japanese food."

お昼は中華にしますか? Shall we have Chinese cuisine for lunch? Small Yellow Status Piece
Character response: ""
Correct Choice: お昼は和食にしますか?

Shu Itsuki Appeal Talk 2

Little girl, thank you for coming. You came earlier than what we've scheduled. I'll praise you this time"

えへへ...... Ehehe......
Character response: "えへへ…って、君は影片かね。そういえば影片はどうだい?そこまで案内したまえ

Ehehe... what, are you imitating Kagehira? Speaking of which, where is he? Take me there"

次も早く来ます I'll be early next time as well Appeal Star
Character response: "ふん、そもそも予定の時間より早くに迎えにくるのは当然のことだけれど。まあ、期待しておいてあげよう

Fuun, well coming early should be expected after all. Well, I'll keep expecting the best from you."

......熱でもあるんですか? you have a fever?
Character response: ""
Correct Choice: 次も早く来ます

Shu Itsuki Appeal Talk 3
Character response: ""
Character response: ""
マドモアゼルの服です Appeal Star
Character response: ""
Correct Choice: マドモアゼルの服です
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